New Users/Rebirths
POST HERE FIRST to register your character and be accepted. You will be notified when your character is accepted and then be allowed into the RPG.
Profile Edits/Appearance Changes
Use this area to register Profile Edits and create new Appearance-Change files for your Navi! Also, Pet appearances/personalities are created and edited here.
Signature Attack Registration
Post here to register brand new sigs, upgrade them due to increased caps, or to edit existing ones! Remember to buy your edit BEFORE you apply for edits! This only applies to edits, not upgrades.
Subplot Registration
Get your subplot approved here!
Cross Registration
Come here to have your soul married to another to experience the wonderful surge of power that is a SoulCross! Don't bother coming unless you can present plenty of links that show you and your prospective partner fighting against each other, or side by side.
Shelving/Extra Pairs Registration
Post here if you would like to shelf your current Navi/Op team.
Virus/Battlechip Registration
Contest entries ONLY
Contest Archive
The old entries from contests past...
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