RE: Netbattles and Chill
Courser didn't let himself slow down as the ink-coated viruses pressed in a more coordinated assault than he'd hoped for. He back-stepped from his last attack and let the water current carry him back around to the right while a fresh clone split off from his form to continue the circle in the other direction. As fresh mist obscured his form from the water at his feet, Courser let his body twist and one arm rose up with the momentum in a wide gesture. Beside the Basher, a heavy torrent of water bubbled up in response, lifting into a wave that crashed down again with a clench of the aqua-navi's fist, aiming to wash the turret away before it could get any more shots of.

If it did, his decoy was still keeping an eye on the virus while Courser's own back was turned; any shot would meet only dispersing mist as Courser himself warped to the opposite side of the offending virus to deliver another freezing splash of water. Meanwhile, the badly damaged turret continued to twist and realign itself in place, aiming two of its muzzles at the remaining viruses to add more suppressing fire to the field.

There was no sense leaving anything to chance is he could help it, and CourseMan let his small water eddy spin him about properly to face the middle of the field again, raising both hands as he did. His wave whips drew up and spread wide, forming a broad wall of water that curved outward slightly. Rather than his normal shield, this barrier of water had a different structure, and as two narrow spikes of rapidly rushing water extended through the dish and out towards the field, a low vibration in the water became a hum, that rose to an ear-piercing sonic trill, enough to shake apart any structures left on the field once and for all. Courser himself was shielded from the destructive sound wave by the curve of the dish itself, but he relaxed his braced stance after a moment or two, then collapsed the wave, drawing it back over himself in a cool, refreshing wave, just in case anything had gone disastrously. There wasn't much space for quips or mild witticisms this time around; instead the navi was more focused on dealing with the present threats and getting a better look at whatever had been done to them.


C*) Fast Barrier: (30Hp Barrier)
C*) Shadow:
C1) IceWave2Damage: 100 + Freeze
Accuracy: A
Description: Sends a wave of ice at one enemy
Duration: Once
Element: Aqua
Special: Ice Type: This chip counts as Ice Type for the purposes of potentially freezing targets on Aqua Element Terrain or environments, as applicable.
Trader Rank: C
(115Aqua, Freeze, A), Basher
C*) Needler: (40null, x2 Hits, x3 Targets, A), Basher, Mech
C2) Mist and Shadow: Trap(Incoming Attack against CourseMan): Multi-Stage: First (Teleport + Decoy(1 round)), Then ((Aqua)LifeDrain 10, Shot-Type), Then (Self-Slow)
C3) Pulsar1Damage: 70 + Object Triggered Blast 2
Accuracy: A (Primary) / B (Blast)
Description: Fires a sound wave. If it hits an object, its range is amplified, hitting anything near that object in a blast of noise.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Special: Object Triggered Blast: Blast effect that only works if the attack hits an Object, such as a RockCube.
Trader Rank: D
(70, A) Basher
C4) Dodge
C5) Pulsar1Damage: 70 + Object Triggered Blast 2
Accuracy: A (Primary) / B (Blast)
Description: Fires a sound wave. If it hits an object, its range is amplified, hitting anything near that object in a blast of noise.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Special: Object Triggered Blast: Blast effect that only works if the attack hits an Object, such as a RockCube.
Trader Rank: D
(70, A) Mech
C6) Wave Refresh: (30 Healing)
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RE: Netbattles and Chill
Preparing himself as his shadow began to move towards the Basher DarkMech, the navi laid down his trap and readied himself for potential attacks alongside a barrier rising around his body. The RainGear would take the initiative as it opened it's mouth, a flood of towering pillars of water would begin to march across the field towards the plucky navi, who was quick to evade and avoid the attack, his trap activating as two counter attacks flew across the field and smacked the waiting Raingear in the face (10x2) as the DarkMech would shoot out a homing ball of energy that crossed paths with one of his clones, causing it to "poof" out of existence as quickly as it came into it from his trap.

Now was the navi's time to blast his foes in turn, gun in hand, a trio of explosive blasts rang out across the field. Cracking the paneling beneath two of his targets, one blast had gone awry and missed, inexplicably the Basher had been spared from this attack, the Ashurraid looking far worse for wear as armor plating came off it in rivulets as the ground beneath it was little more than rubble it could roll upon (120, defenses negated) while the Raingear was little more than a pile of ash (120) at the bottom of a newly formed pit. The DarkMech would proceed to turn to a Courseman, another ball of energy being sent out and hitting his other shadow double, sending it packing for the time being. Meanwhile, the Basher began to click its arm cannons, round being loaded into the main cannons as it did so, readying itself to blast with extreme prejudice against the navi. Said navi summoned himself a secondary shield to prepare for a potential onslaught against him, refreshing an already fully ready barrier in the meantime.

And then the onslaught began. Flexing it's arms, the monstrously powerful Asuraid began to swing each of it's six arms at Courseman, the six fists coming in a salvo of three each. The three gigantic fists crashing into the barrier as it just BARELY held up against the attack, flickering in and out of the second barely managed to miss the stationary navi, leading to him being spared a hit (20!+Miss). And just as quickly as the fists disappeared to get reattached to the Ashurraid in a moment, the Swordy-A would teleport right up in front of him, leading to a quick cleaver slash against his protective barrier, shattering it in short order (15, no overspill). Having a chance to breathe for a brief moment, Courseman quickly summoned his trusted partner in crime, his trusty needler turret. A salvo of needles being sent off towards all corners of the field, the Swordy was quickly dispatched (40x2), the Ashuraid would dodge one...only to get hit by the other (Miss+40) and die right then and there, whilst the annoying DarkMech would be given a duo in the side of it's body (Miss+40).

It was then the Basher finally finished loading in it's ammo. A resounding ca-click before a trio of explosions set off in short order, destroying a large portion of his helper's chassis, barely hanging on with it's internals struggling to stay inside it's body (60) as Courseman's shield just BARELY held on, even if the paneling beneath him had seen better days, his shield crumbled away to nothing after having done it's duty. It was again Courseman's time to strike, and he would do so with aplomb, a quartet of shots being sent out against his two foes, two striking against the DarkMech...the icy paneling beneath it melting away and completely freezing up it's systems, the virus flailing about as it could not see through the frozen condensation that locked up it's eye (10x2+Freeze1) whilst the Basher, amazingly, avoided both hits against it...stupid lucky Basher (Miss x2). And finally, a trio of needles rained down from the heavens, skewering the flailing DarkMech all of ONCE by some sort of dumb luck on it's part, bad aiming on Courseman's part...or maybe a combination of both? (40+Miss x2) Well, he had at least thinned out the crowd some, ink and goop beginning to leak from the wacky flailing metal sword virus in front of him, meanwhile the Basher was readying for another salvo against him and his partner.

-- Viruses --
Swordy-ASwordy-A (Swordy-A)

Area: Yoka, Sharo

HP: 80
Primary Attack Damage/Effect: 15 Aqua + Long Range Attack + Slashing
Primary Attack Accuracy: B
Primary Attack Description: When this virus is 2 panels away from the target, or its enemies are 2-deep, it will attack with Aqua Blade.
Secondary Attack Damage/Effect: 10 Aqua + Wide Range Attack + Slashing
Secondary Attack Accuracy: B
Secondary Attack Description: When this virus is standing directly adjacent to its target, or diagonally from it, it will attack with Aqua Sword.
Element: Aqua
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): AquaKnife, Zenny
Special: Swordy-A's are immune to Freeze Status.
Special: Uses Area Grab to get into attack range.
DarkMech EXDarkMech EX (DarkMech)

DarkMechs move and dodge at an average rate, usually. The exception is that they move at a very high rate of speed when they are rushing in to attack a stunned target with their twin swords. They fire low damage thunderball projectiles until someone becomes stunned, at which time one of the DarkMechs present will attack that target.

Area: Sharo, NAXA, NetVegas

HP: 160
Primary Attack Damage/Effect: 10 Elec + Homing + Stun1
Primary Attack Accuracy: C
Primary Attack Description: Fires a slow-moving homing thunderball that stuns on contact.
Secondary Attack Damage/Effect: 20 Null + Slashing x 2 Hits, Stun Cure
Secondary Attack Accuracy: A
Secondary Attack Description: When a stunned target is detected, this virus rushes in to attack them with twin sword slashes. If the attack connects, the target will be cured of all instances of Stun, no mater how many.
Element: None.
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): MachineSword, Zenny
Special: Only slashes stunned targets. If a target is stunned by another virus, it will attack that target. If more than one DarkMech is present, they take turns attacking.
: 60 HP (Ice) (Roughly towards the west-most middle part of the field)
Raingear EXRaingear EX (Raingear)

This virus family is positively deadly when fighting on Ice Terrain, to the point where the players are at a severe disadvantage. Unless you just have it in for the player, try not to combine the two very often. I'm serious about this. -Pally

Area: Yoka, Beach, Sharo

HP: 120
Primary Attack Damage/Effect: 30 Aqua + Wide Attack + Ground Attack
Primary Attack Accuracy: B
Primary Attack Description: Blasts enemy with a geyser that bursts suddenly from the ground.
Secondary Attack Damage/Effect: 40 Aqua + Group Attack + Ground Attack
Secondary Attack Accuracy: D
Secondary Attack Description: Blasts the enemy with a marching line of geysers.
Element: Aqua
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): WaterLine1, AquaTower1, Zenny
Special: This virus' attacks will freeze the target solid on ice terrain.
: Boom! No more spouts.
BasherBasher (Basher)

Basher viruses are the top-tier of the stationary gunnery viruses with an unmatched single-shot damage output among the normal viruses. They are also the rarest of their class, and appear only after battle 5. They also never appear in large numbers in a normal battle, meaning the ratio of total viruses to Bashers should be at least 4 to 1. The attack cycle of Bashers is 2 actions long, regardless of which attack they use. The first attack requires one action to charge before firing, and the second attack executes twice in succession. If they are stunned, they resume their attack cycle where it was halted once the stun wears off. They don't move, and don't dodge.

Area: Sharo

HP: 120
Primary Attack Damage/Effect: 60 Fire + Break + Panel Break x3 Targets, 1 Action Charge
Primary Attack Accuracy: A
Primary Attack Description: The virus selects up to 3 targets, and spends an action charging up the main cannons. It then fires a Magnum blast that reduces most Network constructs to ashes with a single shot, usually leaving a blast crater where they once stood. It may target empty panels and objects as well as enemies.
Secondary Attack Damage/Effect: 10 Fire x3 Targets + Double Attack
Secondary Attack Accuracy: A
Secondary Attack Description: Fires a 3-shot spread from the left arm cannon, then follows up with an identical attack from the right arm cannon just after. Each cannon shot requires an action, and both attacks must occur one after the other.
Element: Fire
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): Magnum1 (Rare), Zenny
Special: Immobile
- Main attack destroys panels, reducing enemy evasion by 1 Rank.
: 120 HP (Ice) (Middle of the field, in line with Courseman)
Ashuraid EXAshuraid EX (Ashuraid)

The Ashuraid are a new strain of 6 foot tall semi-humanoid viruses with bodies made of durable metal alloys. Ashuraid viruses lack legs, and instead roll around on a 1 ton solid steel ball 1-foot in diameter that rests in a cupola. Rising from the top of the cupola is an alloy pillar that supports their smooth and curving metal bodies. The key defining feature of Ashuraid viruses are their half dozen free-floating arm segments constructed of an indestructible alloy. Three of these arms feature metallic rights hands, and the other three feature metallic left hands, thus they are differentiated. In combat, the virus will ball these hands up into fists, and launch volleys of rocket punches at their foes. The virus' helmeted head rests upon a short metallic rod-like neck with their faces hidden behind a metallic faceplate. The exception being their mouths, which are generally curved downwards in a permanent frown while in the presence of Navigators. It is speculated that Ashuraid are a hacked derivative of the Bladia viruses spliced together with fragments of other viruses and a healthy dose of battlechip program data. This would account for their size, strength, and malicious nature. Where and how this was possibly accomplished is unknown. Ashuraid viruses move and dodge at better than average speeds, although they rarely choose to dodge at all. Ashuraid viruses are ranged attackers, and prefer to hold the range open against their enemies as melee range attacks with their Impacting abilities generally render Counters useless. Ashuraids attack by launching their six free-floating indestructible alloy arms at one or more enemies in volleys of 3 rocket punches. It takes 3 arms to execute a MeteorKnucke attack, 3 to execute a Counter attack, and all 6 to execute their GiantHook attack. It takes roughly an action of cooldowm time after executing a long distance attack for the arms used in the attack to return to the Ashuraid's side. During this time, they may not execute a Counter Attack if they do not have enough arms available. Ergo if all 6 arms are either being used in an attack, or in cool-down following an attack or counter attack, the Ashuraid cannot use a Counter. The rest of their attacks do not require their arms to return to their side. The return feature is automatic, and does not require actions to perform. Ashuraid can move while attacking or defending, and are allowed to counter while dodging if enough arms are available. Setting a counter requires an action while executing one does not. Ashuraid are extremely heavy viruses that will sink like the lead weights they are in liquid, and they know it. They will avoid liquid terrain entirely, if possible, and will never appear near these types of naturally occurring terrain for this reason. Only an Ashuraid's body is damageable. Striking an Ashuraid's floating arms will not damage the virus or the arms themselves, no matter what you hit them with. The Ashuraids will not intentionally defend themselves with their arms outside of their Counter ability, which is nullified by Impact. Do not abuse this.

Area: Sharo, NAXA

HP: 140
Primary Attack Damage/Effect: 10 Null + Impact + Break x 3 Fists
Primary Attack Accuracy: B
Primary Attack Description: Launches three rocket fists at distant opponents. Each fist may target individually, meaning multi-hit and/or multi-target both work up to a max of 3 punches.
Secondary Attack Damage/Effect: Counter vs Damage: 10 Null + Impact + Break x 2 Hits
Secondary Attack Accuracy: S (Block) / B (Counter)
Secondary Attack Description: Uses a trio of fists to block a non-Impact attack while executing a double punch counterstrike. Only two Counters may be active at any given time, and the virus must be physically able to execute a counter in order to use one. Counters work at any range. An action is required to set this effect, but no actions are required to execute the Counter when triggered, as it is automatic. Impact attacks nullify this Counter ability.
Tertiary Attack Damage/Effect: 10 Null + Impact + Break + LifeSword Range x 2 Attacks
Tertiary Attack Accuracy: B
Tertiary Attack Description: Sweeps the field with a salvo of flying fists from the left, and then the right. Does not damage friendlies, and may be executed at any range. The virus cannot use Counters while executing this attack.
Element: Null
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): MeteorKnuckle1, Counter1, Zenny
Special: SuperArmor: Immunity to Knockback, Microburst, Pull, Gravity, and similar effects.
Special: HardCase: Damage is reduced by half until hit with a Break attack, at which time this effect is nullified and they take standard damage. Break does not deal extra damage.
: Dead. Not big surprise.

-- Navis --
Courseman.EXE: 100 HP (Cracked) (Near the southmost bottom middle parts of the field)

-- Objects --
Needler2HP: 80
Properties: Normal, Mobile
Object Damage: 80 Null + Impact + Break
Damage Method: Ramming attack, Telekinesis, Throw
Attack Damage: 40 Null x 2 hits x 3 Targets
Accuracy: A
Description: Summons a gun platform that attacks up to 3 separate targets each turn with its trio of double spike cannons. It can also perform a defense piercing kamikaze attack.
Duration: Until destroyed.
Element: Null
Special: This chip's accuracy cannot be boosted or reduced by any means, including RP quality.
- This object may ram a target instead of firing needles, but is instantly destroyed in exchange.
- This object may dodge by trying to ram nothing, but if it hits something in this way, it is still destroyed and deals object damage.
Trader Rank: C
: 20 HP (Cracked) (Near Courseman)

-- Terrain --
60% Ice
  • +10% Evasion to all. Non-Aqua Elementals get -20% Accuracy.
  • Aqua attacks: 25% Freeze chance, change terrain hit to Normal if triggered. Boost chance to 100% if Ice-type.
  • Elec attacks: +100% Source Damage.
  • Fire attacks: Change terrain hit to Sea.
  • PanelShot: Imbue Aqua + Freeze1.
(Literally everywhere else)
10% Normal
  • No effects.
(Randomly dotted on the landscape)
15% Cracked
  • Changes to Broken when stepped on, chance to fall in when triggered.
  • Burrow: Change terrain to Broken, Null 50 to burrower.
  • Panel Crack attacks, >100 Damage Break/Impact/Drop attacks: Change terrain hit to Broken.
  • PanelShot: Splash1.
(Near Courseman, about two panels north of his position, where Ashurraid is at, under Courseman and his Needler2)
10% Broken
  • Not bottomless.
  • Reverts to Normal after a time, if no one is inside.
  • Doubles dodge penalties for bad RP.
  • 1-4 Movements actions to climb back out depending on method.
(RIP Raingear and Asuraid)
5% Missing
  • Permanent bottomless hole.
  • Doubles dodge penalties for bad RP.
  • EJO if you fall in.
(Off to the right side of the field towards the bottom most corner)
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RE: Rass Revisions
This is all fine, you're approved!
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RE: NP Holding Cells with Disappearance and HoundMan
Despite her attempts to focus on her goals, HoundMan's obvious appreciation of her teasing kept a warm glow buzzing in Pirouette's chest. The open-hearted honesty of his unintentional compliments helped as well, she had to admit. There was no guile in the way he warned that their target would be unlikely to give her the praise he thought she deserved – just facts as he seemed to see them, and it made her happy to hear.

At the suggestion of his swimwear, however, Pirouette had to purse her lips for a moment, thinking. Her wings fluttered and her new tail gained energy for a moment as she contemplated how his chest had looked on the beach, previously, but ultimately she shook her head.

“Ah, no, I do not think... Let us say... you look as though you command more authority, in your normal uniform, yes? Let us stay with this.” She moved closer to him as she answered, making a small show of brushing his shoulders and straightening his outfit, even though it likely didn't need any such attention, then smiled at him and winked.

With the last preparations made and nothing else to dither on, Pirouette let herself be led back into the room, or rather, once HoundMan opened the door, the ballerina gracefully shifted forward onto the tips of her fingers as well as her knees, 'stepping' into the room ahead of her leash-holder.

She took a couple of quick paw-pads into the room, pulling to the edge of her tether in a lower stance, while HoundMan had to shut the door behind them, then made a point of perking up and raising her head to look about the room. She briefly made eye contact with AppraisalMan and his leering grin, the more feminine design of her muzzled mask letting her make eye contact properly now that the scoped lenses were gone, but only held is gaze for a moment before flicking her eyes away again and continuing her 'inspection' of the room. She hadn't planned too far ahead at this point, but it was better to start light and build up to the more overt behaviour.

To being with, she padded forward towards the partition, with more energy and enthusiasm now, until she was tugging again on the leash. She let herself look at AppraisalMan properly now, and focused on projecting as much alert and eager body language as she could; the mask's ears lifted up high and her tail wagged quickly back and forth. In the process her wings also stretched to a more erect position as well, but they would be as they always were – an extension of her motions and actions, in their own way. As she tugged on the leash, Pirouette let herself growl playfully first, then give a softer whine in the back of her throat when it became clear she couldn't reach the glass.

She turned back around, still moving on the tips of her fingers and her knees, but she took a broad circle, enough to give AppraisalMan a clear profile of her body and the amount of skin she was currently showing. From the front, the bikini bottoms had a teasingly low cut that suggested they were less than an inch from beginning to reveal her intimate parts, but didn't quite do so, and may have looked otherwise presentable; from the side it became clear that there was no material really covering her behind at all, save for the t-junction at the top that secured the tail piece. Similarly, the lower floor angle of her pose from the front may have obscured how minimal the bikini top was, but the profile view gave a clear teasing glimpse of the soft, pale skin of her lower breasts. The turn didn't last too long and her motions were smooth and graceful throughout, though she tried to keep a pointed energy to them all the same.

As she turned to face HoundMan properly, Pirouette only gave a very brief glimpse of her behind because she turned into a sitting pose, still on her knees but hunkered back so that her boots successfully covered much of the real estate. AppraisalMan would have a good chance to see the smooth curve of her back while her tail swished back and forth and her wings fell back into a softer, beseeching position. Hands still firmly on the ground between her knees, she looked up at HoundMan with wide eyes and tilted her head, then whined softly again before turning back to tug towards the glass partition once more.

Provided HoundMan relented and moved forward enough to let her, she sprang forward again towards the glass, this time approaching it directly in front of AppraisalMan and made a small show of 'jumping up', springing with her hands in a slight curl to paw at the glass and find a stable position to look at the 'new person'.

The pose she adopted kept her paw-hands wide apart on the glass, framing her head, while her knees were also wide apart; as she made a show of eagerness and excitement in playing her role, her ears perked up to full and her tail beat back and forth with strong motions. She panted visibly as she looked at him, but she kept it classy; the ballerina let each rapid, deep breath shift through her body, drawing attention to the movements of her chest and her exposed midsection, but she kept her tongue firmly inside her mouth, simply parting her lips enough to make her breathing obvious and the whole gesture more sultry instead. Her head tilted back and forth and she pressed forward, making a show of trying to nose at the glass and look for a way around it.

Every few moments she let a hand slip and scrabbled to reposition it, while putting mild bounce into her pose, lifting up from her knees by a few inches by putting pressure on her hands and the glass, and then settling back again in between; her chest wasn't large, but the slim halter bikini allowed just enough movement each bounce to draw the eye to the fact that there was, indeed, movement. It looked very much like each bounce threatened to make her slip out of her top from below, but the odd design meant that it would only come off if HoundMan removed it.

She didn't want to break the act to ask for his initial appraisal of her appearance – it occurred to Pirouette that she ought to have suggested a sign to HoundMan to request appraisal for her. She doubted the guileless boy would take the initiative on his own. She'd have to find a moment to whisper to him. It occurred to her right on the heels of that thought that, in all of her list of things she had told HoundMan he could and couldn't allow to happen, she hadn't actually forbidden him from touching her in the ways she'd forbidden AppraisalMan. A flush of sudden embarrassment ran through her and a bloom of pink reached her cheeks as she panted against the glass. The excited and naughty thought that came with it whispered that she wasn't going to correct that piece of forgetfulness either. Oh well...
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RE: The Wanderlust II with Lyntael and DragonierMan
The pleasantries were interrupted with the appearance of another guest, whom was probably Memora. Putting on another warm, charming smile, Corrin stood up and glided across the floor towards her. Bowing slightly and offering his hand palm up he offered her greetings. If Memora placed her hand on his, he would give it a romantic kiss as he did to Sign's earlier. "Greetings and welcome to the Wanderlust. My name is Corrin and I am here to serve your passions. Please, won't you join us, and tell us what we can do to further make your stay Wanderous?" Corrin said with playful turn-of-phrase.

Cynthia turned to Sign as Corrin went to greet Memora. "I also always have a very full schedule," she confided to the other woman, in solidarity between administrative programs. She then made motions to stand up. "It looks like once again it seems that nothing will get done correctly unless we personally see to it ourselves. This voice seems most displeased that everyone has not gathered here. I suggest we go looking for them. Your eyes will be most helpful since you know who they are. Your presence will also hasten their steps. Please do not worry about anything further here. You can leave your companions in the very capable hands of my companions." Cynthia attempted to reason Sign out of her chair and lightly push/lead her out of the room.

Mara placed her hand next to her mouth and let out a sing-song laugh at the absurdity of the situation she had found herself in. "Oh, ho, ho, ho. This is quite the delight!" she decried. "As you can see, nothing is ever boring here on the Wanderlust." She waved her hand in a fanning manner as she tried to calm herself. Noting the name of their supposed stowaway/caterer. "You'll have to forgive Takeout, she is such a card. Now don't you fret my friends, Mama Mara will fix this problem in a jiffy," Mara assured, trying to sound like this wasn't a mission-threatening problem. "Nikki, if you'll please assist me," she said as she headed towards the back where the food storage should be. "Of course Mara," Nikki agreed, patting MerchMan's arm in a comforting, 'just a moment' manner. "Don't go anywhere," Nikki smiled as she gracefully left his arm and glided across the kitchen toward the back.

As they glided away, they attempted to grab hold of the young woman on her phone and escort her to the back. "Come along now Takeout my friend, we have things to discuss in the back." Assuming they managed to get Takeout out of the kitchen and somewhere where their voices wouldn't carry, they would confront her. "Nikki, please check on the stores and see if you can whip something up. Also contact our employers and get further directions," Mara seethed through her smiling teeth. Nikki nodded, face dawning a serious expression. "Got it," she said as she headed toward where she thought food storage would be.

"So," Mara began her talk with Takeout, "Am I to understand that Tango hasn't paid you yet for the food listed on the menu? First, I would like to apologize for this lack of decorum on the actions of my employer. Clearly this is an oversight that we would like to correct. How would you like to handle the charges so that we can get back to work?" she asked. "We have many hungry mouths to feed and I would like to get started right away. I would also like to see your menu to see if we can get more variety in their diet if that is okay with you."

Meanwhile, Nikki was raiding the pantry, if the ship had one. At the same time she was trying to send out two messages. One of those messages were to Tango, if she could reach their host. They didn't really exchange contact information before parting, so perhaps she could perform some NET magic on that end. And the second message was to Yasu, giving them a log update on what has happened thus far within the mission. The message to Yasu also included the problem they were having with the catering situation and as to whether they could provide any help in that regard at such short notice. In the meantime, Suzume and Aya would do what they could to salvage the situation, and keep their guests happy as best as they could.

Assuming she found anything in the pantry, she would begin to cart it up to the kitchen in as many trips as she needed, and Mara and Nikki would get started on preparing food. Hopefully they had convinced Takeout to bring out her food offerings to at least tide over the rumbling tummies of their guests in the kitchen while they worked on more substantial fare. Mara and Nikki would also continue to tease the three guests with small talk and the occasional taste sample of what they were cooking to keep them engaged. "So tell us all about yourselves, how did you get into your businesses? Those must be quite the stories," Mara asked MerchMan, Raptor, and TribalMan in turn while she worked.

Assuming that Cynthia managed to get Sign out of the main meeting hall to search the ship for the remainder of their guests, she would start making small talk as they searched the ship for the missing passengers. "When I get a moment to myself as tasks are processing in the background, I read books. I am amazed at the infinite myriad worlds that others have created for me to explore and to contemplate. Do you perchance have had time to read something for yourself lately? If not, then perhaps I could provide you with some literature to enjoy while you relax here. I am sure you deserve a nice break after they have all gathered together and are stuck in their meeting," she offered.

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RE: The Wanderlust II with Lyntael and DragonierMan
Taking a seat was something of a relief, since it meant she wouldn't have to keep worrying about whether her skirt was showing her underwear or not, at least as long as she was seated. It only occurred to Lyntael a moment or two after she took a place alongside ChronicleMan, just part way around the table from him, that pretending to be a hostess might mean she oughtn't sit until all of the guests had been at least somewhat looked after. It was too late to change her mind though, and she settled herself with a bright smile and leaned into listen to what the elder gentleman had to say.

As she'd hoped, he started talking about himself and his work ,and Lyntael listened and smiled, holding his eyes as long as he seemed interested in doing so while he spoke. when Sign interrupted, she felt a fleeting crease of disappointment sift across her expression. If ChronicleMan noticed it, she hoped he might take it as disappointment in having his story interrupted.

“Oh, it's fine, really! I'm always happy to hear about where guests have been, and what they've come from. It really does make me happy to hear all people's stories!” It wasn't as hard to put some genuine eagerness and enthusiasm into her words as it might have been – even if her motives here were a little bit clandestine, it was also true. As she spoke, it was mostly addressed towards Sign, with a slight turn of her head to look between the two guests.

“I'm here to listen, really, if that's what you want.” She turned her eyes back towards ChronicleMan, smiling again and shrugging her shoulders slightly. “We can talk about whatever you want to, and, if you'd like to do other things, well, we just want to make your cruise enjoyable.” Part of her mind suggested that, in the game of pleasure-cruise hostess, this would be a good time to each out to touch or stroke his hand o shoulder, but she wasn't about to trust herself to try something like that, for a number of reasons. Instead she gave the pair a moment to exchange barbs and took a quick look around the room to see if either of the other mentioned guests had shown up yet. Hopefully the others would get the food situation sorted out quickly enough.

At ChronicleMan's change of course, Lyntael brightened, then reigned herself in again just as firmly, there wouldn't be any mistaking the couple of seconds where she looked visibly interested in sharing her own story, and then reserved again as she pulled back from it and resettled her professional smile. She ducked her head, looking down at the table top for a moment or to.

“You're flattering me, hehe...” The soft giggle started quiet and tapered further as she directed it down into where she'd clutched her hands at her middle. She peeked up at him again with a vaguely coy expression, glancing at him from under her eyelashes with a shy tilt to her head and shoulders. “I'd love to, um, if that's what you'd like...” Instead of jumping right into her life story, however, Lyntael paused to looked back towards Sign.

“I can tell that you really care about your work, and looking out for... your charge.” She wasn't quite sure if it was a hired lawyer or an employee situation, but she used as neutral a term as she could to reference their relationship. “Ah... you know, we're really not supposed to agree to anything that might cause conflicts with the ship or our duties, but...” She let herself fidget with nervous motions, placing her hands together on the table in front of her and looking down at them while her fingertips folder over each other. “But, I mean... if it will help you relax, um, and you promise there's nothing in it that will put anyone on the ship in danger, I guess I can...” She peeked up towards Sign properly. “Do... um... do you have a pen?” She glanced back and forth between Sign and ChronicleMan, offering them each a brighter smile; this time the effort of trying to push the smile through nerves wasn't an act, given what she was suggesting. She rushed on.

“So then, you'll be able to feel safe if I'm here talking to ChronicleMan, and you can relax and let one of my colleagues help you as well?” She hoped that ChronicleMan would see her efforts as being a suggestion that it might be nicer to talk about their lives and journeys without Sign hanging over them. In between her plea she shot a glance up to Drago and Magistrate to see if either of them had any ideas for getting Sign away from ChronicleMan.

As was so common in modern life, of course, the scene was interrupted by someone's pager, or more properly, ChronicleMan's messaging device. Lyntael politely averted her face and eyes while he answered the call, though she listened all the same. A thread of concern chased through her other thoughts at the exchange of words, but she did her best to keep it off her face. At first it just sounded like someone who was doing behind-the-scenes work for whatever show or meeting they had planned, but the second call was more concerning. that one made it sound like something more questionable was going on; something they had to keep everyone on board for. On the bright side, she had names for the two missing guests, so that was a small positive.

By the time he had finished his call, one of the to missing names had arrive – Lyntael had to presume it was Memora, considering her appearance. It seemed like they weren't going to get as much free time as she'd hoped for. Oh well. If they couldn't, she'd at least be able to find time to get to know her companions a little better after all the guests were taken care of. As long as Tango was happy and they got what the irresponsible cruise-operator was promising, there wasn't exactly a time limit on the mission. Perhaps she might be able to convince the others to stay and spend some time relaxing for themselves, before reporting the mission in...
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RE: Imaginary Space
The moment of shock and confusion spurred Carbide's presence to get them away from the massive monstrosity as quickly as possible. The broad tunnel curved away to one side and sloped downward – somehow they had ended up not running back the way they had come, but instead chased deeper into the asteroid, metal and magnet, rock and soil gliding by beneath Terra's feet in a blur.

Behind them, the glow of light dimmed, at least as far as its reflection on the errant pieces of metal plating and machinery they ran past, but a crackling, grinding sound grew from the static background into a rumbling roar that swiftly caught up to the fleeing pair. A last moment glance behind was just enough warning for Terra to throw herself out of the way as the entirety of the beasts form tore down the tunnel. It filled the space as it rolled out, broken spines and twisted electrodes shrieking with sparks and grinding against the metallic elements of the walls. It crashed into one side of the wall with enough force to bring chunks of metal sheeting and broken satellite parts crashing don from the ceiling of the tunnel. Terra's burst of speed let her avoid the beast itself and weave between the falling debris, though one jagged edge still managed to clip her as she split away down a diverting tunnel branch.

Looking back, the beast that had once been Riccio uncurled and roared again, heavy, static breath rasping before and after while it shook itself off. It turned on her, spines bristling with lightning as it focused its gaze. The sense of wrongness flickered again from somewhere within Terra. The beast had presence and pressure, and a destructive majesty to it, but it definitely didn't feel the same, or even on the same level as her last encounter. As energy shifted around her, Terra's own abilities shifted and changed the tunnels around her, drawing the metallic elements to the surface beneath her feet, and away from the enraged creature a scarce twenty feet from her.

Electricity raked between the twisted forest of spines on its back and the creature flexed; its glow swelled as it lifted and slammed its fore legs in the tunnel, sending more vibrations through the asteroid. The dark, glitchy mass between the metal parts of its body sunk into the ground and from it, tracing out in erratic angles, electronic circuitry began to race outward across the hard rock, consuming another patch of it; it crept up the walls and across the ceiling above the beast as well; a large piece of some kind of space-monitoring structure dislodged as the rock holding it was converted, but the dark matter caught it in the same process and the circuitry rapidly consumed and assimilated the foreign technology.

The glow swelled and burst a moment later, accompanied by another violent roar; lightning arced and exploded out from the creature, dancing off the fallen structures in the tunnel and skittering from one chunk of metal or circuitry to the next until the tunnel resembled a deadly, reflective laser grid of lightning all around them both. Barely in time, Terra raised her own defences against the assault; one wild bolt of electricity tore her shield away for a second time, but she managed to avoid the rest of it, for now.

Across from her, as the lightning faded, the creature breathed, a crackling draw and push that made its whole body move. The creeping dark had receded into the cracks within its body again, almost as though the bursts of lightning kept it inside. The creature shifted its feet, bracing itself and taking afresh stance in the place where the tunnel split. It heaved and thrust one shoulder of its body forward at her, causing a massive column of metal gantry-work around a thick shaft of jagged steel, to tear free of its body and lance towards her.

The 'needle' was easily twice the width of Terra's form, but she answered with a skewering spike of her own in the same moment. The two projectiles met in the space between, and Terra's wooden ram shattered through the beast's metal spine almost without effort; broken and twisted shards of rent metal scattered across the tunnel as the grey shaft shot through without slowing, to pierce into the creature with a tearing impact. It staggered, slammed back out of its stance as the log tore into its body, ripping through pieced together machine parts metal plating alike, to leave a deep rend in its left side. Just an echo. Once more, the subtle thought drifted up in Terra's mind, unbidden and unasked for. Once destroyed, now discarded, unwilling to let go.

The great beast rumbled and growled as it righted itself, scraping at the ground and the ceiling with the uneven spines protruding from its body and sending showers of sparks skittering in every direction as it prepared to assault her again.

-=Deep-Space Terraformer=-

Terra.Exe: 160Hp [Metal][Planar Barrier (30)][Planar Casing (30)]

-=Lightning-Spined Menace=-

Riccio: 3800Hp [Magnet]

-=Lost Asteroid=-
30% Metal
  • Cannot be Broken or Cracked except with Geddon/PanelShot, cannot be Burrowed into.
  • Elec attacks: +100% Source Damage.
  • 100 Damage Aqua attacks: Change terrain hit to Cracked.
  • 100 Damage Fire attacks: Change terrain hit to Furnace.
  • PanelShot: Imbue Elec + Break.
[Directly around Terra]
60% Magnet
  • Non-Elec Elementals get -30% Evasion, and 50% (+/- 25% RP) chance to fail movement off the panel.
  • Only Elec Elementals can burrow.
  • Wood attacks: Change terrain hit to Normal.
  • PanelShot: Imbue Elec + Seeking.
[Directly around Riccio]
10% Normal
  • No effects.

Area is a pseudo-subterranean cave system within a massive asteroid. The tunnels are very wide and broad, but divert in different directions and odd angles, with the potential to become somewhat maze-like if chased blindly. Most of the rocky ground is solid, but it is riddled with metal panelling in random places, as well as scattered sections of broken technology.
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RE: The Wanderlust II with Lyntael and DragonierMan
Sign frowned, still regarding Lynn cautiously. “Of course, I’ll follow you. None of you have signed my papers yet, after all. That means I have to continue keeping an eye on you. Wouldn’t this all be easier if you simply signed? I think we’d all be able to take it much easier, then…” It seemed getting the lawyer to relax her nerves (or her grip on her clipboard, for that matter) was still going to take some work. Regardless, she followed along into the main hall. She noted Lynn picking up one of the menus, but if she thought there was anything odd about that, she didn’t say it. In all likelihood, she was thinking of other things.

As cautious as Sign appeared to be about the nature of the ship’s staff, MerchMan was the inverse: the trained warriors squeezing his arms wouldn’t feel any kind of defensive reaction in response. When the ladies took up on his offer to accompany them to the kitchen, he gladly accepted…

… It looked like they would have a couple of stowaways, though. They were joined by Raptor and TribalMan, who seemed to feel they would get fed faster if they took themselves to the catering, rather than vice versa. Perhaps luckily, they didn’t seem to be the chatty sort under the best of times; as hungry as they were, they would probably stay quiet and on a straight path to the kitchen unless Mara and Nikki made any stops.


In the main hall, ChronicleMan was left with Lyn. He gestured for her to accompany him to a table, seeing as he was the only one apparently left to question about what made him “passionate.” … Unless Lyn was into “distinguished” (older) gentlemen or good books, she might be nervously anticipating his answer.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the first thing ChronicleMan revealed himself to be passionate about was himself. “Well, regarding my own story, I’m not quite sure where to begin. Unfortunately, my story is a bit of a somber one as of late. This whole business with the BOC is hopefully a way to begin to finally take hold of my fortunes and harness my ingenuity to get what I deserve! I-“

“ChronicleMan,” Sign interrupted, taking a seat and politely pulling out chairs for Corrin and Cynthia, in spite of the fact they were ostensibly her serving her. “Lynn asked what you’re passionate about, not what your business is.”

“A-and what business is that of yours, pray-tell, Ms. Signatory?” he asked, adjusting his monocle and giving her a wry smile, leaning across the table with the expression of someone who was begging for a punch in the face and knew he wouldn’t receive it. “But, very well. As far as what I’m passionate about, well, it’s the stories of others! I simply can’t resist learning all I can about the backgrounds of the vagrants and journeymen I come across in the dives and alleys of the Net’s wide world. And what a coincidence! Here I am with a charming young lady who is employed by the cruise ship. If you want to satisfy me as a guest, all you need to do is tell me every little detail of your undoubtedly rich young journey through life so far, sparing no detail. I’ve got nothing but time and ink to spend, myself,” he added, grinning broadly. The untrustworthy nature of that grin made what ought to be an innocent request for a background seem like he was up to something shady…

Sign rapped her fingers on the table in an antsy manner, looking uncomfortable. Finally, she seemed to decide she should answer the question too, as a way of breaking silence. “I’m… passionate… about my work. To do the work I do, there isn’t always time for other hobbies or frivolity. Which is not to say… I don’t have any hobbies, of course, I do… I mean to say that I’m not just working all the time… Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week…” she muttered, clamming up and folding her hands in front of her face while forgetting to list what any of those hobbies were.

While pleasantries were exchanged, it seemed like something was beginning to buzz underneath ChronicleMan’s robe. It sounded a lot like a ringtone of an incoming call, but he didn’t seem to hear it to answer. Soon, it started playing without his input. “ChronicleMan? Are we ready to start yet? You may recall I’m not exactly in the luxury wing of the ship. Please tell me everyone’s gathered,” an impatient, somehow rumbling voice came from below his robe.

“Not yet, hold your horses, chap,” the man spoke succinctly, reaching under his robe and likely hitting a button before focusing on Lynn again. Before he could get anywhere, it began ringing again and he had to fiddle once more. “What?!”

“Are all the guests attended to?” the noisy voice inquired. “Remember we need everyone to remain on-board or this whole thing is pointless. Have Memora and ArmoryMan finally joined you yet?”

“They’re around and about, I’m certain- Ah! There’s one now,” he confirmed with a grin. “Ehm, Corrin or, Cynthia, was it? Do one of you mind greeting her?”

The one he was referring to was probably the tall woman in the white sun hat who had just entered the room. She wore reflective shades and had long, faded brown hair. While she was Sign’s equal in terms of height, she looked just a bit older and definitely a bit more mature in terms of assets. She was wearing a white sun dress and sandals, and was carrying a purse. In spite of her attractive body and elegant clothing, the smile on her painted lips looked a bit dangerous. Somehow or another, it was almost reminiscent of how Mara and Nikki had disguised themselves…

Corrin and Cynthia could greet her if they wished, but she didn’t seem to be waiting for it. If they didn’t it looked like she intended to take a seat apart from all of them, evidently not concerned if she appeared to be a wallflower.


MerchMan continued through the kitchen with his arm candy, tailed by his two hungry tagalongs. He grinned as they pointed out his odd clothing, turning this way and that to give them a better look. “Hey, you ladies are Neoshogun fans, huh? Not many of those on board today, sorry to say! Anyway, Sign would tell me not to talk shop with you girls, but she’s not here, so phooey to her! This is all official Neoshogun merch that I’m the sole distributor of, not like that knockoff crap those tunic-wearing scalpers are hocking in their dirty tents! What are you into? I got cute stuff like the robe, cool stuff like the scarf… I bet you ladies are DragonierMan fans, right? Or is it MachMan? Those two are real hot sellers, for sure!”

The two wouldn’t have long to answer him before they found themselves in the kitchen. The facilities looked nice enough, the type of kitchen where one might expect a bustling staff to be preparing fancy side dishes and carrying trays out to waiting voyagers… Only, the lights were almost all off, and there was only one person, a sight so creepy it could have come from a horror movie.

The sole occupant of the kitchen was a short, thin young woman with an armored outfit over a yellow skinsuit. The armor she wore was designed to look like patterned red-and-white checkered cardboard boxes, like one might pick up fast food in. Clashing with this somewhat, the Navi’s helmet was like an upside-down box of Choinese takeout with two eyeholes cut in it, but with no visible whites inside. Adding to the image, a slow string of dripping, greasy fluid seemed to be coming from the bottom of the box, as though someone really had just upturned a box of food on her head. The mysterious figure’s gauntlets were currently clutching a virtual phone, tapping away as she leaned against the counter.

MerchMan showed some legitimate concern. Anyone seeing this person in the kitchen would probably begin to start taking the “joke” he’d seen earlier seriously. “Um… excuse me? Are you serving back here?”

“Iunno, is Tango paying me?” the young woman’s dull voice came muffled from her box. She didn’t look up from her phone.

“Uh… I don’t know,” MerchMan answered honestly, scratching the back of his head. “Is Tango paying you?”

“Iunno,” the mysterious woman responded, then went back to tapping on her phone.

“Look, somebody in this room better start feeding me, or I’m gonna start feeding on someone,” Raptor growled, baring her teeth at the stranger.

“You wanna rumble? Heh. Nobody’s paying Takeout to kill dinosaur, so forget it.” The strange woman continued tapping with her phone, apparently not concerned. “Look. Tango forgot… they… was supposed to pay me. So, I forgot I was supposed to fix any food. Not my problem.”

MerchMan looked to Nikki and Maya for some help. It looked like Raptor, at least, was going to break the “no fighting” rule pretty quickly if they didn’t make something happen.
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RE: Egomorph.SP
Updating Ego's profile to reflect current events and new lore.

Old Profile
Name: Egomorph.SP
Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Subtype: Team
Appearance: Egomorph, or 'Ego' as Arch tends to call her, bears the appearance of a young girl, no more than 7 or 8 years old. Her body is waif-like, borderline skeletal depending on the light she's viewed in. Her clothing is limited to a simple, sleeveless white dress, with silver rings around the arm-holes and neckline; she wears no shoes or adornments, tiny feet poking out of the dress' long hem. Ego's face is almost perpetually caught in a haunted, deer-in-the-headlights stare, as though everything she sees is far more horrifying than anyone else could perceive. Much of her face is obscured by a long curtain of stark white hair, chopped into messy bangs over about half her face and left hanging over the rest. Her one visible eye is bright silver and plagued with eternal dark circles under it; the eye itself is flecked with tiny strands of crimson that occasionally move about, seemingly of their own accord.

An extension of Hex's morphic pool will always remain under Ego's feet, following beneath her wherever she goes; her extension will always remain attached to him, and when recovering or otherwise inactive, she is pulled into the depths of Hex's body. Additionally, Ego is followed by a large dual-halo that floats around her, usually directly behind her head but capable of moving elsewhere. The outer ring is much larger, a huge, thick silver circle with a dull red stripe running down the centre. The inner ring is much smaller and thinner, and appears as a simple band of silver metal. Faint bursts of energy, somewhat resembling red forks of lightning, occasionally dart between the two rings at rest, at approximately the same interval as the red flecking in Ego's eyes.

Personality: Egomorph's very existence came about as the result of Hex effectively eating an SP base. Within his body, a massive cluster of corrupted data separate from the protoplasmic gestalt almost voluntarily flooded into the base, just before Hex himself could assimilate the data. Due to being formed from the data of so many different sources, Ego suffers from what seem like near-constant self-generated hallucinations, both auditory and visual. Her consciousness is built from a myriad of fragments of other minds, and while they act as a gestalt to form her amalgamate consciousness, each one can still think individually, with her getting the residual feedback whether she likes it or not.

One of the only true constants to her state of mind is a general state of confusion, as Ego often has trouble distinguishing which thoughts are actually hers from the random chaos inside her head. The only time she's truly able to isolate her mind from the amalgamation is when her Manifest Conduit is active, during which the myriad others wrench control of her body from her and she's left trapped in her own head.

Custom Weapon: Manifest Conduit

The Conduit is the name of the dual rings that float behind Egomorph. When inactive, it appears as a simple halo, the red stripe running through the larger ring dull and faded. When it's activated, the red shines in an incandescent glow, arcing flashes of red energy between the two rings. The arcing power is the collective minds' emotions made manifest; it is not necessarily exclusively red, but the horde is so perpetually trapped in rage and misery that the negative red emotion is pretty well all that ever materializes. The rings can change positions and configurations depending on the attack being used; a standard attack generally involves a forked flash of red lightning. While the Conduit is active, the gestalt mind rises up to control Ego's body, dying her eye luminescent crimson and pushing her sole original mind deep into herself, where she can only watch her body moving independent of her will.

New Profile
Name: Egomorph.SP
Gender: N/A, presenting female
Element: Elec
Subtype: Team
Base form: a small, featureless extension of Hex's pool, identifiable as a separate being only by the vaguely humanoid shape it takes, and the two large metal hoops that float behind its back. It has no face, and often no legs, appearing as a blobby, amorphous upper body sunk to its waist in the white. It is Hex's habit to armour its projections with the hollow shells of things it has fed upon - Egomorph is no exception, though unique in its ability to reanimate these bodies while inhabiting them. Without a protective shell to hold and define its shape, Ego has little to no agency of its own, to the point of being unable to even lift its arms out of the pool if it doesn't have the barrier of solid hands.

Current form: Ego's original body, badly damaged. A pale waif of a girl, perhaps 7 or 8, her tattered sleeveless white dress is practically all that remains of her now. Her head has been torn off, leaving a hole in her torso with a jagged, flaring ridge from where her 'true' form' burst out from within. As to the rest of her, being immersed in acid has irrevocably damaged a shell that was already less than a centimetre thick at its thickest point. Everything delicate, jointed or meant to bend: hands, feet, elbows, knees, are either unworkable splinters or gone completely. The rest, already brittle, has melted to the breadth of millimetres in places and crumples at the slightest touch. Her halos alone remain pristine, untouched by the damage to their client.

Picture [Outdated]
Personality: Living with the constant specter of Hex underfoot, bound to endlessly follow it as it pursues its monstrous ends, can be a traumatic experience. Egomorph has begun to despair her position, now that she has come to better understand it. To her perception, her life is a series of terrible questions, followed by horrifying revelations she is powerless to do anything about. Over half the thoughts in her head aren't her's to begin with, to say nothing of what she sees and hears on a daily basis from the voices that lurk inside the white. She has no control over where she goes, lacking even the ubiquitous power of jacking out.

Though she does not realise it, Egomorph is purpose-built. Protecting its higher processing functions against the white's increasing self-cannibalistic tendencies, Hex created an administrator unit to direct the growth of its system. Created from a gestalt network of half-digested central cortexes and a thousand other tragedies, Ego is Hex's brain, personified into a Support Program. Though she is often not conscious of it, every thought and memory the white has ever processed is accessible to her. Where she herself came from is a mystery - simple conversation is often challenging enough for the cobbled-together being, let alone scraping enough processing power together to recall her conception in Hex's depths. Many of the remnants that comprise her are still half-alive in her head, so loud and so vast she barely has room in her own head to think.

Ego is only present in her own head when not in use. The white by itself is barely sapient, more a series of instinctive directives, repeating until it encounters a problem its perpetual motion alone will not solve. In such a case, it can recognize when proper strategic direction is necessary, and activate its Administrator to do its thinking. The Conduits that hang and wheel behind Ego's head are its entry point: a strange device recovered from its own hungry depths, Hex has subsumed control over their activation. One unseen command from it, and Egomorph is shunted from control of her body, while Hex makes use of its now-accessible processer to better direct its growth and consumption. Egomorph remembers nothing of what happens while Hex has control; activation appears to her first as a crackle of static in her perception, and suddenly she's somewhere completely different, or in some varying stage of damage; or outright broken in the depths of the white.

Custom Weapon: Manifest Conduit

The true name of Egomorph's dual halos, the Conduit is a rare uneaten relic. Comprised of two metal rings, the smaller primary ring floats tight against her back (though they do move on occasion), while the larger secondary wheel hangs slightly farther back. The rings are plain silver, although unique among Hex's usual aesthetic in being polished and undamaged. Threads of deep red light arc down to the primary from a ruby stripe along the inside of the secondary - the intensity of the energy scales up the more data is flowing through the Conduit.

Whether Hex couldn't digest it, or otherwise understood some aspect of its use, the mismatched rings were one of three initial components that formed Egomorph, along with Hex's neural network and the SP Base itself. While Hex uses it to facilitate its own movement, linking to its Administrator to provide directives for the greater growth, the Conduit performs a number of other tasks. Though the mechanics are unclear, it plays a role in linking Egomorph to her provided bodies, such that she possesses the one working face and body in all Hex's gallery of grotesqueries. The energy produced from processing Hex's internal data is, as with all things Hex-derived, inherently harmful to virtual life.
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RE: In Search of Sanctuary
In the moment when the furious shade wavered, dazed, Astraea seized the moment to channel a fiery assault of her own back at the damaged navi. The snake itself was hard to control, however, and try as she might, its first pass across the freshly blown sands curved wide of its target, before beginning to twist around for a second attempt.

There wasn't time to focus on the errant fire serpent, however. Astraea had to take care of protecting her ward, and Sirocco seemed to be recovering her wits rapidly. Response time and reflexes were not the little Metangler's forte, and despite Astraea's good throw, the defence clonked off his body and landed just ahead of him. The reinforcing buff passed through the little guy all the same, however, and the Metangler paused to pick up the shield and let it affix to one of his diggers after another step, before continuing to plod steadily towards the gates.

The desert navi shook herself off and wrapped the shadows about her form again, glaring around the loading bay with a seething hatred. The two massive guards had hunkered lower, and seemed to be focused on some internal process; the roar of their engines had grown louder, but the steam from each of their smoke stacks and tapered away temporarily.

Astraea's taunting, unusual as it was for such things to come from the engineer, did seem to draw the other woman's focus for a brief moment, and while CTA focused on helping path a smoother path for their trundling ally, the fire-haired navigator reached out both hand,s curling them into enraged claws as she focused on Astraea. The action became a barely-contained hunch and her hands rose to clutch her hair for an extra tense moment before she arched back, her body exploding in fire and tearing winds as an ear-splitting scream of rage and pain drowned out even the churning engine noises for a moment.

The blast wave rippled across the entire loading bay, fire and wind tearing the sand into a blinding maelstrom of super-heated razor glass shards. Astraea was able to shelter from the worst of it, and by chance, her faithful cinder turret seemed largely unaffected, but the smallest metangler's shield was torn away again in the storm, and the two larger ones suffered the full brunt of the raging assault. It was hard to hear anything over the howl of wind; hard to see anything through the lacerating storm of sand and super-heated glass fragments, and it didn't seem to be stopping either.

“You! I'll tear you to shreds! I'll burn you to ash!!” The shriek echoed through the sandstorm. Astraea had just enough warning to raise her new shield, before the red and black shape in the sandstorm reached out towards her, slashing arms that seemed too long now, and raking vicious claws in her direction. The shape hadn't moved, but with each flurry of strikes the rending wind lashed and assaulted Astraea from different sides. She ducked away from one as another shattered her shield; it fed its strength to her, but the reflect laser light disappeared into the storm without seeming to connect. She managed to duck away from a third, and a fourth tearing strike, but one of them ultimately connected, racking razor-thin shards of burning glass across her body.

At the edges of her sight, Astraea was just able to see that her Metangler friend had made it all the way through the blast doors, and might even have been out of the sand storm; it turned back, lifting its own diggers in hesitation, then more wisely folded itself down into a defensive position and its met-helmet expanded to cover most of its body, with a gap in the top for its smoke stacks.

In front of it, the two giant metanlger guards blinked and reticulated their lenses against the sandstorm, before both leaned forward with a groan and opened bread grates across the barrel of their chests. The platform was bathed in thick, all-engulfing cones of rolling fire, and Astraea head the sound of the desert navi shrieking in rage and pain again. The wall of fire rushed out towards her, but the angles seemed to have been picked as carefully as the two behemoths could manage; Astraea herself was spared their wrath, though her turret, alongside, was just barely clipped by the fires on one. It shuddered under the heat, but stood strong. It didn't matter how big they were, CTA could not be toppled by any other inferior machine. It must have bee their poor aim that they had even struck it; they weren't crafted from the Maker's hands, after all.

The fire from their twin blasts was caught up in the storm of wind and sand, and Astraea could see that turning the vengeful program's own weapons against her had indeed rent away the shadows that shrouded her form, but she still hovered in the heart of the sandstorm, hair blazing and her dark skin nicked by many small scratches. She turned back to the gate guards with a ragged shriek and launched a fresh dervish of steel-shredding strikes at the pair. More slashing blows rained down on them, tearing away more exposed pieces of metal and gouging into their sturdy bodies; the individual tearing rends weren't very much, but Astraea's keen mechanist's eye was able to tell that the assault was beginning to add up on the two. As it was, the scouring wind storm, laden with laceratingly sharp, heated glass shards, was a danger in itself, to everyone. It wasn't dying down yet, and just trying to function in the storm was difficult enough; Astraea could barely see her target clearly enough to attack, and every moment the fight went on, the small cuts and nicks were continuing to harry her.

-=The Vengeful Wind=-
SiroccoShade.rcvr: 440Hp [Normal][Near the centre of the blast doors][Blind(Sandstorm)][WyrmEgg Homing]

-=Caught in the Crossfire=-
Astraea.CMD: 85Hp [Normal][Western side of the battlefield][Strengthen: 40][Blind(Sandstorm)]

-=Holding the Gate=-
Metang-Sual: ??? (-180) Hp [Normal][Left side of blast doors][Blind(Sandstorm)]
Metang-Takid: ??? (-150) Hp [Sand][Right side of blast doors][Blind(Sandstorm)]

-=Mechanical Considerations=-
Metangler.sec.ogg: 66Hp [Normal][Beyond blast doors, Defending]

CTA: 16Hp [Normal][Reinforced]

-=Sanctuary Exposed=-
100% Normal
  • No effects.
[The Sand Is In The Air Now!]

Sandstorm: All Targets within the sandstorm suffer Blindness, and take 5Hp damage per action taken within the sandstorm. Fire attacks that pass into or through the sandstorm gain Slashing with no loss of accuracy. The sandstorm covers the majority of the platform, excluding the area beyond the blast doors. (2 Turns Remaining)

The bay is a large, mostly ovular area, broader than it is deep. The eastern side is beginning to be encroached on by sand, and drops away into darkness and missing terrain. The northern side holds the large blast doors, while the southern side holds the platform that Astraea arrived on. The western side ends against a wall of old machinery and metal. It's all covered in a horrible burning, lacerating, sandstorm now.
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