The Monthly Netvegas Raffle, 3!

The video feed turned on at the usual time, played the full Netvegas Raffle intro... but instead of AuctionMan and his boisterous voice, the feed cut to a NormalNavi. "U-uh... hi!" The normalnavi said. Next to him a great big wheelboard was set up with prize tiers. "A-Auctionman said he needed to go on a... uh..." He looked down at a small paper card he was holding. "Soj- sol-" He stammered for a few minutes. "Sojourn? AuctionMan went on a Sojourn to the um, uh..." He looked at the card, then back at the camera. "Anyway he's not here right now. I'm uh, I'm Greg. Greg.exe. And, uh, I'll be handling your auction results for the week! So, er, the tiers are the same as normal, so please enjoy the fun?"

--Metool Tier--
Buy-in: 500z
Possible Prrizes: Junk Tier, D Tier, C Tier!
Requires: Nothing! Open to all!

--Melody Tier--
Buy-in: 1000z
Possible Prrizes: D Tier, C Tier, B Tier!
Requires: NetVegas Gold Card (Read: You must be level 20 to buy-in at this tier)

--Scuttle Tier--
Buy-in: 2000z
Possible Prrizes: C Tier, B Tier, A Tier!
Requires: Netvegas Platinum Card (Read: You must be level 40 to buy-in at this tier)

OOC info below this line

Here's how it works: One pair PER PLAYER can pay to buy in to any tier they qualify for. You may buy in ONCE PER RAFFLE MONTH. No, the gold and platinum cards aren't a thing, they're just level locked.

When you buy in, you will randomly get assigned a chip tier, and then randomly receive a chip from that tier. It could be crap, it could be rare, it could even make you debonair. To buy-in/enter, make a reply in this thread.

This raffle will repeat at the first of every month! This month's raffle ends September 8.
A timely sabbatical can do wonders for the soul.  Let us hope he returns hale and refreshed.
For now, a small flutter, along with my best wishes.


[Pirouette/Mikhail, 500[s]z[/s] Metool tier]
... How did I miss this the last few times it ran? Well, I guess I can resolve that now. Put me in for a Melody ticket.

- Scarlet

[Attached: 1000z]
Alright, lets do this.
-Joseph Sine

(500z, Metool Tier)
Third time's the charm, right? This time I've gotta get something good! Mettaur tier, go!

- Anathema.EXE
DragonierMan will purchase one Scuttle Tier ticket.

[Attached: 2000z.]
Let's see if I can keep my lucky streak going! One Metool Tier ticket for Daybreak, please.

-Marian Simeon

*500 zenny attached*
Hopefully it wasn't just beginner's luck last time, let's try it again!

-Mazer P.
[Attached:  2000Z]
The video feed cut back in. "Uh, jeez. He didn't say there would be this many... I've got the results? For the rolls? Uh, here they are." Greg turned toward a screen, where results appeared as he read them off in complete and utter deadpan.

Mikhail: 500z! E-tier! SoilSeed !

Joseph Sine: 500z! D-tier! BadSpice1 !

Scarlet: 1000z! Jackpot! B-tier!! PileDriver3 !

Anathema: 500z! D-tier! IronShell1 !

DragonierMan: 2000z! JACKPOT! A-tier!!! GoldFist !

Marian Simeon: 500z! Jackpot! C-tier! HeatSpreader2 !

Mazer P: 2000z! C-tier! Voltz2 !
Because I clearly haven't spent enough money on potential chip-grabbing yet!

-Griffin Reim
[Attached: 500Z]

ScorchMan.EXE is unavailable for comment but would like to remind his Operator to know his limit, and play within it.
I think I’ll go ahead and grab another one.
-Julius Ramon

((Attached: 500z for Metool teir))
Through the display, Greg could be seen staring wide-eyed at the screen. "O-Oh wow, these are pretty good. Maybe I should do this sometime-- *cough* Ahem! Uh, we have some more people coming in, uh... Right, two more," he said, failing to add any more flair to his reading, though the prizes being given out spoke for themselves.

Griffin: 500z! D-tier! HeatDragon1!
Julius: 500! Jackpot! C-tier! BambooSword!