The Monthly Netvegas Raffle, 2!

A spotlight clicked loudly on once the video started. A lone figure had their back turned to the camera, wearing a gorgeous pink dress. Slowly, the figure turned. Slowly... slowly...!

...Revealing AuctionMan! Slowly he began to ballet across a stage as it lit up, cheap backdrops representing NetVegas blinking behind him. He leapt into the air and did a pirouette, his dress lifting to show off stockings that read NETVEGAS RAFFLE. He gracefully landed, legs spread out as he did the splits- and then the camera did an extreme zoom onto AuctionMan's face as he spoke.

"Wretched summertime
A bright, grand prize sparkles
betrayed by the dice."

A gong sounded as AuctionMan's head lowered, and the lights faded to black, replacing his, er... performance, with the usual buy-ins and rules.

--Metool Tier--
Buy-in: 500z
Possible Prrizes: Junk Tier, D Tier, C Tier!
Requires: Nothing! Open to all!

--Melody Tier--
Buy-in: 1000z
Possible Prrizes: D Tier, C Tier, B Tier!
Requires: NetVegas Gold Card (Read: You must be level 20 to buy-in at this tier)

--Scuttle Tier--
Buy-in: 2000z
Possible Prrizes: C Tier, B Tier, A Tier!
Requires: Netvegas Platinum Card (Read: You must be level 40 to buy-in at this tier)

OOC info below this line

Here's how it works: One pair PER PLAYER can pay to buy in to any tier they qualify for. You may buy in ONCE PER RAFFLE MONTH. No, the gold and platinum cards aren't a thing, they're just level locked.

When you buy in, you will randomly get assigned a chip tier, and then randomly receive a chip from that tier. It could be crap, it could be rare, it could even make you debonair. To buy-in/enter, make a reply in this thread.

This raffle will repeat at the first of every month!
Hmmm. Couldn't buy in last time, internet was buggy with me trying to post in here...stole it from some other guy this time. I'm buying for Jazz.EXE!
-Stephine Magi

Attached: 500z
Another month, another raffle huh? I think I'll buy in again, and bolster up my folder for GigaMan.
-Julius Ramon

Attached: 500z
Wow, it didn't feel all that long before the last one. Time to hit it up again, get me that Melody tier!

- Harke

[Attached: 1000z.]
Even screwballs like Daybreak deserve chips while they're busting... I'll pay 500z to enter in.

-Marian Simeon

*500z attached*
Seems a small amount to chance a fair turn around. Please excuse the garbled connection.


[Rogan, Melody Tier: 1000z (though IC the trace appear unintelligible)]
Hit me up again! Fair warning, I don't go by the three strikes rule, and last time I got something that sucked...

- Anathema.EXE
When the video feed cut back in, AuctionMan's dance had switched to a more aerial sort of routine. He was still dancing, still wearing that stupid dress, but this time he was doing flips, aerial pirouettes, even cartwheels over obstacles laid around the "Netvegas" stage. Every time he made another impressive aerial manoeuver, he'd let out a "HA!" and another result would appear on a screen nearby.

Finally, AuctionMan flipped over another obstacle... but this time he landed on it toe-first, holding a pose.

"We've many prizes
I'll give some of them to you
Are they any good?"

Stephine Magi
Metool Tier
Ooh, bad luck! E-tier! Vulcan1Damage: 10 + Spread 1 x 3 Shots
Accuracy: A
Description: Attacks with a 3-shot minigun.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Trader Rank: E
: 10 + Spread 1 x 3 Shots (Acc: A)

Julius Ramon
Metool Tier
Jackpot! C-tier! TrainArrow2Effect: Adds +40 Aqua to Buster Shot Attack
Accuracy: Buster Accuracy = A
Description: Allows the user to fire Aqua Spears from buster.
Duration: 6 Uses.
Element: Aqua
Special: Overrides Buster. Disables Charged Shot.
Trader Rank: C
: Buster Attack +40 Aqua (6 Use) + No-Charge (Acc: Buster Accuracy = A)

Melody Tier
Ooh, bad luck! D-tier! DoubleJumpEffect: Double Jump
Accuracy: S
Description: Grants the user the ability to perform a mid-air jump as a free action after making an initial jump. Making an initial jump is required to activate the effect, and the effect can only trigger once at a time while in the air. The user must land and make another jump in order to use the effect again. A double jump counts as a Movement and a Dodge at the same time.
Duration: 6 Uses or until end of battle.
Element: Null
Note: The user may change direction when making the second jump. This includes towards the ground. This chip also works in conjunction with Airstep, taking off with OmniShoes, or usage of the DropDown battlechip. The user may also use the double jump effect after being sent flying by an attack, be it from the enemy, an ally, or themselves.
Trader Rank: D
: Double Jump (6 Use) (Acc: S)

Marian Simeon
Metool Tier
Jackpot! C-tier! AquaLineDamage: 180 + Knockback
Accuracy: B
Description: Creates a swift current that strikes a single enemy. Rare
Duration: Once
Element: Aqua
Trader Rank: C
: 180 + Knockback (Acc: B)

Melody Tier
Middling result! C-tier! HoleMeteorHP: 100
Properties: Anchored
Object damage: 10 Fire
Damage method: Telekinesis
Attack Damage: 90 Fire + Blast 2 + Medium Area Cracked Terrain + Drop Attack
Accuracy: C
Description: Summons a staff that floats in place. Drops an explosive meteor that also damages the ground for 3 turns.
Duration: 3 turns or Until destroyed
Element: Fire
Special: Drop Attack: This attack originates above the battlefield, and falls to the ground. It gains one rank of accuracy against High Altitude targets.
Trader Rank: C
: 100HP Anchored Object, 3-Turn: 90 + Blast2 + Medium Cracked Terrain + Drop Attack (Acc: C)

Metool Tier
Average! D-tier! GravityHold1Damage: 50 + Piercing + Altitude Change
Accuracy: D
Description: Creates a gravity well that penetrates obstacles. There is no limit to how many enemies this attack can hit, but as it moves very slowly and in a straight line, it is easily dodged.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Special: Altitude Change: Forces all battle participants out of High Altitude or Submerged status, regardless of whether or not it hits them. This effect cannot be avoided.
Trader Rank: D
: 50 + Piercing + Altitude Change (Acc: D)
I'm not much of a gambler, but the chance for a good chip for Mach or Shrike is too good to ignore!

-Mazer P.

Attached: 2000z
Oh hey, this looks totally fun! Don't know how I missed it last time, but I totally need to play! let's roll~

- Mira A.

((500z, Metool tier))
"I'll take one, duder."


This time will be better!


(500z, Metool Tier)
I give you one shot.


(500z, Metool tier)
DragonierMan will purchase one Scuttle Tier ticket.

[Attached: 2000z.]
This time when the video feed cut back in, AuctionMan was doing acrobatics, flipping and spinning and twirling around while gripping a pair of hanging rings. His legs kicked, his arms flexed, he was poetry in motion. Just as it seemed that AuctionMan was building to a crescendo in his routine, the lights on the stage all turned back on. His concentration broken, AuctionMan flew off the rings, landing off-camera with a crash.

LadyLuck.exe walked into the camera's field of view. "...What are you doing?" She asked, looking toward AuctionMan's fallen form.

Mazer P.
Scuttle Tier
TOP-TIER JACKPOT! CrossGunDamage: 140 + Spread 4
Accuracy: A
Description: A gun whose shot penetrates enemies to hit up to four enemies diagonally from it, as if forming a X shape.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Trader Rank: A
: 140 + Spread 4 (Acc: A)

Mira A.
Metool Tier
Jackpot! C-tier! MistConvergence2Damage: 150 + Impact
Accuracy: B
Description: Summons a steaming hot hand of mist to crush an enemy.
Duration: Once
Element: Aqua
Trader Rank: C
: 150 + Impact (Acc: B)

Melody Tier
Jackpot! B-tier! MarkCannon3Damage: 130 + Seeking + Lock-on
Accuracy: A
Description: A highly accurate cannon whose automatic aiming system locks onto heat signatures and fires.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Special: Lock-on: Same effect as an automatic Take Aim.
Trader Rank: B
: 130 + Seeking + Lock-on (Acc: A)

Metool Tier
Bad luck! E-tier! SolarSeedDamage: 10 + Small Solar Terrain Change / Medium Solar Terrain Change
Accuracy: A
Description: Lob a seed that create a medium Solar area. Only a small area if it hits an opponent.
Duration: Once
Element: Elec
Trader Rank: E
: 10 + Small Solar Terrain Change / Medium Solar Terrain Change (Acc: A)

Metool Tier
OK! D-tier! AreaGrabEffect: Teleport + Accuracy UP
Accuracy: S
Description: Allows the user to teleport to any spot on the field, and raises the accuracy of the next attack by 1 Rank.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Special: Accuracy UP: This effect raises the accuracy of the next attack by 10%, and is stackable with all other Accuracy buffs. In the case of AreaGrab, this replaces Teleport's RP-based accuracy bonus.
Trader Rank: D
: Teleport + Accuracy UP (Acc: S)

Scuttle Tier
TOP-TIER JACKPOT! BugRiseSwordEffect: Adds Slashing, Glitch, LifeSword Range to Buster Attacks
Accuracy: Buster Accuracy = B
Description: Allows the user to attack with a large, bugged sword, powered by the buster. It may be charged like a regular buster, but requires 3 uses to do so. Rare
Duration: 6 uses
Element: Null
Special: Overrides Buster.
Trader Rank: A
: Buster Attack + Slashing + Glitch + LifeSword Range (6 Use) + Accuracy-1 (Acc: Buster Accuracy = B)
I detest gambling and games of chance, but Thomas has decided that this is a worthy use of our money.

(Metool Tier, 500z)
After seemingly failing his routine, AuctionMan sprung back to full height, and bowed to the camera while also fixing up his clothes. The smile on his face was as radiant as ever as he turned to Lady Luck, who seemed to be less bemused and more resigned at the odd setup.

"A little show, dear,
No need to be so concerned,
Let's see what they've earned!"

Not bad! D-tier! Kunai1Damage: 30 + Slashing x 3 Kunai + Variable Targeting
Accuracy: B
Description: Summons 3 Kunai to throw at selected targets.
Duration: Once.
Element: Null
Special: Variable Targeting: Allows the user to select a target for each individual hit of an attack. This means they may strike the same target multiple times, multiple different targets, or a mix of the two as they wish.
Trader Rank: D
: 30 + Slashing x 3 Kunai + Variable Targeting (Acc: B)