Starter Folder upgrades!

As part of a new thin (it's a diet) we're doing, everyone gets four chips when they start out now. The twist is that you get to pick the fourth! And by you, I mean new people, because screw YOU losers!

...But no seriously pick one of these and we'll approve it here like a shop action. Consider it a retroactive vending for those of you currently in battles (IE "Oh I forgot I had this and it was buried in my pockets this whole time!!")

Fire: HeatShot, FireHit1
Aqua: Bubbler, AquaNeedle1
Wood: CactBall1, RollingLog1
Elec: ZapRing1, Marublaster1
Null: ShockWave, Minibomb, AirShot1, Vulcan1
Support: Recov30, Barrier, Guard1, PanelGrab

Post with what'cha want.
And because I'm a double-posting asshole:

REGALIA WANT: Marublaster1

NOIR WANT: Minibomb

Winter: Bubbler
Free chips. : D

SplashMan: PanelGrab (take that, Medic)
ZephyrMan: FireHit1
SharpMan: Recover30
ShamanMan: FireHit1
MeleeMan: FireHit1
Exorcist: AquaNeedle1
Ante: RollingLog1
Phero: Marublaster1
Pally/MC/Aim: Approved. Also, feel free to approve mine at any time, jerkwads >:U
Dare: Barrier
Ship: Bubbler
Teethman: Firehit1
Twi/Heat Approved
MachMan: AirShot1
KaijuMan: FireHit1
Grim approved.

Anyis GET: Bubbler
Kina GET: ZapRing1
PaperMan GET: RollingLog1
Sylk: Aqua Needle

Nyan: Aqua Needle

Holoß: MaruBlaster1
Boxer: FireHit1
Exploit: Eh, he's getting deleted anyway. No chip for him.
Cala: Marublaster1
Arc: Marublaster1
Daisy: Marublaster1
DragonierMan: Vulcan1
Everything above is approved.

Eternalis: PanelGrab
Terra: Recover30
Raki/Riki: MaruBlaster1
Fera is approved.

Voulge: PanelGrab
Cambiare: AirShot1
Luna: Bubbler
Goroke approved
Shisho: Guard1
Rhea: AquaNeedle1
Have some approval.
Eidolon: Marublaster1
Rachna: Rollinglog1
Musou: Vulcan1

HighwayMan: Recov30