Controversial Argument

(Insert Wall of Text here detailing a highly controversial argument and argues on one side.)
((WoT Rebuttal))
(Quick witty remark)
((Insert point-outs of every incorrect statement about actual facts made so far, followed quickly by a suggestion to change the subject))
((Blunt overdramatic statement of facts, with flavor not-so-subtly added to make it seem like his half of the argument is the correct one))
((Claims me reaping all of their souls will solve the problem))
((This is silly and has been done before))
[threatens to close / delete the topic if the quality of argument in question doesn't shape up immediately]
= Stupid trolling and blabbering about how his side is the best and why all the other sides should shut up. Obscenities included roughly every four words. =
[general threat against Hiko's safety if he doesn't shove off]
[Statement regarding my amused nature regarding the seriousness of all involved]
(( Taunting post about how no one should even be considering this argument, and rather be arguing about something more important. Like pie. ))
*insirt raping of general and world news here and then the sliceing of wrists*
((poorly thought out argument that will backfire is one point is made, and accidentally points out flaw))
(provides a valid and well thought out argument that no one listens to.)
(double post)
"I guess I will then," MeleeMan responded, swaggering on forward towards the cabin. Well, he was calling it a cabin, but when he got closer, he realized it didn't have any openings. That made it seem pretty unlikely that the place was an actual residence. "Looked around the whole place, Rania. No doors or windows anywhere," MeleeMan told his operator, crossing his arms across his chest irritably.

"Maybe that means you have to enter from the underground? I've seen bunkers and things of the type before that feed in occupants by some ladder leading into an underground tunnel," Rania suggested with a shrug.
"Or maybe we just need to make ourselves a door," MeleeMan grinned, cracking his knuckles. Slinging back his arm in a sudden motion, the navi furiously hammered the wall with punches, trying to smash a hole in largenoughforhimtogethimselfthrough.
Name: Rania Firebrand
Items: MeleeMan's PET, HP Memory x5, Process Upgrade x12
Subchips: 1x MiniEnergyPack, 2x EnergyPack, 2x Escape.
E-Mail: Rania Firebrand on Electopia Server
Level: 13
Element: Fire/Breaking
HP: 300
Stats: Attack=2, Charge=2, Rapid=2, Speed=2
.GMO Files: Recovery.GMO
NaviCust Points: 40/40
NaviCust: Undershirt (10), Attack +1 (10), Rapid +1 (5), HP +100 (15)
Extra: Charge +1
BattleChip Folder (22/30):
Shotgun x1
RageClaw x1
MagBolt1 x1
Heatshot x2
Boomerang x1
Firehit1 x3
Markcannon x1
Guard x1
Firesword x1
Lava Zone x1
Thunder1 x1
Wideshot x1
Rockcube x1
Kunai x1
Tankcannon2 x1
Bubbler x1
Gutpunch x1
Golemhit1 x1
Yo-Yo1 x1
Rass- 84/150
Seraphim- 45/70
CrushMan- 7/30
Level 1 SeraphimCross: Change Normal/Breaking, +10 to normal chip damage
--Yellow Materia: Accuracy Enhancement, 1TCD
Level 2 RassCross: Change Normal/Recovery, +15 to normal chip damage, +20 HP
--Spew System: 80 damage, splash, create lava panels in seed area of effect, 3TCD

*comment about the internet being serious business*
((Insert douche-baggery, pointing out all the fallacies in everyone's statements and throwing around big words, while not providing anything constructive and only assaulting other's idea and standing.))