The Monthly Netvegas Raffle, 1!

After the usual Netvegas and sponsor logos, the video stayed black for a few moments, then music suddenly started up.

"Hel hela hel a h-e-l-l-o, Netvegas denizens! It's me your wonderful fantabulous prize-worthy host, AuctionMan!" Spotlights shone down on the center of the stage, and AuctionMan did a twirl as they converged on him, his reels already spinning. Unlike the navi's usual, blocky appearance, today it seemed he was wearing A GMO with a much more traditional Navi style. His assistant LadyLuck was next to him dressed differently as well, wearing what looked like a Funman bunny outfit, complete with rabbit ears and tail. She was doing her best to look okay with it, but was clearly at least a little displeased.

"It's been far too long since we've come together my lovely lovely citizens, but today we have a special special special offer just for you!" Auctionman beamed, holding out his wrist-mounted slots. LadyLuck stopped each of them by tapping them, and with a flourish AuctionMan held out the displays: "GACHA RAFFLE"

"That's right! This month we have a special raffle just for you! Three tiers, three buyins, a world of possibilities! Who can say what you'll get?" AuctionMan sniggered to himself, and a board lowered down behind him and Lady Luck as they each moved off to a side of the board. "Behold, the world of fun that awaits you! Tap the board to make your choice!" The video paused, seamlessly replaced by a menu showing the board itself.

--Metool Tier--
Buy-in: 500z
Possible Prrizes: Junk Tier, D Tier, C Tier!
Requires: Nothing! Open to all!

--Melody Tier--
Buy-in: 1000z
Possible Prrizes: D Tier, C Tier, B Tier!
Requires: NetVegas Gold Card (Read: You must be level 20 to buy-in at this tier)

--Scuttle Tier--
Buy-in: 2000z
Possible Prrizes: C Tier, B Tier, A Tier!
Requires: Netvegas Platinum Card (Read: You must be level 40 to buy-in at this tier)

OOC info below this line

Here's how it works: One pair PER PLAYER can pay to buy in to any tier they qualify for. You may buy in ONCE PER RAFFLE MONTH. No, the gold and platinum cards aren't a thing, they're just level locked.

When you buy in, you will randomly get assigned a chip tier, and then randomly receive a chip from that tier. It could be crap, it could be rare, it could even make you debonair. To buy-in/enter, make a reply in this thread.

This raffle will repeat at the first of every month! The raffle entry period ends at the end of July 7, at midnight PST on July 8..
DragonierMan will purchase one Scuttle Tier ticket.

[Attached: 2000z.]
My Navi has been doing a lot of virus busting, and earning me some money so why not. I'll go for the Metool teir:
-Julius Ramon
((Metool Teir))
Zenny: 4750z -> 4250z
As much as I'd love to buy into the higher tiers...I lost my cards somewhere along the way...that was SOME spring break, I tell you what.
-Joseph Sine
(Metool tier)
Attached: 500z

"Hyaa!" Lady Luck jumped, her legs quivering, and nearly toppled over in her high heels. Instead of falling however, the blonde navi found herself falling into AuctionMan's arms, with the slot-machine navi playing it off into a mock tango, twirling Lady Luck around before bending her low and nearly giving her a kiss. Her face reddened as he drew close, staring into her eyes, and just as she began to pucker up and close them, AuctionMan turned his head toward the camera with a beaming smile. "You hear that folks!? No, not that strange buzzing, I mean the sound of our first two buy ins!"

Lady Luck still seemed wobbly on her feet as AuctionMan pulled her back up, and she whimpered a little before answering. "Y-yes! It seems, ah, that DragonierMan and, um..." Lady Luck trailed off a little, a rather vacant expression on her face. AuctionMan took over. "DragonierMan and Joseph Sine!"

"I'd ask if the e is silent sir, but this is NetVegas, so I think we both know the answer!" Auctionman laughed. "Two reels, and one's a big spender no less! Let's see what you've got!" The navi spun his wrist-roulettes, and first one result and then the second showed up on the video display.

DragonierMan: JACKPOT! ElecPlus x1!
Joseph Sine: D-rank! FireBurner1!
Hmm, while it's not good business practice to gamble it's basically just like buying a chip. That's totally good business.

(Melody tier)

**attached 1000z**
...Damn, if only I was high level enough to get something awesome! Oh well, the cheaper option means less scolding from my operator once she finds out! Sign me up for the Mettaur tier!

- Anathema.EXE
Well, can't say no to a pretty face with a tale to tell, now can I? Blow on the dice for me, gorgeous?


[CourserMan, Metool Tier: 500z]
"Hey, far out! Sounds pretty cool, man! Give me a go!"


*ATTACH: 1000Z*
Looks pretty interesting! Put me in for the Melody tier, I'm feeling on fire today!

- Harke

[Attached: 1000z]

Lady Luck shuddered, leaning against the board. "Haah... Wh-why did you..." She paused, swallowing. "uh, why did you make the bell so l-loud, AuctionMan?"

"Because everyone should hear about these WON-DER-FUL PRIZES!" The navi beamed, coming up behind LadyLuck to hug her. She stiffened as he hugged her, and he held one of his roulette wheels in front of her face. "One of our gracious contestants has asked you to blow on the dice, my beautiful assistant! If you'd be so kind!"

"Uh-- nnhf- o-okay..." Seeming to swalow a little spit, Lady Luck blew on Auctionman's wrist, starting the reel. His other three reels started up at the same time, and the camera view split to capture all four results as the navi posed.

Melody: Adrian: Ouch! D-tier! RedWave1!
Metool: Anathema: Unfortunate! Junk-tier! GlassSeed!
Metool: Courser: Jackpot! C-rank! RemotePlug2!
Melody: DruidMan: C-rank! LavaStage!

"NNh!" LadyLuck practically leapt into the air as the bell went off again, her knees quaking. She must've been terrified!

AuctionMan wasted no time running the reels, however, flashing the result for his wonderful audience.

Melody: Harke: C-rank! Recover120!
What's this about luck? Oh I'm always lucky! So let's give this a go!


[Attached: 1,000z]

"Nnhhhhah!" Lady Luck stood up perfectly straight! Was the tail on her costume... twitching? She moved her lips like she was trying to announce the result, clearly scared stiff, but then the strength left her as she passed out, saved from a nasty fall by AuctionMan heroically swooping in to catch her!

"So sorry folks, it seems Lady Luck has just gotten too excited from all your wonderful prizes!" The navi laughed, completely blowing past the strange scene as he laid his unconscious assistant on the ground. Instead he twirled his roulette wheel...

Melody: Lucia: JACKPOT! B-rank! Arsenal3!
Heyyyy, this stuff's going again! My navi could use some new gear, but sadly I don't have any of those weird membership cards... hm. Give me the Metool tier!

-Thomas Brighton (500z attached)

LadyLuck jumped, eyes wide and arms windmilling, tail twitching behind her. "Nnhrg-- nwhat? Whaaa-nnh- what happened?" She leaned over, supporting herself on an arm.

"Oh! My fair Lady Luck is awake!" Auctionman laughed, smiling. "My dear, you got too scared because of the bell and passed out!"

"O-oh, I... I see.." She paused for a moment. "I'll uh, I'll just sit here for a moment to recover my strength."

"Quite fine, my lady!" Auctionman spun his reel. "Let's see what our next contestant gets!"

Metool: Thomas: D-rank! CannonMode!

With the latest loud ring of the bell, LadyLuck seemed to be slightly less surprised and more weary of the bell. "I-I think I'm just going to recover in my room," she said, crawling slowly off the stage. However, AuctionMan seemed to be rather unfazed by his assistant's struggles, and spun his reel while keeping his eyes forward.

"Do get better soon, my lady, but the show must go on!" he said.

Metool: Julius: C-rank! MetalStage!
Spin! That! Wheeeel!
I can't find either of those cards so I guess I'm going Metool rank!
Count me in! This is almost all that we earned last fight but easy come easy go!

-Alex Newell

Attached: 500z
My operator has expressed her strong desire to have me bet our hard-earned money on random knick knacks. When I think of the horrible, debasing things we did to earn it...

Hopefully she'll get her compulsive gambling under control at some point, but for now, I, her long-suffering Navi, will reluctantly accept one of your chips.

And I'd be tickled to find it's a good one!


*attached: 500z for Metool tier*

Somehow, the sounds of Lady Luck yelping could still be heard in the background, while AuctionMan's grin remained unabated. "Amazing turnout tonight! Seems like everyone's getting into the lucky mood! Let's see how they fare!" he said, spinning the roulette wheel.

Metool: Alex: A shame! Junk-tier! SandSeed!
Metool: Hyde: Not bad! D-tier! Aqua+20!