Norton's Netfrican Nest

It was a lovely early morning, and the first crack of light had just peeked out onto the horizon. The earliest waking birds tweeted and cooed through the windows of a rather large house, in an affluent neighborhood in southern Netfrica. Behind those windows, a relatively old couple was sleeping soundly on a large king-sized bed, lying with their backs to each other. The man grunted slightly in his sleep, and his nose twitched, as if he was roused by something. Sure enough, not five seconds later, a subdued beeping noise started emitting from under the blanket. His eyes flitted groggily open, and he pulled out the culprit of the beeping from the blanket. The man's robotic arm was slowly growing louder with its alarm noise, before his finger tapped on its screen to silence it. Under the blanket, the man stretched out slightly, and turned his head to see long, flowing black hair, belonging to the other permanent tenant of the bed. Sitting up slightly, he reached over to part his wife's hair away from her face, and pecked her on the cheek as stealthily as he could.

He then rose off of the bed, and hobbled over to the adjacent bathroom, flipping the light on as he did. At the same time, the screen on his arm lit up, and a peppy voice squeaked out from its speakers. "Good morning, Norton!" the boyish voice said.

"Mm. Morning, Slice," the man replied, taking his seat as was his habit, and tapping a button on his arm-PET's screen. A holographic screen popped up in front of him, showing the rather weird mugshot of his NetNavi, SliceMan, whose head appeared to be the handle of a large cleaver.

"I'm super excited for today, Norton! Finally going out to get ingredients for the place!" chattered SliceMan, practically hopping about in his PET. Norton chuckled to himself slightly at his new Navi's enthusiasm, though his amusement didn't last long when he realized something.

"Wait..." he turned around, and looked at the toilet tank. Being a rather advanced toilet he had just had installed, it had a screen on it, though it was glitching out. "Ugh, just my luck."

"What is it, Norton? Something bothering you?" said SliceMan, trying to look around Norton's head, which was blocking whatever view the Navi had of the tank behind him. Norton turned back at the screen groggily, and his eyebrows raised slightly. It was one of the first physical tics that he had when he had an idea that most people wouldn't really have, and SliceMan was still innocent of it.

"Slice, how'd you like to start now?" said Norton, a small grin starting to show up on his face.

SliceMan was taken aback slightly at the prospect. After all, his operator was currently sitting down on a porcelain throne, with his pants around his ankles. "E-Eh? Right now?"

"Sure, why not. It's not like I can't operate. I want you to fix this toilet, I think it's got viruses in it or something."

"W-What? The toilet?! B-But..."

"What, you can't do it? I'm not in any real hurry, don't worry."

"U-Um, okay. Okay! I can do it! Send me in!"

"Good to see you're still as enthusiastic! Don't worry, it'll be fine," he said, as he tapped a button on the floating screen, and the Navi inside of the screen disappeared, looking rather conflicted with his own choices.

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"Alright, did you get enough? I'm out the door now," said Norton, looking at the embedded screen on his arm. The man was dressed sharply in his dark grey chef's jacket and slacks, ready for another day on the job. Adjusting his collar slightly, he gingerly tossed a knife in little loops, catching them every few seconds or so. It was his little ritual to start the day off, to keep his mind as sharp and ready as the knife that was spinning in the air before him.

"A-All set, Norton! Let's go!" said SliceMan, eliciting a grin and a small nod from Norton as he ducked into his car, a diminutive red compact. Its electric motor hummed to life near-silently, only emitting a bit of noise intentionally to indicate that it was working, before the man sped off down his driveway, and out towards the road, heading for the nearby city, home to the most famous restaurant in Netfrica: The Meat Hacker.