A long night in Toronto....

Daniel and the receptionist bolted down the hall while behind them the sound of constant small arms fire outside was occasionally interrupted by an attack helicopter's auto-cannon.

Meanwhile, as if to punctuate the detective's words, the building vibrated a bit as many very bad sounds made their way into the waiting room. Kale, who was already on his feet, turned and made his way to the waiting room door. "That sounded... bad," he muttered. He poked his head into the hallway, fully disbelieving what he was hearing.

And then there was screaming people running his way.

"Hey, you two, in here," Kale barked at the fleeing figures with authority. The nurse complied without thinking, and ran right for the waiting room.
Without much thinking, Daniel shot into the room, and screeched to a halt. Resting his hands on his knees, he panted heavily as he tried not to let the bile in his throat rise up. "H-- hhh-- hel-- helicopter... g-- guns," he gasped in between strained breaths.
"O....K.... Breathe, Mr. Shields," Kale responded as he moved back into the room with the two... refugees. He did not want to draw the obvious conclusion from what he just heard. Can I not have the bad day this sounds like I'm having, please? So... Kale waited for the man to catch his breath, then asked him: "Now, what's going on out there?"
After a few more moments, Daniel managed to get his business together, and exhaled loudly. "Big-ass helicopter. Straight up swiss-cheesed the entrance with I don't know how many bullets," he summarized. He let himself stumble backwards into a corner of the room, still kind of out of breath. "Oh, yeah, it didn't look like those, uh, usual helicopters, it kind of..." he explained, trying to point out every which way with his hands. "Uh, it didn't have that, uh, tail propeller? That most helicopters have. Just the top propeller. Don't know if that's any help."
Cassidy paused, gathering her thoughts.

Why was there an attack helicopter outside? The most she had to deal with was a couple thugs with guns. This was unprecedented and random, and her mind searched for an explanation. She paused, and then realized she was possibly in shock. Perhaps the loud bang had unnerved her. Time felt like it was moving ever so slowly as she brought up Mneme.

Mneme's thought process had been extraordinarily simple. There was an attack helicopter outside. The capability to turn off certain parts of her virtual amygdala, as well as do some overclocking of her anterior cingulate allowed her to make on-the-spot decisions. Noticing that there were multiple others around Cassidy, she paused before speaking, taking a moment to appear as if she was thinking.

"I've already locked what doors I can, Doctor Adler. There will be panic momentarily, and there have been no confirmed casualties so far. Outside of Adrian Rogers Tremblay, is there anyone who could be related to this attack? Perhaps Officer Kale?"

"I'm--- not sure." Cassidy spoke, a finger tracing down a scar, over and over again. "Ah, were there any distinguishing features to the helicopter? Can you bring that up, Mneme? What do you remember, Mister Shields?"
"Oh great..." Liz muttered as the words of the others reached her ears, much to her dismay. "Your friends are back and looking for blood, detective." It was pretty clear that Liz faulting Kale for this, in a cranky sleep-deprived rant."You must a really pissed em off shooting those guys earlier. Now we're all dead..."

The girl let out a heavy sigh as she sank back into her seat, already assuming the worst. " This kinda shit is straight out of one of those silly fps's with minimal plot. If I had to live up a game scenario why couldn't it involve cute monster pets or something..." Already switching gears and derailing her original complaint Liz just started to mutter to herself in a pouting fit; mostly nonsense involving shinies and perfect stats, what ever that ment.

It was up in the air if she was always this nuts, or just an effect of the long night.
Kale frowned, turned around, and then poked his head out into the hallway to look in the direction of the entrance. "That's coming out of someone's paycheck..." he muttered to himself as he spotted the collapsed covered walk blocking the entrance. He held a hand up to his ear, and listened for a minute. He was able to discern that there was still a firefight going on outside, and made a note of the fact that it did not involve him presently. He turned around, and moved back into the room just in time to hear speculation about the attack, and a bit of grumbling. "Well, whoever it is after us, they seem to have a difference of opinion amongst themselves, and no problem sorting it out with guns." He pulled out a police radio, and mumbled grumpily "Count your blessings," before putting the radio to his ear and frowning again. "Well, that's a loss. Nothing but static."


Mneme, meanwhile, discovered that the local network was off the grid, and doing a search on the helicopter was currently not possible. The external security cameras near where the action was taking place worked fine, but none of them could see the helicopter, nor could they pivot up far enough to try catching a glimpse of it. What they did see, however, was the collapsed entrance, and a scattering of people in the parking lot shooting at what was presumably the helicopter from behind what cover they could find amongst the vehicles parked outside. Not that that seemed to be helping them much against their aerial foe, as a couple of them near a DHL van crumpled to the ground after a trio of small fire-cracker-like explosions went off just behind them, and the side of the van suddenly looked like swiss-cheese.
"F-Friends...? Shooting...?" Daniel managed to mutter, his face slowly contorting into an unpleasant expression. "Ughhh. Why'd I have to-- God dammit, my head," he groaned, pressing on his temples and leaning back into the corner. He shot a hidden glare from under his hand at the new black-haired woman. From what he could tell, she and the detective were surely the cause of this disturbance. Maybe the guys with guns outside wanted to kill them.

"Anything else you can tell us, officer?" he muttered, trying to deal with his headache.
"Cassidy." Mneme's head tilted slightly, and text appeared on Cassidy's HUD, informing her of the events going on outside. Cassidy nodded, thankful. The prior information was indeed helpful to receive in advance. She straightened her jacket, ripping her fingers away from tracing that line on her cheek.

"Officer, there are people fighting out there, it isn't a one-sided assault, although those with the helicopter appear to be much better equipped." Her throat felt dry, and something was rising at the back of it.

"Officer Kale, we need to evacuate. This facility is not well-suited to a full-on terrorist assault. It was built with defenses in mind, but only to the possibility of small-armed criminals. The chance of an attack like this was chosen to be out of the equation by the contractor, .04% chance was outside of normal probability." Mneme brought up a map of the hospital. "The closest possible Exits are here." Mneme highlighted some locations on the holographic map.

"Do we have any patients currently in ICU or unable to move?" Cassidy spoke up, unable to recall the exact figure, her mind occupied on her body, which felt a bit unsteady.

Mneme, not so limited by human frailty, checked.
"but then i could customize my own ship and it would be awesome..." Liz continued her rambling thoughts, somehow deviating from shiny animals to starships. As her tired mind began to formulate ideas for various styles and types, her brain slowly began to remember the current situation. A crazy idea was begining to form, one that she probably wouldn't have considered trying on a normal day.

"Keena! Can you see if you can get a wireless signal towards that helicopter? Try to use the hospital equipment if needed."

Liz began messing around with her computer trying to boost the wireless signal of her own device, hoping that it would allow Keena room to explore her options and find the best method for the task.

"What do you got in mind, Liz?"

"We're going to try and remote control that vehicle!"

By now Liz was off in her own little world, plotting and scheming as she did everything necissary to set up. If this worked it would be glorious!