What happens when the rankings become too high for all? What occurs? A tournament, the best of the best battle each other, in many differing ways, depending on the whims of the arena manager.
Event Matches
(Closed)At the end of a Mr. Prog's bitcycle, when they can no longer keep up with the pace of actual battles, they would be dumped here and left to judge Navi Chess matches. Then they got bored.You know how there's things you know you know, things you know you don't know, and things you don't know you don't know? Yea. Not even the Mr. Progs running the show can tell you for sure what's gonna happen here.
Versus Matches
Want to teach your girlfriend how to actually aim a Cannon? Need to settle a blood debt from your grandfather? Convinced that you can mop the floor with your so-called "friends"? This is the place to do it. Just make sure you choose the right room for whatever you've got planned.
Event Registration
Register for events here.
NetSquare Gateway
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Colosseum BBS
Issue and answer challenges here. Betting, wagers, and so forth will also take place here. Check the rules before posting.
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