Research Assistance

The NetPolice would like to offer an opportunity to brave Netbattlers.

With the NetPolice's forces spread throughout the net with various tasks of major significance, we have been authorized to allow 20 volunteer netbattlers to investigate the recent anomalies in the Electown, Yumland, Sharo, and Netfrica Nets. A word of caution, though. Particularly fierce breeds of viruses are within the immediate area, so your personal safety isn't guaranteed.

This signup with run for ((Three Days)), and the investigation will begin ((Three days)) after that.

Please include your Navi's Name, Type, and Level in your registration.

Thank you for you time, NETPOLICE COMMISIONER

NOTE: You will be assigned to a certain Net Area, so do not request which area to be assigned to.
*Sigh* I can't believe I'm actually doing something for you guys AGAIN, but since this whole net anomaly thing sounds horribly familiar, we'll do it.

-Duke Rigel

He has a point. From what I've heard, almost identical anomalies occured seven years ago. And then...

Oh, right. Stats.

Name: Pianissimo.EXE
Type: Normal/Sword
Level: 3

If I may, when wherever we go is assigned, I'd like to request Sharo, since I know the layout, or at least the environment better than any of the other net areas.
Strange viruses? Catacylsmic Net Anomolies?

I'm SO in.

Navi: Druidman.EXE
Type: Wood/Normal
Level: 2

DRUIDMAN.EXE: Sounds like it'll be a wild trip, dude!
Gives me a good reason to 'skip' school. I'm in.

Navi: Divinity.EXE
Type: Normal/Wind.
Level: 3

- A. Darkholme -
Hmmmm.... might need to skip out on the my exam. Maybe I can get a retake. Either way, I'm in.


Navi: Soulman_Junior.EXE
Type: Normal/Normal
Level: 3
I-Id be glad to h-help! And so is my n-navi!


Navi: Capuchin.EXE
Type: Normal/Normal
Level: 3
Count my little navi in. All things considered, he'll look at it as a Railroaded Plot.
Navi: Seraphim.exe
Type: Normal/Cursor
Level: 6
If Seraphim is participating, it is probably a good idea for Rass to tag along as well. You guys can count us in.

Navi: Rass.EXE
Type: Normal/Recovery
Level: 5
I suppose I'll come along too following the Planeswalker Event, if that's okay. It sounds like the scheduling is a bit looser than with some events.

-Rania Firebrand

Safety isn't guaranteed? I'd better bring my own weapons!


Navi: MeleeMan.EXE
Type: Fire/Breaking
Level: 6

Sigh, I'll much rather look into this by myself, but I guess working in a group would be better. Just, don't send me with the group to Sharo, I have reasons why I don't want to go there.

Count Edgar
Recovery type
Lvl 5
I guess this is what I get for forgetting about this BBS. I'll join as well; this whole matter has piqued my curiosity. If these Cybeasts are involved, that makes it all the better.

If they're not... Well, Jay sounds like an idiot anyway. It won't be a big surprise.

<Swift and Gunner.EXE>

Navi: Gunner.EXE
Type: Normal/Cursor
Level: 6
i am going to join up in this, i would like to help.


we lost a teammate and nikko.....well she is going to delete the rest of the dolls a bloodthirsty rage.

Navi name:nikko.exe
Hm. I would be glad to help you all out. I'm in. I also have an ally who should be registering sometime soon. I wonder if it'd be too much to ask that I have him alongside myself for this?


Count me in, dahlinks. I would just wuv helping you all out.

-NachamenEXE (currently mimicking Kenji)

Type: Normal/Cursor
Level: 6
I'm afraid that I cannot attend this...I have "things" to do after that three days.


((GAhh!! I have a drumline competition that day >____>;;))
I'm in.

~ John Smith

Lvl: 6
Wow! Wild virii! This sounds like PURE METAL!!! We are so in on this one!!! If we can win here, nothing can stand in our way!

~Wouldn't you like to know

Navi: Gungnir
I see. Well I'm up for it.

Navi: Red Riding Hood.exe
Level: 4
Type: Normal/Wind
Sweet, im up for it. And damn you zanzo for stealing my navis smexiness!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Kenji
Type: Elec/wind
Level: 2
Beautiful, just beautiful. I can't believe I'm doing this, yet I also realize that I can't miss out on this opportunity.

I hope that this ends up being worth my while.


Name: Titania
Type: Normal/Normal
Level: 2
Ahhh, I've been dying for some killer group team work on something. Just what we're lookin' for. Count us in!!

-Alexia Greijn

Name: Stryder
Type: Normal/Cursor
Level: 2