Big Man Kemix’s Signatures
Level 5
100 Max Active
150 Max Nerf
Total points: 240

Scrapping all signatures to make new ones

Heavy swig: Grabbing both gourds on his sides, Kemix takes a heavy drink from both simultaneously, this requires a little bit of a windup, but grants him added power to imbue water into his attacks afterwards. (Imbue Aqua 4 (80), Charge Time 1 (30 powering), 3TCD) (50 Signature Points)

Heavy Light Casing: Overcharging his hardlight generators on his armor, Kemix creates a casing that has added defensive capabilities, but lowers his ability to move shortly after. (80 HP Casing (80), Self Slow 1 next turn (40 Powering), 3TCD) (40 SP)

Heavy Light Barrier: Overcharging his Hardlight generators attached to his armor, Kemix can create a barrier with heightened defensive capabilities, but takes on an added weight shortly afterwards. (80 HP Barrier (80), Self Slow 1 next turn (40 powering), 3TCD) (40 SP)

Refresh: Taking one of the gourds on his armor and imbuing it with healing energy, Kemix takes a quick drink that recovers his physical vitality. If with an allied partner, he may instead splash the healing waters upon them. (30 HP Recover, 1TCD) (40 SP)

Refreshing Javelin shot: Throwing an aquatic spear at an enemy, Kemix can deal damage from afar, the spear is thrown at the target with such force it is like a bullet. If this attack hits his target, Kemix will refresh himself of one status ailment on his person. (40 Aqua, shot, Trigger: On Hit; Status Cure 1, 2 TCD) (70 SP)
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RE: Chip Net-Shop
A program would float up to the counter with a wide grin across it’s face and a bag of navi upgrades hanging off one of it’s hands. “Excuse me, mister Linkman! I come on behalf of Ava Anasta and her fatass navi, Kemix.exe! I would like to pick up two untraps for him and three MiniEnergyPacks!” The prog would speak before three 100z coins and a 50z coin would appear on the counter.

Buying: 2 Untraps (100x2) and 3 MiniEnergyPacks (50x3)
Have: 350z
Cost: 350z
Leftover: 0z
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RE: Navi Net-Shop
“Will do! Thank you, good sir!” The program would speak before taking the upgrades and floating out of the store. One more stop for the “fatass” navi Ava had before he could go elsewhere.
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Questionable Allegiances
((From -> Rogan's PET))

A simple light beam, like many dozens of others dropped onto one of the multitude of entry pads around the exterior of the high-domed concourse that held the GNA-run recruitment centre for the various factions seeking representation on the net. This one was a little different from the others that appeared on different transits, swiftly depositing navigators before winking out; this one took linger, if only by a few moments, and the light itself faltered and flickered, quavering in an unstable way.

When it flickered out, the young girl that stumbled out of it staggered briefly and only halfway resisted the need to drop to one knee as her arms wrapped about her own body and she hugged herself to fight back the discomfort, and brace her way through it. She managed to straighten after a couple of short gasps for air, meaning to look around, but by the time she had, one of the usher navis had rushed over, GNA blazon clear on his chest.

“Are you alright, miss? Is there a problem?” There was a measure of concern, but still just a professional measure.

Lyntael tried to shrug off the feeling, but the transition had been a rough one, even by her own standards, and the turmoil she was still struggling with had distracted her from making the link as clean as she could, more than it had galvanised her against the inevitable pain it caused. She nodded, and blinked her eyes clear, and finally looked around the large, bustling space.

“I- I'm sorry. I'm okay. I'm... looking for...” She looked about again, this time trying to take in the various advertisements and banners. “There's a group... they say they want, um, to help make the net a safer place, and a better place, and where people can work together, rather than fighting. I think they... I read, they were called, um, the neo-shogunate, or, something like that?” Still hovering, as though waiting to see if she would fall down again, the GNA handler just nodded; it didn't seem to be in his purview to give an opinion about the motives or mission statements of the factions, or how reliable they were. Instead, he moved around to stand beside her, raising one hand to point in a direction, while the other moved to guide the young girl's shoulders around so she could see. At his touch, Lyntael flinched and skittered to the side a step and the handler lifted his arm back, murmuring an apology as he did.

“Sorry, miss. If you look over there, where I'm pointing, you'll see the recruitment windows that are taking care of Neo-shogunate applications. They should have a member or two present as well, somewhere over there, willing to assist with more information, if you want.” Once he had made sure that Lyntael had seen where he was directing her, he stepped back. Lyntael nodded and tried to draw herself up to a firmer stance, taking along breath and letting it out again.

“Thank you. I'm sorry. I'm okay. Um... I'll go ask them. Thank you.” She picked out the banners that the man had pointed out to her and began to make her way over. As she did, she made an effort to walk with more certainty, and squared her shoulders. She could do this, and it would be fine, and there was nothing Rogan could do about it if it was what she chose to do with her time. She didn't care what he thought... Internally, Lyntael wasn't able to make it all the way through that thought without admitting that she was fibbing to herself, but she set it aside and pushed on. This was a good thing to do. It would be something she could do to help people, and add some more good to the world. That was what mattered. She approached the area where the Neo-shogunate organisation was recruiting and began to look for someone to talk to.
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RE: NP Holding Cells with Disappearance and HoundMan
As Disappearance opened the door, Pirouette nodded to her and they prepared to enter the darkened room. She looked to her colleague as the security system gave up and let them in.

“If it is any consolation, officer Disappearance, this is a part of an on-going investigation, is it not? There is no breach of protocol here. It might be for another officer, but if it is in part of this investigation, well, we are only doing our duty, you know. Now, let us see, yes?”

Moving carefully through the darkened office, Pirouette ignored her first urge to look for a light switch, and instead pulled a small black torch off her belt, clicking it once on the base before shining the slender cone of light about as she began to search. The spot lights showed the obvious furniture, but the ballerina certainly wasn't going to be content just looking over the objects made readily apparent.

While Disappearance was checking the missing officer's computer terminal, Pirouette carefully and methodically covered the rest of the room, shining her torchlight around the darkened corners and seeking any other points of interest that had not been deliberately illuminated by the existing lights.
A cursory glance at his book didn't draw any notable interest; it was about what one might reasonably expect to find.

The only other immediate objects of interest made Pirouette's brow crease for a moment and she reached out to pick up the black control box, then hesitated, her eyes flicking between it and the discarded set of undergarments. Aside form it being deeply improper to leave such things lying around in a place of business, she wasn't going to judge the man his intimates... Even so... she cautiously picked up the black box, then turned to Disappearance.

“Tell me, do you know, does NightMan have a, a partner, that is, you know, a... significant, yes?” she felt a pink blush creep over the edges of her cheeks and shooed it away again with a slow breath. “I cannot think of any proper situation where a woman's undergarment would be left lying in this way, you know. Even in a private office, it is still a work space.” She shook her head. “But if it is just, aie... a gift from a lover, or something of this nature, yes, then it does not tell us much on its own...” She still hadn't touched the out-of-place undergarment, and instead examined the black remote more closely. It was strange that such a thing would have no signs of marking or writing on it to say what it was for. She turned it over in her hands, but resisted the urge to play with the switch on it for now. Perhaps something else would come up that gave a clue as to its purpose. She finished her search of the room, but without any other evidence making itself known to her, she eventually returned to stand by Disappearance just as the other woman found what she was looking for. She looked at the sheets along with her colleague.

“So, he is wealthy. This we know already. He does not buy and sell data, yes? Only, appraises the value of what others bring to him, for a price. So, his business account, it should not have major outlays, yes?” She glanced at Disappearance to confirm, since it was really the other woman's area of understanding. “Well, aside from, you know, normal withdrawals for life, luxury and leisure, no? These do not seem to be that.” The names were deliberately left at obscure monikers; that much meant he was hiding who the outlays were going to in such large, yet dwindling, amounts. The problem was.... Pirouette clicked her tongue, making a short, irritated sound.

“I fear NightMan is correct, Disappearance. This alone is not enough for a proper arrest. There are many reasons one might shorthand payments, and many could be in innocence of the law, you know. It would be enough to seek warrant to trace the transfers... though I wonder why this has not been done.” When Disappearance brought up the other point, Pirouette raised an eyebrow at her and allowed a breif, reserved smile.

“The Code? I presume you mean it is... ah... adult material, no? Is it a recognised person? I do not need to see all of it, but, show me. Just so we may know the face and profile, yes?” She shrugged her shoulders, only a little bit uncomfortable with the situation. “If it is just the normal material, yes, and a favoured actress of his, you know, it is likely of no concern. All men do this, no? It is nothing to judge them for. Ah, besides the fact that he should not be doing this at his place of work, you know.” She cleared her throat, ready to move past the topic, but still felt it a necessary duty to briefly check the material to ensure it wasn't anyone they might recognise, and to have a visual on the person that he was focused on in case it became relevant.

“There is also this,” she ventured, showing the device to her fellow officer. “It has no markings of branding, and just a single dial. I cannot tell what it might be for. You have seen it before, perhaps? Maybe NightMan has mentioned such a thing?”

In the back of her mind, another thought was occurring to Pirouette, just as a possibility worth contemplating. The seed of an idea that she was not able to remove as a possibility. The problem with the thought was that they'd need to play at least a little of AppraisalMan's game to verify it. She put it to the back of her mind for now.
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RE: DragonierMan's Virus Hunt
DragonierMan's large hand cupped Nightshade's paw as he reached forward and took his rewards with his other hand. "Good choice," Aya nodded approvingly. "You can never have enough money for upgrades. They eventually get so expensive you want to punch them in the mouth," Aya grumbled. "Highway robbery if you ask me."

"Now, now, no need to get all riled up," Suzume said, trying to calm her twin. She placed her hands on Aya's shoulders and rocked her jovially. "We should be celebrating our good fortune today. We took in a good haul and had fun with others. I'd say today was a great succ-ack! brr...." Suzu shivered as she felt Yumi emerge from her shadow. "Success," Suzu finished up, as she watched Yumi creep up to Magistrate.

Due to all of them being together, it wasn't hard for Magi to notice Yumi appear. Yumi would most likely see her 'mom' note her in attendance, but not verbally greet her, before turning back to the rest of the group. They hadn't been a part for more than a few minutes at most, so it wasn't as if there was much to say. Magi did stand a little straighter when Yumi took her place at her side. Probably a combination of pride at being joined by her 'daughter', as well as a silent admonishment to Yumi to correct her posture. A proper lady doesn't prowl, she was probably conveying.

Drago stepped back from the counter to get a better look at Nighty. "Back to the standard catsuit huh? Although this one is black and white over the tiger stripes," he noted out loud. He then yawned reflexively, "Aaoohhmm," and shook his head. "Guess I need a nap too," he admitted.

"So what are your plans for the future?" Drago asked, before turning to leave. He waved goodbye to Wrangler as he walked. "I'd think it would do you some good to 'spread your wings' a little and head out into the world to have some adventures of your own."

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RE: Powie Zowie [Nightshade and DragonierMan]
DragonierMan smiled, understanding of how tired everyone was getting from several intense battles. "Okay, we'll meet you there," he said as the dragoniers departed.

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RE: Navi Net-Shop
Floating into the shop for a navi, a prog with a brown sack between it’s ears would dump said small sack of zenny onto the counter, 2900z in total. “Excuse me, mister Tempoman! I come on behalf of my owner’s giant, fatass of a navi, Kemix.exe, a level 3 Aqua/Shield navi! She would like for me to bring back the following: The Knockback Buster Shot upgrade, HP memory Number 1 and Processor Upgrades 2 through 4! The sack contains 2900 zenny and should be sufficient for the process of buying upgrades!” The program would speak, bluntly.

Buying for Kemix.Exe: PU2-4 (200+300+400), HP Upgrade 1 (1000), and Knockback Shot (1000)

Have: 3250z
Cost: 2900z
Remainder: 350z
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RE: Hunting down the FirePhoenix
Kemix sneered at the loss of his bounties and the prize belt he had acquired, but regardless absorbed his rewards and sent them to his new home. A sigh from the navi, he would jack out for the time being, looking to upgrade himself
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RE: Hunting down the FirePhoenix
The trouble with missing large stretches of time on the net was usually that it evolved along without you, and Kemix's first meeting with one of the nastier results of that proved to be an eye-opener for both the navi, and his operator. The howl of its challenge still echoing, Kemix might have presumed he had time to take a quick sip of water from back where he was standing, but the massive Spikey lunged forward suddenly, curling up into a spiked ball as it did and shredding down from the hillside, straight towards him. Flames covered the meta-virus and ignited a trail through the grass as it bore down on him like a wrecking ball, and Kemix only just barely managed to lunge to the side and avoid its rolling charge.

The beast uncurled and landed on its feet alongside the navi, just as Kemix countered with a high-pressure attack of his own, hammering into the over-sized virus. Even though his attack shoved it hard, the Spikey only gave a relatively small amount of ground. The hiss of water on its fur and hide, however, made it growl and bark in pain.

From above, the two fire birds wheeled and launched blazing images of themselves down at where Kemix was attacking his foe. One splashed into he panels next to him, while the other forced him to jump to the side to avoid getting burned. The Spikey jumped and turned with him, however, keeping its fire-engulfed jaws pointing towards the navi the whole time. As Kemix received his frozen gauntlets and made to strike, the beast braced itself, then threw back its head and howled again. A searing burst of fire erupted from its body in all directions, filing the air with fire and sending Kemix reeling for the moment it lasted. Around his arm, the leather belt received enough of a burn that it broke free and fell to the ground, unsalvagable.

His first strike had failed to connect, thanks to the unexpected blast-wave, but he made good with his second strike, punching hard. The blow connected; the give of flesh followed by the crunch and grind of bones shattering was enough to tell the navi that it was a solid blow, despite the brief backwash of steam that followed. The pronounced yelp followed by a tell-tale crash and thud was better proof that the hug virus had fallen and wold no longer be getting up again.

Far above, the two phoenix viruses saw the sudden reversal of fate and peeled off, flying in different directions as the winged swiftly away from the path. He wouldn't be able to collect the bounty on those two, unfortunately.

FirePhoenixFirePhoenix (FirePhoenix)

FirePhoenixes are medium sized birds, constantly emitting fire from their body. Despite being able to fly, they lack some of the grace other flying viruses, and have only average dodging capability. Higher versions are truer to their name, and are capable of reviving themselves. However, a Wind-type attack will blow away their ashes before they can regenerate, and if they're deleted with an Aqua attack, the ashes don't form.

Area: Hades Isle, Kotobuki Town

HP: 110
Attack Damage/Effect: 20 Fire + Wide Attack
Attack Accuracy: A
Attack Description: Launches a wide wave of fire, shaped like a bird.
Element: Fire
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): PhoenixShot1, Zenny
Special: OmniShoes
Special: Rebirth: When this virus is deleted by a non-Aqua attack, it fades to ashes, then rises from them at the end of the turn at 30 HP. This effect only works once per virus. Does not trigger if the virus was deleted by a Wind-type attack, or if a Wind-type attack is used on the ashes prior to revival.
FirePhoenixFirePhoenix (FirePhoenix)

FirePhoenixes are medium sized birds, constantly emitting fire from their body. Despite being able to fly, they lack some of the grace other flying viruses, and have only average dodging capability. Higher versions are truer to their name, and are capable of reviving themselves. However, a Wind-type attack will blow away their ashes before they can regenerate, and if they're deleted with an Aqua attack, the ashes don't form.

Area: Hades Isle, Kotobuki Town

HP: 110
Attack Damage/Effect: 20 Fire + Wide Attack
Attack Accuracy: A
Attack Description: Launches a wide wave of fire, shaped like a bird.
Element: Fire
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): PhoenixShot1, Zenny
Special: OmniShoes
Special: Rebirth: When this virus is deleted by a non-Aqua attack, it fades to ashes, then rises from them at the end of the turn at 30 HP. This effect only works once per virus. Does not trigger if the virus was deleted by a Wind-type attack, or if a Wind-type attack is used on the ashes prior to revival.
AlphaSpikey V1AlphaSpikey V1 (AlphaSpikey)

AlphaSpikeys are a combination of the Spikey, Dragrin, and Armadill viruses. They appear to be larger than normal Spikeys wreathed in flame with the ability to roll up into a ball and shred along the ground as a fireball.

Area: All

HP: 310
Element: Fire

Primary Attack Damage/Effect: 5 Fire + SeriesSpread x 4 Shots
Primary Attack Accuracy: A
Primary Attack Description: Attacks with HeatShot, then Heat-V, then HeatSide, and finally HeatCross.

Secondary Attack Damage/Effect: 20 Fire + Seeking + Nova2
Secondary Attack Accuracy: B
Secondary Attack Description: Roars, releasing a rage-driven blast of fire in all directions.

Tertiary Attack Damage/Effect: 20 Fire + Impact + Slashing + LineAttack
Tertiary Attack Accuracy: C
Tertiary Attack Description: Curls up into a fireball, and shreds along the ground at high speed, rolling over all who stand before it until it reaches its intended target. When it does, it uncurls into a sudden pounce attack.

Special: Improved Pack Tactics: Same as Pack Tactics, but the bonuses are doubled. Works with both Spikey and AlphaSpikey viruses.
-- AlphaSpikey are immune to the attacks of Spikey and AlphaSpikey viruses.

Possible Rewards (Per Virus): Heatshot, HotBody1, IronShell1, Fire+30, Burner, Zenny

Kemix.EXE: 70Hp [Normal]

30% Lava
  • Non-Fire Elementals lose 5 HP/action standing, 10 HP/action submerged. Doubled for Wood Elementals, nullified for Fire Elementals.
  • Aqua attacks: Panel explodes, +100% Source Aqua Damage, change terrain hit to Normal.
  • PanelShot: Imbue Fire.
(Forming a semicircular moat in front of ramp, above a couple feet wide)
15% Normal
  • No effects.
(In front of Lava)
45% Grass
  • Wood Elementals get +5 HP/action.
  • Fire attacks: +100% Source Damage, change terrain hit to Soil.
  • PanelShot: Imbue Wood.
(A ramp rising up to about Kemix's height, starting further back)
10% Furnace
  • Fire attacks: Splash to all adjacent panels for 20% Source Damage. Does not chain across multiple Furnace panels.
  • Heat Mirage: Non-Fire Elementals get -10% Accuracy, +10% Evasion against Non-Fire Elementals.
  • Aqua attacks: Vaporize into steam, increase accuracy penalty to -20% for Non-Fire Elemental and -10% for Fire Elemental for turn after hit.
  • Changes to Metal Terrain when hit with an Aqua attack of 100 damage or greater.
  • Echolocation nullifies the effects of the steam cloud and heat mirage for the user, and Seeking just ignores it.
  • PanelShot: Imbue Fire.
(Two small vents in the Lava moat, to the left and right of the ramp)

-=Battle 3, Victory!=-
Spoils: 1500z, HotBody1Effect: Adds +20 Fire and Nova3 to Charged Buster Attack
Accuracy: Buster Accuracy = C
Description: Blasts the surrounding area with a nova-like explosion from your Charged Buster attacks.
Duration: 6 Uses.
Element: Fire
Special: Overrides Buster. Disables Buster Shot.
Trader Rank: D
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