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Real World

A place of champions, a place of victors, a place where one's lust of battle is fulfilled. All bets taken, spectators welcome.
ACDC is a quiet little suburb of DenCity, complete with its own Battlechip vendor. The park here is commonly used as a hangout site by Netbattlers of all ages.
SciLab is the hub of Electopia's information technology. Here, in the top-of-the-line facility, everything from networks to Net Navigators are studied by the busy scientists who devote their lives to the gathering of information. All kinds of intelligence, be it public or top-secret, passes through SciLab on a daily basis. Many residents of Electopia have no idea what would become of their nation without SciLab.
Electown is a bustling area of bright neon and tall stores located in downtown DenCity. All kinds of electronic shops can be found here. The radio tower, easily the tallest feature of the skyline, stands like a sentinel over the hustle and bustle below.
Yoka is a sleepy area on the edges of DenCity. The zoo here is a common site for daytrips, and the well-preserved old inn is used for staying overnight. A hotspring is located out back of the inn, and proves to be a pleasant reward for any Netbattler after a long day.
An ocean separates Electopia from Netopia, but progress bridges that gap with speedy airplanes that can land a Netbattler in either country in a matter of hours. The castle here is a popular tourist destination, as are the various shopping facilities that dot the urban areas. Admittedly, the gap between rich and poor is well-pronounced here, with slum areas apparent in less fortunate regions.
An international college campus, sprawling throughout a larger city and creating its own little suburb. Various buildings are devoted to different areas of studies, with a student center and a recreational area and building in the center. Student dorms are spread throughout the area, and people from all walks of life attend.
On Beach Street, the sea breezes blow perpetually. Seaside Hospital is located here, as is the DNN station. The street itself is ideal for a gentle stroll, and has a convenient coffee shop that can be used as a finish line. A well-trafficked pier overlooks the ocean.
Okuden Valley, located just outside of DenCity, offers the rare chance for people to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world, and take a breather in a well-maintained campground. Outdoorsmen and camping newbies alike can find something that lets them connect with mother nature. Of course, in this day and age, technology still isn't too far away for those who seek it, even in a place like this; there's plenty of places to jack in, if one knows where to look.
An affluent community near ACDC, Kotobuki manages to do the impossible, offering a relaxing experience amidst the hustle and bustle of the big city, with wide streets for walking next to towering office and apartment buildings. The signature attraction here is the giant shopping mall, which has virtually everything anyone could ever want and is a popular hangout for the local youth.
This country, located far to the north of Electopia, is locked in ice and snow for most months of the year. Great emphasis is put on military secrecy. Doing anything in Sharo requires a warm parka or an above-average resistance to the cold.
Yumland, located west of Electopia, is well known for its spicy cuisine and its most popular martial art, Yum-Fu. Jungles ramble across the nation. The people here are often personable and friendly, but as many Netbattlers can be found here as anywhere else.
Netfrica, the most southerly of the nations, has an arid, waterless climate. Much of the country is either desert or grass savannah, in which the few residents of Netfrica manage to eke out a living. Even in the most isolated of areas, though, technology has reached far enough to touch the lives of Netfrica's residents. The Netbattling scene here is as fervent as anywhere else.
A dormant volcano, dubbed Hades Isle for the hellish cavern within the cone. In years past, many tournaments were held using the facilities built within. Hades Isle is unpopulated and gets few tourists, owed in part to the lack of any vegetation and the rumors that the volcano may not be as dormant as it seems.
Located on the outskirts of Netopia, NAXA is the foremost astronomic research institute in the world. Most (but not all) of it is open to the public for exhibits and touring, showing off some of the most advanced technology in the world. The central network for most of the world's orbiting satellites is hosted here.
NetVegas is a large city, filled with flashy, gaudy lights at all times. Built upon dry land, it's a wonder how it managed to become what it is today. Filled with all sorts of gambling, NetVegas caters to anybody with a sense of spirit, or someone who just wants to relax from work or a stressful life. Among the many choices NetVegas offers, one can also pit their Navi against viruses to test their luck. Care to give NetVegas a spin?

Net World

A towering neon metropolis that serves as a central hub for internet traffic worldwide. Unrivalled network security keeps visitors and residents safe from virus attack while the Global Network Administration keeps quiet watch from their skyscraper. This is neutral ground; cross-faction skirmishes are not tolerated.

Viruses: None
Difficulty: N/A
The center of netbattling, the realm of constant strife and chaos within law. Enter at your own peril.

Viruses: None
Difficulty: N/A
The network for a quiet suburbia in the heart of Electopia, ACDC Net actually represents roughly all of Electopia's suburban areas, with terrain that often mimics the well-kept streets and homes of its' real-world counterpart.

Viruses: Normal/Various
Difficulty: [★☆☆☆☆] (Very Easy)
SciLab is home to a surprising amount of viruses, given the center's reputation for technological mastery. Equally full of tight corridors, wide open spaces, laboratories, research centers, and decrepit, unmaintained servers with old research, Scilab Net is often more dangerous than it seems...

Viruses: Normal/Various
Difficulty: [★★☆☆☆] (Easy)
The scale of this bustling network nearly rivals Internet City itself. Bright advertisements paint nearly every facet of the buildings here, gleefully welcoming visitors to the world's largest commercial district. Even the viruses here are high-tech!

Viruses: Normal/Elec
Difficulty: [★★★☆☆] (Intermediate)
A scenic network that styles itself as a taste of old Electopia. Natural hot springs dot the landcape with rough stone pathways criss-crossing between them. A popular place for navis to relax, although viruses seem just as drawn to the warm water.

Viruses: Aqua
Difficulty: [★★★☆☆] (Intermediate)
Busy streets and grand architecture characterize this foreign network. The buildings and signage reflect a unique mix of cultural influences not found anywhere else. However, the unwary can easily find themselves lost in the poorly-maintained backways hidden under the network's bright facade.

Viruses: Normal/Various
Difficulty: [★★★☆☆] (Intermediate)
A very diverse network befitting the university's many schools of study, where no two trips through the online campus are quite the same. The public facilities are very organized and prestigious, befitting Electopia's biggest college, while things tend to get more disorderly and chaotic as one begins exploring the personal servers of the students. Much to the executive board's dismay, fairly strong viruses keep invading the network, often brought in by students during... questionable activities.

Viruses: Normal/Various
Difficulty: [★★★☆☆] (Intermediate)
A network bathed in the warmth of eternal summer beneath a perfect blue sky. Pains were obviously taken to lend Beach Network as much beach as possible -- the white shoreline loops and curves madly in on itself in a bid to maximize surface area. Further inland, structures of all sizes crowd the streets.

Viruses: Aqua
Difficulty: [★★★☆☆] (Intermediate)
Much like the real world counterpart for people, Okuden Net offers the chance for Navis to get in touch with their wild side, without emphasizing the wild too much. Of course, this doesn't stop the viruses from showing their own particular wild side, many of which fit right in with the area's forests and fields.

Viruses: Normal/Wood
Difficulty: [★★★☆☆] (Intermediate)
Kotobuki Net was specifically designed to bring happiness and joy to the hearts of Navis, evident by its bright color scheme and overall user friendly layout. But sadly, not all of the warmth comes from the kindness of its denizens, as some heated viruses are frequently there to put a damper on things.

Viruses: Normal/Fire
Difficulty: [★★★☆☆] (Intermediate)
This frigid network is often held under furious snowstorms and icy conditions. Arctic tundra, snowy evergreen forests, ice caverns, and glacier filled waters await all comers. Viruses here are hardy; all perfectly adapted to both the cold and NetNavi hunters alike.

Viruses: Aqua
Difficulty: [★★★★☆] (Difficult)
Yumland is a heavily wooded area, though there are plenty of pockets of grassy fields scattered about. The whole of the network seems grown rather than produced. It's easy to get lost following the roads through their waves and loops. Hidden amongst the trees and tall grasses are many strong viruses, most of which do not fear intruders.

Viruses: Wood
Difficulty: [★★★★☆] (Difficult)
Dry and extremely arid just like Netfrica's deserts and savannahs, this network's plant life occurs in just occasional patches. Both shade and water are luxuries here, which leaves many travelling Navis to collapse amidst the oppressive heat. The local viruses, however, thrive in this environment and often prey on the unprepared.

Viruses: Fire/Wood
Difficulty: [★★★★☆] (Difficult)
An abandoned network with its servers in the baked-out shell of an old volcano. Only a token effort is made to maintain security through the network's vast subterranean landscape, making these dim caverns an ideal spot for less savoury business. Rumours abound regarding what might lie at the heart of the tunnels.

Viruses: Normal/Fire
Difficulty: [★★★★★] (Very Difficult)
A direct uplink to the complex network of satellites in orbit around the earth. Solid ground is hard to come by here; most navis find themselves in a sea of platforms floating in a breathtaking void. Its relative isolation from earthbound networks has allowed a variety of unique viruses to breed.

Viruses: Elec
Difficulty: [★★★★★] (Very Difficult)
One long, shining boulevard of buyers and blazing lights. This dazzling cityscape operates on one principle alone: the pursuit of great riches. Security forces turn a blind eye to this network, leaving plenty of room for viruses and danger to breed; even the ground underfoot can't be trusted. However, with great risk comes great rewards...

Viruses: Normal/Various
Difficulty: [★★★★★] (Very Difficult)
The dregs of society sink to the bottom of the net, forming a massive mess of junk, scum, and broken debris. Nothing is impossible in this dark underbelly of the net, except perhaps getting out unscathed.


Viruses: All
Difficulty: [★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★] (Extreme)
The headquarters for the NetPolice, this area has heavy security. Also here is the NetPolice Mission Boards, where NetPolice or those who wish to assist them may find jobs.
A special part of the net, heavily populated by the various Families of the net. Due to the shady nature and power of the families, a great deal of patrolling is done by the various factions. Come here to find a job from one of the Families on the Mission boards.
Accessed through a portal in Sharo, the Neo-Shogun Associate Headquarters is a large encampment designed for the benefit of the army's recruits. Here, accepted Neo-Shogun subordinates can take on missions, keep in communication, and procure supplies.