New Subtype Change Registration

The new Subtype is up and running, but in order to keep things under control, we would like for you to post your changes in this thread.

Please provide the following information:

    [li]Navi/SP Name
    [li]Previous Subtype
  • Changing Subtype
Thank you for your cooperation.
Navi/SP name: Momo.SP
Element: Normal
Previous Subtype: Normal
Changing Subtype: Bug
Druidman, Wood/Normal -> Wood/Ground
Navi/SP Name: Enigma.EXE
Element: Null
Previous Subtype: Recovery
Changing Subtype: Bug
Navi Name: Machman.EXE
Element: Null
Previous Subtype: Wind
Changing Subtype: SPEEEEEED
Normal -> Ground
Break -> CURSOR Melee

((Exxy will stay the same))
Previously: Wind
Navi/SP Name: Voulge.EXE
Element: Fire
Previous Subtype: Sword
Changing Subtype: Guts

Navi/SP Name: Ignis.SP
Element: Fire
Previous Subtype: Normal
Changing Subtype: Shadow
Navi Name: Majinman.EXE
Element: Fire
Previous Subtype: Wind
New Sexy Subtype: Shadow
Yes yes, everyone up to now is approved. MY TURN.

Navi Name: Anyis.exe
Element: Aqua
Previous Subtype: Wind
New Subtype: Melee (SUCK IT, MELEEMAN)

* Navi/SP Name: SplashMan.EXE
* Element: Aqua
* Previous Subtype: Normal
* Changing Subtype: Ground

...I feel like such a copycat. ;_;
Why? There's only two other Ground types thus far, and one is inactive beyond belief.

Everyone between this post and Bomber's approved.
Navi/SP name: Titania and Oberon
Element: Normal
Previous Subtype: Sword
Changing Subtype: SPEEEEEEEEEEEED.
SP Name: Fhyre.SP
Element: Fire
Previous Subtype: Break
Changing Subtype: Shiiiiiieeeeeeeeeld
Navi/SP Name: Holoß.NET
Element: Elec
Previous Subtype: Normal
Changing Subtype: Speed
Elec/Wind -> Elec/Bug.

I was really hoping less people would be using bug...
Everyone's using bug D:

...screw it. go go bandwagon!

Navi Name: Ketsuban
Type: Normal
Old Subtype: Break
New Subtype: Bug
I'M BUGGING OUT! Everyone from Kazu to Tarkya approved.
Navi Name: Void
Type: Normal
Old Subtype: Wind
New Subtype: SUMMON!

Bet you didn't see this coming, now did you?


does this mean we can revamp sigs too?


Quote ()

You're MagicMan.EXE. Operated by Yahoot, you are quite intelligent in battle, summoning viruses to keep your opponent busy while you prepare your strongest attack. You admire your operator, and help him to confuse the world. You work for the World 3 crime syndicate.

I guess it was kinda obvious...