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RE: Sig Explosion
All the totals look like they add up. Approved.
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Exorcist's Crosses
Making some updates to Exorcist's crosses to remove passives where they existed.

DjinniCross (Level 1)

Signature Attack(s):


Burning Blood (80) - Exorcist's own blood adopts the ability to work as an ignition oil, lighting her regular blades and weaponry with mystic fire. It must be some sort of genie magic, right?
- Imbue Fire
- Strengthen +60
- 2 TCD

SharpCross (Level 1)

Signature Attacks:


Make it Hurt (80): A lifetime of discipline and good intentions unravel as Exorcist is consumed by the ego that comes with being good at hurting others. With no focus on controlling her aura, transparent black waves project wildly like jabbing knives, hurting those around her indiscriminately.
- 40 damage slashing nova 2
- 2 TCD
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RE: Exorcist.EXE
Name: Yajna.SP

Gender: Female

Element: Fire

Subtype: Variable

Appearance: Yajna is roughly the same height as Exorcist, sometimes seeming a little taller because she stands very straight, with tan brown skin, a bit lighter than Bhikkhuni's, and very even features, including a sharp nose and tight, inexpressive lips. Her hair is black and naturally straight, often rolled into a series of seven spheres behind her head, with five forming a sort of flower around the larger bun of the seventh. Her eyes are a bright orange color, but typically, her eyes are held in a very solemn half shade, staring forward. She has a tendency to wear an expression that could generously be called neutral, or perhaps, more accurately, boring, unless in the presence of fire. At that time, her eyes go wide, reflecting the fire, and she often wears an eerie smile. Yajna's body is slender but not terribly shapely, typically avoiding drawing much attention.

Her garb is elaborate, consisting from top to bottom of a helmet, an outfit based on traditional Hindu prayer garb, gloves, and boots, along with jewelry. The helmet is golden, covering the upper half of the head over the ears like a cap, with a lamp shaped like a lotus flower on the top center. A candle is lit inside and forms a short plume of fire above her head; it is almost perpetually in a lit state and she seems perturbed if it ever goes out. A red ruby dangles from the front center of her helmet, at the peek between her brows. Her gold earguards bear her emblem, a lit flame over a lotus shaped lamp, and adorn a red skinsuit, which runs from her jaw down to her neck and the rest of her body. A gold necklace bears another copy of her emblem, resting above a red robe, which covers one shoulder. Another orange, thinner robe can be seen covering the other shoulder, though the majority of it is hidden. A thin gold belt ties the waist. Her gloves and boots are also gold, adorned with small red rubies at the elbows and knees.

Armaments she can summon include an aarti lamp, gold, and shaped like a hand-held chalice with a long, C-shaped handle extending from one side. At times, she will also summon a small, handheld bell, which she rings dutifully, but without the same fervor that she wields the lamp.

Personality: Yajna is characterized by distinctly even temperament, to the point where she might be called boring. The truth is that she finds it hard to feel emotions of any kind and thereby doesn't often react. The one exception is regarding fire: the sight of fire excites her. She feels compelled to spread and nurture flames wherever she sees them. Many of her religious rituals involved flames, but it could certainly be said that she values the ritual more than the purpose. She has many thoughts on fire that she will happily share, but seems very lacking in opinions otherwise.

Background: Whereas Bhikkhuni and Mary were each sent on journeys of enlightenment by their peers in their religions, Yajna left her temple by her own choosing. Yajna had long been a devout follower of Hinduism, practicing their mantras and rituals, but found her spirit lacking. Realizing she was simply going through the motions, she left on her own quest of self-discovery, searching for a religion that truly spoke to her.

Eventually, she came upon Burt's discipline of Counterinfectualism, by which viruses are destroyed in order to eliminate the evil spirits trapped within their vessels. Here, she found a religion that seemed accommodating to her unique passion for burning things. In her way of framing things, she sees the "evil spirits" as invasive Ashura... but even now, she still feels a certain crisis of faith even now. All she knows is she takes a continued, guilty pleasure from burning things, be that incense or viruses.

Custom Weapon: Yajna uses her aarti lamp as a weapon, raising it in one or two hands and blowing flames off the lip. The flames project in an exaggerated arc.
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- Sounds interesting! It's a nice way to help people out with keeping the Net safe.
+ Celebrating the season with it, too! Sign us up.
= All these names being listed off though, it's surprising that there's so many. Do some of these exist? Some weird orgs for sure.

- Harke Ezarith
+ Eternalis.EXE
= Aurora.EXE
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RE: Yajna.SP
Everything looks good, approved.
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Imaginary Space
[>> Second Home - Yoka.]

A transfer pad in the middle of the vast NAXA network lit up as it received a single incoming program; a glowing humanoid shape formed rapidly before its light receded, and Terra dropped onto the pad. The landing seemed slightly delayed, and her movement felt somewhat floaty, thanks to the simulated reduced gravity. She opened her eyes, and took in the scenery of the glittering stars around her.

"Wow..." Carbide's voice echoed inside of her head. Having been left behind on Terra's previous excursion to the NAXA network, her first sight of the area captivated her, and Terra was happy to entertain her charge's wonder at the spectacle. Scoping the surrounding area, they seemed to be on a small moon of sorts, with various gleaming pathways extending out to other areas.

Choosing one at random, Terra started to follow alongside it. The sound of her boots clanking along on the metal path was the sole source of noise that she heard for a while, as Carbide seemed to be staying surprisingly quiet for the moment. Eventually, however, she broke the silence with a question. "Hey, Terra, how do you process all these data signals coming in all the time?" her voice asked in her mind.

"...? What do you mean?" Terra tilted her head at the unexpected query.

"All this pretty stuff all around is a lot to take in already, but then you're also taking in everything from under you... There's so much of it. It's way more than I can sense on my own. It's really cool, seeing it all go by, but like... all the time like this, it's kind of unnerving in a way. Like I already feel kind of small next to you, but all this data makes me feel like a tiny speck."

Closing her eyes, Terra continued walking, relying solely on the senses that imbued her with strength from beneath her feet. Within her mind, the metal pathway she was walking on turned into a gleaming river of a vast bundle of multi-colored data streams, and she herself as a bright mote of green light skating along its top. Around herself, she saw a smaller bluish orb orbiting her.

She let out a small chuckle as both of them traveled along the "river", most likely looking quite strange with her eyes closed. "All that data moving along is made up of lots of little data packets, and each and every packet of data has its own purpose. Something it needs to do as it travels the world at lightspeed. It could be the tiniest packet, carrying the most important data in the world, and nobody would ever know. All I do is watch it go by, and pick up one or two at a time, just to ask what it knows. There's a lot you can find out sometimes."

The data "river" then split up before her, with the main line going further forward, and a smaller line filtering off into the side into small, fragmented layers, descending down like stairs. On a whim, she took the smaller path, hopping along the layers like a game of hopscotch with her body slowly floating down with the reduced gravity.

"Hmmm... I guess that's one way to see it," said Carbide. "It's a lot different from what I can sense, so it's pretty cool to like, swap perspective like this."

"I'm glad," replied Terra, as she continued to descend down through the steps that she could "see" through her closed eyes.

"Your steps feel really light here, too... Everything's floaty." Carbide's mental comment trailed off towards the end. Suddenly, Terra felt her body's control shift again, and her hands suddenly lurched towards herself.

"Even these! Hahaha!"

"!!" Terra's eyes opened again, seeing that her hands had abruptly started to fondle her own chest, which had been lightened from the network's gravity. Beyond them, she saw what she had been walking on this entire time. A fragmented asteroid field spread out beneath her boots, spiraling downwards like a precariously high pathway. At its end, a large rock with a deep hole floated by itself in the middle of the deep space background. The hole pulsed with a bright golden light. Her hands froze momentarily, and Terra felt her control restored once more, which she took to remove her hands from her chest.

"W-Whoa, we're pretty high up..." said Carbide. "Wonder what's that rock have that's glowing so brightly?"

"... Hm, let's go and see," said Terra. From her senses, the datastreams fragmented more the closer they got to the lone asteroid. It wasn't difficult to land on, though, given the reduced gravity, and so Terra jumped off the last asteroid fragment closest to the surface. As soon as she landed, however, a sudden wave of energy radiated rapidly up through her body up from the ground, its intensity like a solid punch to the chest.


Both Terra and Carbide recoiled from the sudden radiation, and Terra's legs shook slightly from the impact. She felt a cold sweat as she read the immense amount of energy coming from the ground as well, and looked quickly around the area to see what was exerting it. The massive hole in the asteroid spread out before her, emitting the energy in huge, periodic waves.

"What... what was that?" asked Carbide, her tone slightly shaking.

[Terra.EXE: 170 HP. Wood/Ground: Preserver/Tectonic Shift. Equipped: FloatShoes.]
[Cybeast Riccio Battle - Ready.]
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RE: Yajna.SP
With proper foresight I would have used these bugfrags at the same time I regged this navi! But I'm using them now. I'll reg my sigs later all in one lump since I gotta fix the passive stuff.

I'm starting with 384 bugfrags and buying:
Hit Point+ V1 for Bhikkhuni (-10)
Chip Preset for Mary (-100)
Hit Point+ V6 for Mary (-60)
Chip Preset for Yajna (-100)
Hit Point+ V1 for Yajna (-10)
Damage+ V1 for Yajna (-10)
Damage+ V2 for Yajna (-20)
Damage+ V3 for Yajna (-30)
Damage+ V4 for Yajna (-40)
384-380 = 4 bugfrags remaining

After this, Bhikkhuni will be level 7, Mary will be level 9, Yajna will be level 8. Exorcist will become level 14.
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I will wisely select a chip befitting of my experience and KAAA~BUUU~KIII tradition! The gift will be a SUUU~PEEEER~LAAAAH~TIIIIVE pick, fit to spread joy during the NEEEET~TEEEE~DAAAAY season!

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RE: Counterinfectualists for Creel
Burt Blanchard here! I just wanted to jump in and say that you are soooo right about the NetMafia helping its own! So my girls just do whatever you're asking, then we get all kind of nice weapons and zenny, aaand we get to talk about Counterinfectualism all we want? This could just be the greatest mission in the history of missions! You really are too good to us!

I'd be happy to send you reading material on Counterinfectualism too, of course. But if you're going to meet the gals, you can just ask them in person! That can be my gift back to the Mafia. Trust me, it's worth much more than any chip or money you could give us! It's impossible to value, really, but I encourage you to try! After Exxy provides her exemplary performance, of course~

-Burt J. Blanchard
Professor of Religious Studies (and Counterinfectualism)
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