Bounty BBS
By Shadowness.
Celebrity Navis BBS
Feel free to log in and discuss Celebrity Navis!
Current Events BBS
This BBS is run by Swift and Gunner.
Debate and Discussion BBS
Feel free to log in and debate with the NetBattling community!By Kazu
Marine Biology BBS
no description available
Netbattle BBS
Want to chat about Navi vs. Navi combat, be it single or co-operative, or even about facing off with things that aren't quite run-of-the-mill viruses? Hang out here to talk about effective techniques for taking down the upper echelons of Netbattlers and Netscum alike.
NetCrime BBS
Got a tipoff? Feel like helping society at large? You've come to the right place.By Zan
Requiem BBS
Requiem Members ONLY.
Rumor BBS
Feel free to log in and discuss the latest rumors and gossip!Operated by Dethis
Tactics BBS
Feel free to log in and discuss Group Tactics for Netbattling and Virus busting!By Zanzo.
Tutoring BBS
Having trouble with Netbattling or any school subject? Feel free to come in and ask any tutoring questions on the Calculus Rec., Netbattling, etc.!By Polonius.
Virusbusting BBS
Feel free to log in and discuss Busting Tips!By Shigeru.
News Server Homepage
Home of the Official News Server forums.
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