Posting Delays

To sum up what I said in chat:

Sometimes life sucks, it seems like something somewhere genuinely wants you dead, and everything just seems to go wrong in all the worst ways.
And then you leave the hospital at 6am without signing yourself out, to go and jump into the ocean naked at dawn in freezing temperatures, just to reaffirm to anyone and everyone that you're still alive and damn well staying that way.

And then you go home and wait for the fall out from leaving the hospital without telling anyone, and not caring.

And then you write smut. Time to get to work.

Quote (Rogan)

To sum up what I said in chat:

Sometimes life sucks,
And then you write smut.
*Wipes away a single tear.*

That is beautiful.
I don't know if this is still the right place to post this, I remember Eri mentioning a major site change. Hope this gets seen. Erica took a bad turn earlier today and the timing was bad so we had to get her to the hospital quickly. She's stable now and breathing comfortably but she lost consciousness as we got to emergency and hsn't woken up yet so she'll be there overnight. I'll update when she's back with us and coming home, or she will probably. I know she'd want to apologise for delays and all of that but this attack seemed to hit her very hard so if there's a lot of work maybe give her a few days.
Oh dear, sounds terrible. Please rest appropriately, hope she makes a good recovery.
Oh no! Hope nothing happens to our friend. Please keep an eye on her, I can't imagine how bad it was for her to lose consciousness like that.
Take good care of her.
I hope she will take all the time she needs, the stuff here will wait. Wishing her and ya'll the best!
Hi folks, thank you all for the well-wishes, I appreciate it a lot. I'm okay, more or less at least. I'm planning on getting out of here and home by tomorrow, if they'll let me go. No discord on this device, otherwise I'd try to get in to say hi, but either way, hopefully see everyone soon-ish.
Stay safe.
Hey folks!

Better news this time! I'm going to be away fro the boards for the next couple of weeks, and will be more or less out of communication for most of it. not the hospital this time - my partners and I are finally managing to get away on the holiday we've been trying to take for three years now (thanks covid!).

I know the boards aren't super busy right now, but still wanted to give you all a heads-up that won't be lost in the discord scroll, so here it is ^.^ We're leaving on the 31st, and I should be back and ready to work again a little after the 10th of August, though between now and leaving there's packing and other things to sort out too.

See you all again soon ^.^