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Shirley Squeak & MouseMan.EXE
Name: Shirley “Shay” Squeak
Age: 36 years old
Gender: Male
Appearance: Shirley is a short (approx. 1,6m), wide and stocky man. His skin is pale. Shirley’s hair is black, fluffy and untamed. It grows in a way in which it always falls in front of his eyes, no amount of combing can fix this. Instead he always wears a pair of leather goggles which are long enough to stick out from his amount of hair. The goggles have clear lenses, so his brown eyes are perfectly visible through them with some attention. He has a large, black, bushy beard, so bushy in fact that his mouth is hardly visible behind it. He does trim it so it doesn’t grow past his collar bone. Despite all the hair, his wide nose is still perfectly visible.
Shirley’s attire most of the time consists of clothes that cover him entirely. He does not like showing skin to others, even going to the point of wearing gloves to hide his hands. Another important thing for him is to always have various points on his outfit to attach his PET to. Hips, shoulders, back, chest, knees, etc. He always carries around a camera to take pictures with, usually hanging from a cord around his neck with the lens sticking out of his beard.

Traits: Gruff and quiet. Very grumbly voice, despite being a kind man. Has bad social skills and will often require MouseMan to talk for him. Will usually just grumble instead of actually talking. As a result, he’s become very expressive with his limbs and head to indicate what he’s trying to convey. Loves gossip and rumors, especially those involving celebrity and aliens. But even if he gets super excited, he’ll do so while being his usual quiet self. Always introduces himself as ‘Shay’ instead of Shirley. He doesn’t dislike or hate his real name, he just has trouble pronouncing it.

PET Modifications: Shirley has a simple current age PET, which is white with orange accents and has MouseMan’s emblem on it. While the back of the PET already had a clasp for putting it on clothes, Shirley expanded on it to allow changing the clasp so it could be attached to different points. He even has a clasp to clip the PET onto his beard.

Name: MouseMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Null
Subtype: Summon

MouseMan’s emblem: A mouse nose with 3 black whiskers on each side and a set of buck tooth below it. The background is orange at the top, white at the bottom, separated by the nose and whiskers.
MouseMan is a short and slim pale boy of about 5’2” feet with a below average weight. The lower half of his face is always covered by a black mask from which 6 thick black whiskers stick outwards, 3 on each side. MouseMan wears a helmet that covers most everything of his head except his mask and some of his hair, which is light blond, sticking out at the back. This helmet is completely smooth and has a glass-like exterior with a large number of squares behind the glass that light up once in a while. On the sides of this helmet are circular audio receivers, each with MouseMan’s emblem on it, with a band that goes across the top of his helmet. Two large circular ears are attached to the band. Each ear is curved inwards and has an antenna sticking out of it, looking a lot like satellite dishes. While not visible when he’s wearing his helmet, MouseMan has large red eyes and has small, white mouse ears, with orange fluff on the inside, sticking out of his hair.
MouseMan wears a black bodysuit from top to toe. He wears a white jacket with a V-shaped opening at the top and various orange rings around the sleeves. At the end he wears a pair of white gloves with orange rings over his jacket sleeves, from his elbow to his hand. Only the backside of his hands are covered by these gloves, with his emblem being on these parts. His hands are, just like the rest of his body, covered by the bodysuit.
On his lower body MouseMan only wears a pair of boots from his knees to his toes. The bodysuit covering his legs, however, also has the same orange circle markings of his sleeves. MouseMan’s boots are white with two orange circles at the top and a black bottom. MouseMan also has a long mouse tail, completely black and thicker than you’d expect from a mouse’s tail. At the end of this tail is a white buster weapon attachment, comparable to a standard Navi’s wrist-mounted weapon, from which he can shoot.

Traits: MouseMan is a kind-hearted, but subdued, boy. He’ll always look at things with bright and interested eyes, but once those eyes catch something scary he’ll quickly turn them away. Mouse really doesn’t like scary things and as such gets scared very quickly. He is also quite squeamish. While being a boy, his mannerisms in motion and speech can seem feminine at times.

Custom Weapon: Unlike any regular Navi MouseMan can’t actually turn his hands or arms into weapons. Instead of having this feature, he only has his tail-mounted weapon. But just like a regular Navi’s weapon, he can change the functionality of this weapon based on the chips he receives. But his personal weapon is known as 'MOUSE' or 'Master Output: Unstable Slave Entity'. These look and move like actual mice, except their exterior looks like plastic instead of fur. They are all entirely white with orange paws, an orange stripe across the face like a mask and red eyes. Their tails are black with thin orange stripes across them, but the position of the stripes is different of each MOUSE. It's how MouseMan sees which is which, like reading barcodes.

Signature Program: MOUSE: Null
Description: MouseMan creates a MOUSE and positions it on the battlefield. The MOUSE will constantly nibble the data around him, causing small shocks to appear which fly out towards enemies. When the MOUSE gets defeated, it’ll run around aimlessly with its last spark of energy before jumping at the last enemy it knows and exploding violently.
10 HP Light Object (10pts)
Passive: 10 DMG @ Chosen Enemy (30pts)
Trap(When Destroyed): 20 DMG @ Last Chosen Enemy (20pts)

Signature Program: Call For Help
Description: MouseMan sends out a signal with his satellite ears to call forth the nearest MOUSE that can help him in the fight. After a short moment a MOUSE will come jumping out of nowhere, crash onto the target and then vanish in the distance again.
20 Drop DMG (20pts)

Starting items:
- Bubbler
- ResetStage
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RE: Charcoal Buddies
"Not a word," VenusMan exclaimed, paired with a loud sigh. Of course, he missed his attack. "Not a word..." he repeated, already hearing the stifled laughter from the PET's input. Nonchalantly he brushed aside the charred dust from the two viruses' attacks, at least satisfied he wasn't alone in his failed attempts at attacking. It sounded like Maru had taken some distance from the PET for this situation, and considering he was running the PET he could also tell a video and various screenshots were made. "Because words are unnecessary..." VenusMan commented and turned to face the viruses that had taken an interest in them. "Because my eyes are focused now..."

"Are you done monologueing, runt?" Maru's voice sounded, "How about fixing your fault?"

"Already on it," VenusMan said, his eyes trained on the Quaker virus. Inside of his programming he was estimating the coordinates of the virus, raising the trident on his arm to assist in getting the digits right. But he wasn't getting the coordinates from his own position. Hanging over the lava was still his left hand, holding his pistol firmly and still charging energy for an attack. "This time, I won't mi-" he started to boast, but quickly decided against it considering his previous mistake. It was point-blank, how did he miss it completely? "-stake. Yeah. I won't mistake!" he continued loudly. With his trident he aimed straight at the Quaker virus and shouted out loud, "BANG!" But rather than the trident getting shot, a tremendous beam of energy was launched from the hovering pistol setup with the Quaker's coordinates locked and loaded. But it was too soon to relax, because his previous adversary revealed its cowardly state. While being wary of the Quaker, no matter how many attacks he had thrown at it, he spoke up to Maru. "Do we have anything to break this guy?"

"Nothing that breaks metal at least," Maru commented. But her eyes weren't so much on the virus VenusMan was worried about, but the surroundings. If there was one thing she had learned dealing with animals was that the surroundings usually provided the best methods to victory. Stealth, improvised weaponry, sudden allies, the outside world provided the animal kingdom with a lot of perks. But the digital world wasn't much different. "I'll send you this, runt." Her words were paired with the slotting in of the BusterPunch chip. "How about you show the lady your muscles?"

Data streamed in while VenusMan's left hand flew back to its owner's arm. A soft click later and he was more or less complete again. "ORCHIDs!" he bellowed, commanding all the other ORCHIDs to return to his back. "Let's see how this'll go..." he continued while letting the data flow into his right hand. The petals around his wrist embraced the trident that was sticking out of his arm and returned his hand to normal again, except it was bigger. And then even bigger. Even more bigger! "Hey hey hey!" VenusMan shouted as his hand had almost grown as big as his head, "Isn't this too big!? Well whatever!" With the Hothead so close, he reeled back his fist in preperation of an attack. "Okay, here we g-"

"You blithering retard!" Maru exclaimed and tapped the screen as loud as possible to get her Navi's attention. "Punch him into the lava! Move him! Make him sink! Put your heart behind it!"

VenusMan nodded and, with the help of his particle emission, flashed to the other side of the HotHead in an instant. Still in preperation for an attack, VenusMan swung his fist as swiftly as possible as he could towards the virus, praying he would actually hit this time. But would it have mattered? Had the virus actually been moved if he punched it? It was made of metal after all. But VenusMan had made a mistake. And this time he wouldn't fail. "Another time!" he exclaimed as he reeled his fist back again. Whether he was succesful or not, he approached the HotHead virus again and released another fast attack of his fist, this time from below. "Go for a swim, damn it!"

Turn Summary
V = VenusMan.EXE [Wood/Team] [One For All/All For One] [AirShoes/FloatShoes/Undershirt] [3 Actions]

V. ORCHID - Pistol [100 Shot WOOD] @ Quaker
V1. Equip: BusterPunchEffect: Adds +30 Null, Impacting, and Knockback to your Buster Shot Attack.
Accuracy: Buster Accuracy = B
Description: Your Custom Weapon vanishes, and is replaced with a Buster Punch. Your buster returns to normal when the chip effect ends.
Duration: Number of Uses equal to double your Rapid stat. Cannot be Broken.
Element: Null
Special: Overrides Buster. Disables Charged Shot.
Trader Rank: D

V2. Buster Attack [15 NULL + 30 NULL, Impact, Knockback] @ HotHead, towards Lava
V3. Buster Attack [15 NULL + 30 NULL, Impact, Knockback] @ HotHead, towards Lava
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RE: Charcoal Buddies
CRUNCH CRUNCH, were the joyful sounds that came from Carnivore as it had its mouth full of data, CHOMP CHOMP, while flung backwards to VenusMan's body again. "Okay, you've had your fill," VenusMan's voice said from his body, "Time to com-" His voice quickly stopped as he realized that while he was floating just barely over lava, Carnivore was hanging from him with a very long vine. A very long vine that could easily reach the lava below him. "No, come back come back come back!" he exclaimed as he tried to grab hold of the swinging vine in order to pull Carnivore back himself, or at least to wrap up the vine around his arms to decrease the length. A short moment later Carnivore was hanging by VenusMan's chest while the vine slowly retracted into his neck. "Okay, this has to go faster. We're going to need some updates on his scripting."

"Carnivore is a very delicate program," Maru commented, "You simply have to adapt to his wishes. Can't you see he's eating. Let nature take it course, runt."

It wouldn't have looked pretty if VenusMan had his face at this point in time, but at least he managed to get Carnivore back onto his neck. The leaves that created Carnivore retracted and out sprang VenusMan's head again. "Yeah. Right. Of course," he said with a neutral expression on his face.

"Oh, also," his Operator continued, "Your head is the vessel of Carnivore when he's out, so you may notice some... Oh. You're already noticing it."

While floating above the lava, VenusMan stumbled around a bit and tried to get an eye on the ORCHID he had sent for his cloudy attack. "There are 4 ORCHIDs coming my way," he commented, "Oh. Yeah. You're right." A long sigh came from VenusMan's lips, while the singular ORCHID reached him and reconnected to his backpack. "Using Carnivore messes up my vision from the crazy motions. That'll be helpful."

"Oh, don't be that way. This'll keep Carnivore satisfied for some time," Maru said as the clattering sound of chips was heard in the background, "But I've noticed something about your fighting style. This is not a bad thing." And with those words, Maru slotted in one chip.

"My screwed up vision isn't a bad thing? I'd love to hear your theory, but later..." VenusMan groaned. He loaded the newly loaded chip into his system and immediately sent the data to his right hand. The petals around his wrist enveloped his right hand, opening up afterwards to reveal a small flower bud with a three-pronged spear sticking out of it. "Cool," VenusMan remarked, but it wouldn't be any use for him. His eyesight was still too messed up, "But I'm seeing it. Quadruple times, even." With a slick motion he grabbed his pistol with his left hand and aimed it at the Quaker virus. Or he tried. But it didn't matter. "Preparation, isn't it?" A dim light was seen in the barrel of the gun as it slowly started to collect more energy. And with a pull of his arm, VenusMan disconnected the hand from his arm. "I'll send coordinates later," he commented before the particles around his backpack intensified and VenusMan took off again. This time, however, he went back to the main land. Without a plan. "Uhh..."

"Whoo, look at that Vasilia go!" Maru suddenly shouted, "You go, girl!" Followed by an awkward silence and a muttering of confusion. "She is a girl, right? Considering the voice and all..."

Turning his head to look at Vasilia, or at least four of her, he noticed she was having quite some fun with the gifted weaponry. Right in the middle of all the viruses. And she was making a big fat target of herself with her hostility. "Good," VenusMan commented and stared ahead at the HotHead, "That means I can afford some risk. Right...?" Even if his eyesight was terribly wonky, even if he could still hear the crunching from Carnivore in his head, even if the battlefield was a mess, not even he would miss a virus if he was directly in front of it, right? With a quick shake of his head, he managed enough clarity to figure out where to stop moving so he'd be directly in front of the HotHead virus and aimed his trident weapon at it. "I still see four of you, but at least you're close together!" he exclaimed and fired a trident at the virus, as a new one sprang out of the flower bud immediately.

Turn Summary
V = VenusMan.EXE [Wood/Team] [One For All/All For One] [AirShoes/FloatShoes/Undershirt] [3 Actions] [Accuracy Decreased]

V1. Equip: TrainArrow1Effect: Adds +30 Aqua to Buster Shot Attack
Accuracy: Buster Accuracy = A
Description: Allows the user to fire Aqua Spears from buster.
Duration: 6 Uses.
Element: Aqua
Special: Overrides Buster. Disables Charged Shot.
Trader Rank: D

V2. ORCHID - Pistol [TD (Begin Of Next Turn: 100 WOOD); Movement; 3 TCD] @ Quaker
V. Movement: Get directly in front of the HotHead
V3. Buster Attack [15 NULL + 30 AQUA] @ HotHead
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RE: Charcoal Buddies
While keeping his eyes out for any trace of the letter's path, VenusMan was quietly walking beside Vasilia who had apparently turned into his partner for this adventure. He didn't mind, she seemed to be a fine Navi. Yeah, a fine Navi. But what was that strange clicking sound!? Why were her movements so incredibly unnatural!? "I hope we find that letter soon," VenusMan thought, closing his eyes behind his goggles and taking a deep breath. VenusMan's deep breath, however, was interrupted without warning by an intake of smoke from the surrounding lava. He coughed loud and looked around quickly, realizing they had come across some viruses. Still coughing a bit from the smoke, he subtly moved to stand closer to the front of Vasilia as if to guard her. VenusMan glanced at his companion from the corner of his eyes as she remarked the battle, eyeing her twirling motions with amusement. "Don't worry about me, Vasilia," VenusMan said as he took hold of one of his pistols and twirled it around in his hand before standing by her in a heroic pose, his gun aimed at the viruses ahead of them, "Let's clean this up."

"Pffft." Maru began before she started to laugh. "You're such a hero, runt!" she exclaimed at her Navi, privately to not damage his valiant attempt, "I think you should've instead said you won't worry about her. She's a puppet, use her as a shield." The quiet clattering sound of fingers going across Battle Chips was heard from the other side of the audio channel, while Maru contemplated the scene. "What are you waiting for? Attack already."

VenusMan, instead, was just staring ahead of himself, following the attack Vasilia had made with his eyes. "It's not going to take long before they retaliate," a warning message chimed in his head. "Then send me a weapon!" VenusMan exclaimed at his Operator. This was no small amount of viruses and VenusMan had not finished getting used to his alterations yet. "We're a team, not a master and her slave! Don't think Carnivore will just do everything!" he continued to yell at his Operator before turning to Vasilia. "ORCHIDs!" he exclaimed, as he stretched out his empty hand forwards. Within an instant the four flower pods on VenusMan's back dislodged and flew into the air before coming to a float by VenusMan's sides. Red shiny particles came from each pod, keeping them afloat, as they awaited further commands. "ORCHID, save!" VenusMan continued barking commands. One of the ORCHIDs quickly flew to the top of the battlefield and opened its petals as it turned downwards, while expelling even more of the red particles. "Don't fail me now, data. That should've installed a relay point between me and Vasilia for damage intake. I just hope it works."

"Runt, I'm sending you weapons," Maru said as she slot in two chips, "According to your power status, you need to use these before I can send you more. Get on it!"

A flash of data flew across VenusMan's eyes, his goggles momentarily being lit with a light blue color from the back. "ORCHID," he said again and beckoned it over to the sword-wielding viruses. This ORCHID opened its petals on its way there, but from the inside came forth a large and poofy cotton-like plant. And before anyone could ponder what it meant, the cotton plant started to rain while moving about in the pattern provided by the Battle Chip. "Good," VenusMan muttered to himself before looking around. "Next up!" he said while pulling an ORCHID close to him, installing him with the data of the other Battle Chip. "Vasilia!" he exclaimed after the transfer was finished, "Use this!" The ORCHID flew over to Vasilia while transforming into a large piledriver meant to be equipped on an arm. "Uh..." VenusMan started as the weapon hovered over Vasilia's wooden head, "I'm sure you can use it! I think!"

"You're not out of energy. I assume you have a plan of sorts?" Maru chimed in. She wasn't overly fond of having a different Navi use the chips she had gotten for VenusMan. But who knew? Maybe the puppet would turn out useful after all. "Oh... You're using him after all."

"Yeah... He can't do it all, but he'll help." VenusMan started as red particles started spreading outwards from his backpack. After kicking off against the ground, he started to float and immediately turned to the lava. Hovering close to the ground over the ground, he made a wild sprint towards the lonesome Whomper virus over at the lava. "Feeding time," he whispered as green petals started coming out of the inside of his scarf. "Carni-" he said before his head became entirely engulfed with the petals, split open horizontally and revealed 2 ominous red lights in the newly formed monstrous mouth. VenusMan quickly put a curve in his path, as he tried to adjust his path to get around the Whomper virus and launched Carnivore at the virus while doing so. "Devour it, Carnivore!" VenusMan's voice came from his body. Carnivore, in turn, started to grow in size until it was big enough to eat the Whomper virus whole. A reflective flash across Carnivore's razor-sharp teeth later, it had chomped down. "We'll do it. We'll make it out, okay," VenusMan muttered to himself, while making a whipping motion with his body to pull Carnivore back to his neck.

Turn Summary
V = VenusMan.EXE [Wood/Team] [One For All/All For One] [AirShoes/FloatShoes/Undershirt] [3 Actions]

V. One For All @ Vasilia
V1. LilCloudDamage: 70 + Wide Attack + Drop Attack
Accuracy: C
Description: Cloud moves up and down three enemies, raining on them for two turns. Enemies can move out from under it if possible.
Duration: Two turns
Element: Aqua
Special: Drop Attack: This attack originates above the battlefield, and falls to the ground. It gains one rank of accuracy against High Altitude targets.
Trader Rank: D
@ MonoSword A & B
V. All For One [ PileDriver3Damage: 80 x 2 Melee Attack + Impact + Break + Knockback + Piledriver
Accuracy: B
Description: The Navi summons a rapidly pumping jackhammer that occupies one of their appendages. Bearing down on an immobile target will deal greater damage.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Special: Piledriver: If the first hit connects with Knockback and the second hit also connects, the second hit deals double damage.
Trader Rank: B
] @ Vasilia
V2. Dodge [Towards Whomper]
V3. Carnivore [80 Shot WOOD; Off-Target; 1 TCD] @ Whomper
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RE: Charcoal Buddies
An empty hand, a precious first encounter with a new person and a chance to grow trust. VenusMan's hand was still waiting for Vasilia's hand, until she jumped up excitedly. It became clear swiftly to VenusMan that she clearly didn't see his hand. But maybe she couldn't see it? He was still unsure if the wooden orb below the hat was actually her face. But maybe there was something more to her than meets the eye. After all, it wasn't a daily occurrence for VenusMan to see such a terrifying visage as before in the sky. Thank god for that. But it was clear she had a connection to that entity. Considering she had that thing backing her up and she was here in the Hades Net by her own choice, she was sure to have enough firepower to survive here. "The thing," VenusMan muttered, "Oh right. The letter." Taking back his opened hand, he turned around and pointed into the distance. "It flew that way..." he started and looked over his shoulder at Vasilia, "Uh... What's your name?"

He left a short moment of silence for Vasilia to reply before beckoning her over so they could start moving forwards and trace the letter. "My name's VenusMan," he said as he walked ahead of Vasilia, heading for the direction he had seen the letter drift off to, "If need be, I'd like you to rely on me for protection. If we encounter any fights, we will fight as one."

((Search for battle 1))
((Bounty: Quaker))
((P: One for All; A: All for One))
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VenusMan's Subtype Change
I want to change VenusMan's subtype from Guts to Team. The following are my reasons:

- Before his rebirth and revival, VenusMan was already a Team subtype Navi. Having him be a Guts Navi just as Veda was just doesn't suit him personally.
- A personal take, but Guts is an incredibly boring subtype because it can be slapped onto any Navi. I want to add some better flavor to him that suits his moves and personality.

I hope this is not a problem. He's been re-registered 18 days ago as of this writing.
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RE: Charcoal Buddies
"Something like that, yes," VenusMan commented as he noticed the aberration in the sky. His vision fixated on the abstract art being painted in the sky, he took a long drag from his cigarette before sighing out loud. "Okay, so we are not dealing with that," he said, his resolve to not deal with an ancient evil only strengthening once limbs started to fall out of it. The limbs being accompanied by a female scream really did not help the situation. "Mhmm, yeah, as expected," he continued as he turned around, "Did I mean trouble? How about some sane trouble... Yeah, that sounds about good." His feet started to shuffle across the ground as he tried to get the heck away from the giant portal without looking too scared of it and maintaining his calm. It didn’t take long, however, for him to hear a voice calling out for him. “Nope,” he whispered to himself, keeping his eyes straight forwards.

“Runt, a virus is trying to attack you! Stop being a wimp and retaliate!” Maru exclaimed in a fit.

Viruses didn’t talk, did they? Any virus coming from a gate of hell would not be any good. Maybe those did talk? He slowed down his pace and carefully looked over his shoulder, where his eyes were greeted by a, in his eyes, terrifying floating limbless puppet without a face running at him with movements he could only describe as unnatural. “Nope,” zoomed through his mind as he turned back again and actually began to ran harder. “I’ll just have to-” he started as he raised an arm in preparation of an attack while still running, before noticing the blue envelope passing by him. “Catch it?” he thought, his calm senses returning to him and remembering the words the puppet called out to him. While he had originally started running out of fear, this time it was too catch the mysterious envelope. But unlike the puppet scarily chasing VenusMan, he had limbs. With his eyes on the envelope and the arm he had raised for an attack now stretched out to the envelope, nothing was making sure he wouldn't trip over his own legs. Which he did.

"Hahaha!" Maru bellowed as she looked at VenusMan tumble and land with his face on the floor and ass in the air, "Very gallant! So helpful!" Shifting the camera around VenusMan to find the envelope herself, she eventually noticed the trail the envelope had left behind but not the item in question itself. "You're not getting that back any time soon, runt."

A low growl came from VenusMan as he pushed himself upwards with his hands. "Yeah..." he muttered as he stood back up, "Sorry about that." He turned to look at the 'person' behind him, recognizing her as a Navi instead of a virus. Even Maru had realized that by this point, although for VenusMan it was clear from the emblem on the puppet's chest. "I tried to get it, but it was just out of my reach," VenusMan said, nonchalantly dusting himself off from the fall.

"But your hands can launch themselves and float around."

VenusMan turned his head up in confusion. He just looked around curiously as if he was trying to come up with something to say. While in actuality he was probing his scripts to find out if Maru was telling the truth. When he realized that he was, indeed, equipped with the capability of doing so he felt even worse for letting the envelope go. He scratched the back of his head and looked at the puppet Navi. He was, however, not very sure which part he was supposed to look at. There was a giant wooden ball where one's head would be, but there were no facial features whatsoever. It still felt very uncomfortable to have such a bizarre creation before him. But maybe the emblem on her chest was more important than her 'face'. After tilting his head slightly, VenusMan was now staring directly at Vasilia's chest. "I can help you track it down if you need help. We wanted to go hunt here anyway," he said and extended his hand, opened for a handshake.
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Charcoal Buddies
"Yeah, of course," VenusMan commented once he had materialized in the network he immediately recognized as being literally hell, "Why wouldn't it be Hades?" He walked a few paces to check the surrounding area. Fire wherever his vision turned to. "Well, at least it's what I expected it to be..." he sighed, wiping some sweat from his brow, "Hot and spicy."

"Quit your complaining, runt," Maru's voice chimed into the audio channel, "You're a program, you can just disable your settings to be influenced by heat."

"It doesn't work like that. Ugh, just make sure you've got my backup," VenusMan said. He looked across the flames of the area and sighed. "Might as well join," he said and held his fist out by his face. A quick flick of his fingers and he had produced a cigarette between his index and middle fingers. With flames aplenty in the area, he moved over to some to light his cigarette after which he took a long drag. "Okay," he muttered as he looked around, "Might as well look for some trouble..."

((Waiting for Sketi))
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RE: Captive Flower
A rattlesnake. The ominous sound of looming danger. It didn't come closer, but stayed at a distance. Waiting for the right moment. VenusMan deposited the script he had received from the Wrangler and opened a window to the real world where he immediately ended up face-to-face with his Operator. He and Maru were back at the table in her living place, where he was greeted with a glare and the rhythmic tapping of Maru's nails on the table's surface. "Already fighting against me?" Maru asked.

VenusMan averted his gaze for a moment, immediately feeling Maru's eye trying to burn a hole through his head. "The very least we can try is to cooperate," he said, "We didn't go there to insult a program simply doing his job." He didn't feel like returning his gaze back to her, although with his goggles and the appearance of his eyes it was hard to figure that out. "You clearly don't want to deal with the digital world," VenusMan commented, "So why don't you let me do so?"

"As long as you follow my instructions," Maru replied. The tapping of her fingers had subdued as she simply put her hand on the table. Out of VenusMan's vision though, who was already imagining she was now trying to crush the table with her bare hand instead. "I won't deny I have things to learn about your world. Even humans seem alien to me," Maru explained, "I feel a stronger bond with animals than anything. My goal was to have Carnivore make the internet easier for me to handle. By creating animals out of Navis."

"And look where that got you," VenusMan commented, a stupid grin on his face. Which immediately faded as he noticed from Maru's expression he had stepped over a line he shouldn't have crossed. "But..." he continued, mulling over the things Maru had said, "I do think this can work out. I'll help you with the digital world."

"Hmph." Maru huffed, "Cocky runt." Maru's words were met with a nonchalant shrug from VenusMan. "Then let me pick your first destination," Maru continued as she tapped a few buttons on her PET, initiating a jack-in process, "Go ahead and help me."
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