Navi personality quiz

I was hopping around the net when I stumbled onto this quiz for OC's. I've hijacked to for your navis. just give it a whirl...

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Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Overused Phrase:

Alcohol Drink:
Body Part on Opposite sex:

Most Missed Memory:
Best physical feature:
First Thought Waking Up:
Goal for this year:
Best Friends:
Longest relationship:

Name: Void
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Yellow and glowing
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6'3
Weight: what ever a shadow weighs
Tattoos: none
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: I had a good crush with a boulder one time...
Overused Phrase: For the love of the abyss

Food: shadows
Candy: dark chocolate
Number: 13
Color: red
Animal: Donkey, I already hang out with Imp, so I don't see a difference
Drink: shadows
Alcohol Drink: memories, how they effect a person gives different flavors.
Body Part on Opposite sex: the eyes, but it's so hard to find a matching box...

Bedtime: when you wake up
Most Missed Memory: where I left my pants...
Best physical feature: My eyes, it's my only one...
First Thought Waking Up: Gah... Imp breath...
Goal for this year: Find dota, and get to round 5
Best Friends: ...Aside from my OP?
Weakness: why do you want to know....
Fears: that I'll live a long life with Imp
Longest relationship: Splitman.exe, we were buddies for almost an hour. I know cause the bomb had a timer!
Name: Majesty
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black/Raven
Height: 5'9
Weight: 143 lbs
Tattoos: Green Apple (Birthmark within the right thigh.)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: So many people, but none of them look as good as the reflection in the mirrors I see.
Overused Phrase: En Garde!

Food: Apples
Candy: Sour Apple (Bubble Gum)
Number: 2
Color: Red
Animal: Cat (More than one reason
Drink: Herbal Tea
Alcohol Drink: Apple Cider
Body Part on Opposite sex: Arms

Bedtime: When I'm satisfied.
Most Missed Memory: Whenever I draw my sword
Best physical feature: Anywhere you dare to touch.
First Thought Waking Up: I need to be satisfied.
Goal for this year: Serve Ms. Keera
Best Friends: Ms. Keera, Shell.EXE, and Widow.EXE
Weakness: Ugly things...
Fears: Ugh! Spiders! (Widow.EXE)
Heritage: Experiment
Longest relationship: There was this guy that kept trying to take a peep at my panties. He was a strong fighter...but next time I see him...I'll slice him to ribbons.
Name: Anyis
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Lavender
Height: 5'4", and no, I'm not taking off my boots.
Weight: 130 pounds on the spot.
Tattoos: Not happening.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: ... I'd rather not talk about it.
Overused Phrase: ... Do I have an overused phrase?

Food: Ice cream. Nice and cold.
Candy: Anything except gum. Candy you can't swallow is stupid.
Number: 2.
Color: Orange. It has a nice... fierceness to it.
Animal: *shrug*
Drink: Floats. Yes, they still exist.
Alcohol Drink: Haven't had a drink in a long, long time.
Body Part on Opposite sex: Shoulders. A man without a solid set of shoulders isn't a man at all.

Bedtime: Whenever I get enough peace and quiet.
Most Missed Memory: Can't really name just one...
Best physical feature: Take your pick, I got plenty.
First Thought Waking Up: Good question. I'm usually half-asleep for the next 10 minutes.
Goal for this year: Finding something to do.
Best Friends: They come and go. Mill and his sister aren't bad, though.
Weakness: Fine... Maybe a little short-tempered.
Fears: Like I'd tell you. (Please don't ask about my age...)
Heritage: Created by a researcher, modified by someone else... and then someone else... and again someone else... You know, I think I might've actually lost track.
Longest relationship: Was with one of my Operators for 27 years.
Name: Machman.EXE MkII
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Orange
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 170lbs
Tattoos: None, not enough skin showing to even display one.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: Aera seems to like me alot, but I don't think she's my "girlfriend" per se... That would just seem weird to me.
Overused Phrase: "Don't blink!~"

Food: Pretty much anything, but I'm looking forward to Aera's cooking.
Candy: Never really tried candy before.
Number: 5. Don't ask me why, because I have no idea.
Color: Aqua Blue
Animal: Any bird that flies, but I'd probably narrow it down to the Peregrine Falcon.
Drink: Water keeps me going at full capacity, no need for anything else.
Alcohol Drink: My good friend XIII.EXE told me "Gekkeikan Sake" is pretty good, so I hope to try that sometime.
Body Part on Opposite sex: I'd definitely have to say the eyes. They are always the first things I see, and they tell me a lot about the person.

Bedtime: I sleep whenever I am tired, I wake whenever I'm not.
Most Missed Memory: A lot of my memories don't seem to be my own, so I guess it would be the truth behind my origin.
Best physical feature: Aera likes my eyes, and my fitness seems sufficient for battle.
First Thought Waking Up: What will I discover today? Will I find the answers I seek?
Goal for this year: Find out who MachmanMkI really was, and what happened to him.
Best Friends: Aera, XIII, and of course Mazer, my NetOp.
Weakness: I always seem to rely on Mazer and Aera, and they have saved me several times. Well, I guess a good team isn't really a weakness at all.
Fears: Too many to count, in all honesty. I know it may not be healthy, but these fears drive me to become stronger, so I can prevent my fears from coming true.
Heritage: (Short version) Fused with spectral data of a Navi deleted 7 years ago
Longest relationship: Mazer and I have been together for as long as I can remember, and I know I can always count on him. He will never let me down, so I will do my best at all times!
Name: Voulge
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Blood Red
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 250lbs with Armors
Tattoos: None
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: None
Overused Phrase: "Your will be done!"

Food: Red Meat
Candy: Don't partake one.
Number: 6
Color: Despite my overall color, I actually prefer the color blue or something light.
Animal: A Dog, a faithful one if I may add.
Drink: Water
Alcohol Drink: Red Ale
Body Part on Opposite sex: None

Bedtime: After a hefty battle. If not, I'm always awake.
Most Missed Memory: ...
Best physical feature: My Lance
First Thought Waking Up: None
Goal for this year: What Marius wishes to be done.
Best Friends: None
Weakness: None
Fears: None
Heritage: I wish to keep this to my self.
Longest relationship: If anything, it would be Broadside and Djinni from the last mission we attended together. Other than that...
Name: Eternalis.EXE
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Don't really have hair.. flowing head is blue.
Height: 180cm
Weight: Approx. 70kg, I don't really care
Tattoos: None
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: None as of yet. Everyone I have met up to now is male.
Overused Phrase: Wheeeeeeee~

Food: Hmm, well-made pizza.
Candy: Never really thought about it. Butterscotch?
Number: 4, because Tetra sounds awesome.
Color: Blue~
Animal: Anything small and fuzzy.
Drink: Milk. Damn that stuff is addictive.
Alcohol Drink: Don't really drink, it is bad for your soul!
Body Part on Opposite sex: Hair, I like it flowing.

Bedtime: Late. I like the calmness of nighttime.
Most Missed Memory: Not being able to remember clearly where I was made.
Best physical feature: Hm. Being made of water is kind of okay, I think.
First Thought Waking Up: "What can I do today?"
Goal for this year: Form a Soul Cross with someone
Best Friends: Friends, yes. Best friends, none yet.
Weakness: Electricity, are you really that dense?
Fears: Not being able to control self.
Heritage: I have no idea. Possibly some sort of ancient evil. Heh, just kidding.
Longest relationship: Harke's always been there as long as I can remember.
*dodges the rain of flames and bricks*

HERE YA GO *retreats*

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Name: Kobozen
Gender: Guy
Eye Color: Teal!
Hair Color: Yellow!
Height: Tall!
Weight: WHO KNOWS!
Tattoos: Whats a too?
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: I have yet to find out what this means!
Overused Phrase: Kobo!

Food: Brownies!
Candy: Brownies!
Number: Kobo!
Color: Yellow! NO, TEAL!, NOOO, BLUE!
Animal: Cows :3
Drink: Rum!
Alcohol Drink: Whats alcohol?
Body Part on Opposite sex: I need to ask what this means!

Bedtime: Night time!
Most Missed Memory: umm....I dont want to talk abou it...
Best physical feature: Wingies...
First Thought Waking Up: Kobo....
Goal for this year: Find out the meaning of alcohol?
Best Friends: Zeenie!
Weakness: Zeenie?
Fears: Someone being mad at me....
Heritage: ......
Longest relationship: zeenie of course...
Name: Koumori
Gender: female
Eye Color: red
Hair Color: white
Height: 6'9
Weight: About...why the hell would I tell you?
Tattoos: none
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: no one
Overused Phrase: "prepare to die."

Food: Metools
Candy: "Jaw"Breakers
Number: 7
Color: sky blue
Animal: bat (you honestly thought it would be something else?)
Drink: your blood
Alcohol Drink: fruit wine
Body Part on Opposite sex: The neck

Bedtime: when there is time to sleep
Most Missed Memory: Kedamono's childhood
Best physical feature: wings
First Thought Waking Up: "Oh god...not again..."
Goal for this year: Crosses. Many crosses.
Best Friends: Summonerman...I guess...if you consider us friends.
Weakness: unable to do much of anything that requires hands.
Fears: to be deleted when needed the most.
Heritage: Vampire and High class society
Longest relationship: Kedamono without a doubt.
And boredom strikes again.

Name: Pianissimo
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Green. Not that you'd notice.
Hair Color: Also green, but more of a silvery green. You probably wouldn't notice that either.
Height: 6'3", net world equivalent.
Weight: Never measured.
Tattoos: Pointless.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: I have no interest in such things.
Overused Phrase: "Hm."

Food: Pie. Flavor doesn't matter.
Candy: Don't particularly care for it.
Number: 1. The last.
Color: Black.
Animal: Bats. Or possibly ravens. Or dogs for that matter, as long as they don't yap too much.
Drink: Black coffee.
Alcohol Drink: Doesn't matter, as long as it's strong enough to be called alcoholic.
Body Part on Opposite sex: As I said, I have no interest in such matters.
EDIT BY DUKE: That's ironic, since so many of your allies to this point have been female. You have to have noticed SOMETHING you like.
Get off of this.

Bedtime: When I'm tired.
Most Missed Memory: Of my own, none. Though there seem to be a lot of leftover memories on Duke's PET that I have no idea what they are.
Best physical feature: Overall fitness. It keeps me alive.
First Thought Waking Up: And so it begins.
Goal for this year: Classified.
Best Friends: You imply that I keep friends.
Weakness: None. And if I had any, that would also be classified.
Fears: See answer for weakness.
Heritage: Was created by a freelance programmer (that being Duke) after his last navi ran off and joined the netpolice....or something like that.
Longest relationship: Duke, though he's been out of it enough lately that he hardly counts. Other than that....probably Divinity. And if you were implying something else with this question, I've already made my point on that subject.

Congratulations, you made me talk more than I usually do. Feel free to go home now.
Name: Holoß.net
Gender: Male... I think.
Eye Color: Very, very dark green. Almost black.
Hair Color: I don't normally have hair, but when I do, it's various shades of green.
Height: Ranges. Shortest I've been is 6.35 cm, tallest was 4 meters. I could probably go taller, but I haven't tried yet.
Weight: 22.7 kg
Tattoos: On what skin?
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: None. I haven't met too many people.
Overused Phrase: " "

Food: Anything colorful. Not much else I can do than look at it anyway.
Candy: No mouth, remember?
Number: 2.
Color: Anything but green. There's too much of that in my life.
Animal: Cuttlefish, truthfully. I seem to connect with them for some reason...
Drink: Liquids and I don't get along that well...
Alcohol Drink: Yay! Now I can be drunk while shorting out...
Body Part on Opposite sex: Not sure... Is a Type A HDMI port a body part?

Bedtime: When I idle too long. (Sleep mode jokes... heh)
Most Missed Memory: I haven't been around long enough to really miss any memories, though I would kinda like to know what happened to HoloAlpha.
Best physical feature: My projectors. I polish them daily.
First Thought Waking Up: "Air Filter is Dirty. Please Clean Filter before Proceeding."
Goal for this year: Hrm.... I haven't really thought of that. Become a better Navi for Aeleith, I guess.
Best Friends: Aelieth Hadrok, my Net Operator.
Weakness: Water and delicate electrical equipment... you figure it out.
Fears: I have a few. I guess that Aelieth'll never find a way to fix my voice.
Heritage: Second in the line. Aelieth said that HoloAlpha corrupted during his final compile, but he seemed hesitant in coming up with an answer.
Longest relationship: Again, the answer is Aelieth. He's the only person I've been around for more than several minutes.

Name: Red_Riding_Hood.exe
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Hair Color: Brunette Brown
Height: 125 cm
Weight: Um... do navis have weight? What do you think Shin?
Shin: I have no idea.
Tattoos: Navi mark on my picnic basket!
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: Not telling~ <3
Overused Phrase: "Roger that!"

Food: Candy!
Candy: Sweets!
Number: 100! I have to give it my all!
Color: Red!
Animal: Anything cute and fluffy!
Drink: Melon Soda!
Alcohol Drink: Uh... Shin gave me Ice Wine once... it was really sweet, and I slept really well that night.
Body Part on Opposite sex: Face, reading people's faces tells you a lot about them.

Bedtime: Whenever Shin goes to sleep!
Most Missed Memory: Playing with my friends in Yumland Fantasyland.
Best physical feature: Hmmm... My legs? Good for running and jumping!
First Thought Waking Up: Hello Mr. Sun!
Goal for this year: Make lots of friends!
Best Friends: Soulman_Junior, Shuilong, Pianissimo, Binary, Goldilocks.exe, Hansel.prog, Gretel.prog, Ms_Muffet.exe, Spider.SP.
Weakness: Wolves....
Fears: Wolves....
Heritage: Created by Shin's dad for one of the co-administrators of Yumland Fantasyland Project. Transferred over and switched with Shuilong after a certain incident.
Longest relationship: I was with Big_Bad_Wolf.exe for 20 years as a co-administrator of Yumland Fantasyland.
I'm doing two...just because I can! Also, because the forms do have some notable differences in the answers...

Name: SplashMan
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Black, I don't have irises...
Hair Color: None, I don't even have anything you could mistake for hair...
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 230 lbs., but a lot of that's water weight
Tattoos: I don't have skin, and my entire body stores water. I don't think I could get one even if I wanted to...
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: None
Overused Phrase: Ack!

Food: Hard to eat when I don't have a mouth...
Candy: Now you're just being mean...
Number: 30, the number of chips in my folder!
Color: Blue
Animal: Sponge, Blub's nifty!
Drink: Water
Alcohol Drink: Whatever kind has the highest water content
Body Part on Opposite sex: Eyes, it's the only part I can really identify with...

Bedtime: Whenever Sabrina calls it quits for the night, sometimes a little earlier if I'm really tired
Most Missed Memory: If I miss a memory, doesn't that mean I can't remember it?
Best physical feature: You can see through my forearms!
First Thought Waking Up: Who turned on the lights?!
Goal for this year: To faithfully serve Sabrina without getting deleted in the process!
Best Friends: Sabrina, just about every non-evil Navi I've ever met
Weakness: Electricity, I'm mostly water, after all...
Fears: Sharks that go 'BLARGH'
Heritage: An old technology Navi designed for maximum water output!
Longest relationship: Christopher Jetto, my creator and battle mentor. Then again, I met Sabrina about 5 minutes later, so hmm...


Name: SplashLady
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Sea green
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 110 lbs. ...Wait, I'm supposed to keep that a secret while I'm like this, aren't I? Shoot.
Tattoos: None, and the only skin I usually have visible is on my face, anyway
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: None, but DNR once professed his love for me...
Overused Phrase: Ahh!!

Food: Any kind of seafood, the bounty of the ocean!
Candy: Salt water taffy, of course!
Number: 30, the number of chips in my folder!
Color: Blue
Animal: Sponge, Blub's nifty!
Drink: Water
Alcohol Drink: Never tried the stuff...
Body Part on Opposite sex: Face, it's nice having one, isn't it?

Bedtime: Whenever Sabrina calls it quits
Most Missed Memory: If I can't recall it, I shouldn't be able to mention it...
Best physical feature: I can swim like a fish!
First Thought Waking Up: Back to the ol' salt mine...
Goal for this year: Figure out how to be completely female in this form while staying male in the other
Best Friends: Sabrina, just about every non-evil Navi I've ever met
Weakness: Electricity, I mean, I'm basically a water-based mermaid...
Fears: Sharks that go 'BLARGH!!!'
Heritage: Old technology Navi with a form altering compatibility patch
Longest relationship: Sabrina, of course, and DNR, who I met almost immediately after gaining this form.
Name: Phantasm.exe
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Flaming purple
Hair Color: well if flames count then a healthy burning shade of lime
Height: What ya tryin' to say!?
Weight: I repeat, what are you implying!?
Tattoos: Flaming skull on the inside of my eyelid, don't ask
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: None in this body
Overused Phrase: Grrrrr

Food: Set it on fire, I'll eat it
Candy: Refer to the answer above
Number: 7895
Color: Purple
Animal: Cow, people gotta eat
Drink: Milk
Alcohol Drink: Alcohol Milk?
Body Part on Opposite sex: Flames, healthy flames

Bedtime: Whenever I feel like it
Most Missed Memory: .... how would I know, it's MISSING
Best physical feature: Large flames
First Thought Waking Up: How long have I been fighting this guy for?
Goal for this year: Find a better body
Best Friends: Back flames, they're always there
Weakness: Poisoned milk
Fears: Poisoned milk
Heritage: I go from body to body, trying to kill the ghosts that I've been tracking for years
Longest relationship: You wouldn't know them even if I told you
Name: Linkman.EXE
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Entirely black.
Hair Color: I have no hair...
Height: About the average height.
Weight: ...I'm not fat.
Tattoos: Eww.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: I-I c-can't t-tell...
Overused Phrase: I think it's 'help me'.

Food: Oh, I like tea.
Candy: Cotton candy.
Number: 8, because they're two 0s linked together.
Color: Pink.
Animal: Octopus!
Drink: Tea, as seen above.
Alcohol Drink: Blaaahh.
Body Part on Opposite sex: Their eyes...

Bedtime: At night or when I'm in danger!
Most Missed Memory: The days without Gosthe...
Best physical feature: My rubber body.
First Thought Waking Up: Why won't Gosthe treat me normally...
Goal for this year: Getting Gosthe a girl so he can divert his attention from me.
Best Friends: Everyone who receives my service of trading chips!
Weakness: Things that hurt.
Heritage: State-of-the-art trading technology.
Longest relationship: ...Gosthe.

((This was fun. Written by Shuryou. XD))
Name: Nitro.EXE
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Height: Dunno, around 5'8''
Weight: Never weighed myself
Tattoos: None, with no plans in the future
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: There's this one girl, Matrix.EXE. We go way back (Author's Note: This will be explained in a sub-plot)
Overused Phrase: KEYAH BETCH!

Food: Steak. Nice, rare, juicy steak.
Candy: Anything sour.
Number: 74!
Color: Green, duh.
Animal: The majestic tree frog
Drink: Bonk! Atomic Punch Energy Drink, Melon Meltdown!
Alcohol Drink: None, never touched the stuff in my life.
Body Part on Opposite sex: ...One of the obvious ones.

Bedtime: Whenever Chris passes out infront of the computer.
Most Missed Memory: Hanging out with Matrix, been missing her since the move.
Best physical feature: I am very pround of my ass, I am not ashamed to say it!
First Thought Waking Up: TIME TO 'SPLO STUFF UP!
Goal for this year: TO 'SPLO LOTS OF STUFF UP!
Best Friends: Since the move, I'd have to say Toolman.EXE, he's a great guy.
Weakness: WATER! IT BURNS!
Fears: Probably drowning, it doesn't even need to do anything and you can die in it.
Heritage: Really just you average Custom Navi, programmed by Chris and that's pretty much it.
Longest relationship: From a romantic standpoint, Matrix, but me and Chris have been partners since day 1.
Name: DruidMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Variable
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 245 lbs
Tattoos: None, but I got this wicked scar on my palm!
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: RE:RN General Rule 26
Overused Phrase: None that I know of, dude.

Food: Barbecue
Candy: Pie
Number: Twelve
Color: Green
Animal: I like all of them! Particularly barbecued.
Drink: Water
Alcohol Drink: 'Shine
Body Part on Opposite sex: Uh, hips?

Bedtime: Night
Most Missed Memory: Seven years ago
Best physical feature: Does my voice count, quiz-dude?
First Thought Waking Up: How'd I get here?
Goal for this year: Clean my treehouse. It needs a defrag, man.
Best Friends: Steve
Weakness: Burning out
Fears: Being washed up
Heritage: Pretty ancient, man. I mean, there haven't been any druids for almost fifteen hundred years...
Longest relationship: I've been pals with Steve forever, but I'm also good buddies with Seraph-man.
Name: Enigma.EXE
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Indigo
Hair Color: N/A
Height: Depends on his mood
Weight: Depends on his mood
Tattoos: Depends on his mood
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: N/A
Overused Phrase: There isn't one if he can help it

Food: You think an amorphous blob eats?
Candy: SOULS
Number: 17
Color: Purple, duh
Animal: Whatever looks cool and can do some damage
Alcohol Drink: ... grape drank with rum?
Body Part on Opposite sex: N/A

Bedtime: I don't think navis even have to sleep
Most Missed Memory: Not being tortured into amorphous-blob form
Best physical feature: Anything he wants it to be
First Thought Waking Up: "When do I get to kill some NetPolice?"
Goal for this year: HELLO, MY NAME IS INIGO MONTO--
Best Friends: N/A
Weakness: Things... that cause pain...?
Fears: Deletion, achieving nothing in life
Heritage: ...wat
Longest relationship: N/A