Grand Unveiling!

In the center of the NetSquare, you see a bunch of NetPolice and Normal Navis toiling around, getting decorations set up--whoa, a podium?

Banners and carpets unfurl, tables and chairs are set up--but where's the punch and pie?!

It might take awhile for them to finish setting up... But reserving a seat is probably wise.
A small black and yellow blur sped into the area, repeating a word at the top of its lungs.
PIEPIEPIEPIEPI-Oof! Voltman's running and yelling was cut off as he ran straight into a NetPolice navi.
Whoops! Sorry, mister!
Then, he noticed what the navi was carrying.
Ooh! Streamers and confetti! Coooooollll!~
Then he started jumping around the navi, talking nonstop.
Not waiting for an answer, he grabbed one of the streamers and started running around with it, the colors twirling through the air behind him.
You'll get it back when I get my pie!
Shigeru sighed and set a hologram above one of the seats that said "This seat reserved for Volt."

(Man, I love Child.GMO and the immaturity I can pull off with it.)
((So much for what I had planned.))

"Might as well come here...not like anything else is happening," sighed Pianissimo, who had just cut his and Rigel's hotspring visit short by reading the news.

This wasn't quite true. They had never gotten to the hotsprings, and Rigel was still wandering around Yoka while Pianissimo came here. "You just want the pie, don't you?" Rigel said, not joking in the least.

"Of course I do. Who doesn't like pie?" He said, looking around. The only one that had arrived so far was...a hyperactive kid navi. Pianissimo sighed. The kid's voice was getting on his nerve really fast. "Duke, save me a seat. I'm going to try and calm this kid down."

"Good luck..." Rigel said darkly, pressing a button on his PET, then taking out a stylus and writing on the holoscreen with it. A similar hologram appeared a few seats away from Volt's, saying:

"This seat reserved for Pianissimo. Sit here and I can't be held responsible for what he'll do to you."

Just wonderful, that's the font Swing always used. I'll have to fix it later thought Rigel as he watched Pianissimo, who was briskly walking after the childlike Voltman.
A gust of wind blows across the net, bringing in leaves that swirl to form... Druidman.

Druidman looked across the area, and was immediately almost knocked down by a child running around like a maniac, followed by an older navi, obviously chasing him. "What the heck is going on, dude?" he asked. Then he saw the decorations.

"A... Party? DUDE! Where's my lampshade?" Druidman yelped, franticly searching for his non-existant headgear.

"Hey Druidman, you'd better save a seat." Steve instructed.

Druidman pointed at a random chair, which was immediatly engulfed in vines, which rose at least twenty feet in the air. Druidman would lower the chair later. Green text now adorned the vine colloum: DRUIDMANS
A pink beam shot down from the sky and delicatly landed on the edge of the net circle. As the light faded AniMay's form became apparent. Quickly looking around at the sceen before her, she quietly steps past the child like navi that was running rampant and put a white card with her crest on it. she then began to look around curiously at the new features the area provided...
Capuchin bounded in doing a backflip and landing a perfect pose. "Hehehe...that was fun! OH WOW!" She gasped looking around. "Theres so many NAVIS! HELLO!!!!"
Pianissimo passed Capuchin just as she had said thism Not another one, he thought. At least this one seems more enthusiastic than immature. "Um...hi," he said quietly, abandoning his pursuit of Voltman.
Moonlight leaped out of the portal and began rushing down the path, NetPolice. Damn, something really is going on. I have to hurry! He thought to himself. As he closed into the center, he came to an almost complete stop as he finally discovered what they were doing. "...........Za.............Zanzo....." He uttered, in a somewhat stunned rage.

"What? I said something big was going on, didn't I?" Zanzo replied meekly.

"....THIS ISN'T WHAT I HAD IN MIND!!" Moonlight screamed into the heavens. "I thought something serious had happened! Dammit Zanzo, don't mess with me like that..."

"Ok, bad. I had to find a way to distract you from the training. This is a huge shindig, from what I've heard. We may even be getting some sweet things out of it. C'mon, whadda' ya say?"

".........Fine. Might as well; that area before was pretty dead anyways..." Moonlight looked around for anything resembling a seat. Upon finding such, he repositioned it and left it be. He then whipped out a holoscreen and simply drew a crescent on it with his index, signing the bottom left corner of the screen with an 'M'.
"Let's see..." A golden NormalNavi mutters, as he patrols around the area. "Where's the Progs?"

As if cue, a horde of Mr. Progs stream in, a couple from each Area of the Net. Seeing the current situation, they all turn towards the portal of Yumland, and situate themselves around the portal.

Slowly, the portal... expands...

"Clear the way, watch yourselves, out of the way--" The NetPolice and NormalNavis shout, as they clear a path before the portal. A deep rumble echos throughout the area, as something begins to emerge from the portal...
Moonlight backed up a bit, taking his chair with him. Hmm....Wonder what it is? He thought, his interest finally peaked...
As Winter entered the square, there was even more activity than she'd immagined there would be... There was a podium set up in the center of the square, with chairs set up for a large audience. This made her stop and think I've walked in on some kind of public event... I'll wait until it's over to find the information I'm sarching for. Winter scans the crowd, then moves to stand in an out-of-the-way place where she could observe the proceedings. Upon noticing all of the male Navis gathered here, and their desire to party, she wraps her cloak closed and raises her hood over her head to avoid their undesired attention before steping further into the area... Winter stays well clear of the Progs, and their activities.
A piercing black beam slammed into the ground, the resultant particles quickly reforming into a fluid, black form. Instantly, four luminescent globes — one red, one pink, one green, and one blue — slammed into the black form, generating an explosion of white light. As Rass.exe stepped out of the light, however, he realized he was not alone.

What are we doing in Netsquare? cooed a soft feminine voice that resonated throughout Rass's skull, Would it not be more prudent to improve our abilities on the battlefield?

Tem? Oh no, thought Rass, eyes widening suddenly, the other systems are waking up.

Oh come on dear, you honestly didn't think we were going to leave you alone, did you? A streak of blue shot out from the sapphire on Rass's back and snaked across his dark body. The color collected into a patch of blue on Rass's shoulder, and an eye appeared, taking in the sights and sounds around him, Especially with a party going on. You've been slacking off again, haven't you?

N-no, that's n-not it at all, Tem! thought Rass, Suien is m-making us take some k-kids on a digital field trip or s-something.

Hmm... the blue patch disappeared from Rass's shoulder as Tem retracted back into her gemstone, Just don't make too much of a racket, sweetie. You know how Argo gets when he's grumpy.

Rass shuddered at the thought. Even though he was technically the core system, he was deathly afraid of Argo. Sure Tem was condescending and Ishamel ignorant, but Argo was just plain spiteful. The thought of the grumpy melee system sending a fresh wave of berating insults was not a pleasant one by any stretch of the imagination. Realizing that he had a job to do however, and that several young children were probably watching, he walked forward toward the source of the festivities. His eyes gave off an inquisitive air as they took in the sights and sounds of the festive atmosphere. He sidled up beside a cloaked navi, figuring that it was also trying to look inconspicuous. Too much conversation might wake Argo up, he thought grimly, I just hope this event starts soon...
Tornado gleefully jumped in, running up and plopping down in a seat. Zeo sighed and put away his battlechips. They would be here awhile. Zeo lay down on some grass and was shortly after snoozing.

Tornado ignored him and stared at the podium with increasing excitement.
ShellMan appeared on this area of the Net more conspicuously than before, his rainbow lights and bubbles announcing his presence rather clearly. His body slowly emerging from giant snail shell that appeared, he tilted his eye-shading topshell up so he could see what was going on. "Wow, Walden..." he proclaimed with a slight waver, "So many people around!"

"I know," Walden said, scratching the back of his head. "And not all appear to be friendly... tell you what. We'll avoid trouble till it comes to us, okay? Just try and enjoy yourself for now, ShellMan."

"Can do," ShellMan replied with a grin. He looked at the chairs momentarily, before realizing that he basically had his own built-in chair already. He shrugged, and began searching for the promised concessions that he'd been looking forward to.
Capuchin gave Pianissimo a smnile an said, "Hey there. Im Capuchin. Who are you?"
American was beamed down within a brilliant display of red, white, and blue. The beam if examined closely consisted of the three colors blending together, with yellow stars glinting in the blue area. It seemed Bo was going all out for the transmissions now. As soon as American's transmission beam hit the ground, American appeared his majestic bright coloring blaring. It seemed to be brighter than when American was created. He didn't unholster his weapon, only because this was a party like event. He couldn's show off his fire arm when many people were around. So he darted quietly over to a empty seat, and placed his behind in it. He then raised his legs up and plopped his dirty combat boots onto the table.

"American is here. Now I'm sitting here, anyone with a problem can speak to me directly. Or face the dire consequence."

((The same old American. Doesn't know when he does too much.))
Slowly from the engorged portal comes... a massive digital cargo-hauler, driven by a team of Mr. Progs. The cargo can't be seen clearly, but a delicous smell spreads from the portal as the cargo-hauler struggles to clear the portal--

Meanwhile, other Navis stream in from various areas of the Net. A couple shady characters here and there--there's one with an encompassing black cloak, but he disappears into the crowd before anyone could catch a real glimpse at him. Navis of every shape and color crowd in, trying to secure a seat for the event...
Voltman walked over to Capuchin, the streamer wrapping around his torso from the running he had done.
You're than nice lady from the Onsen! Hi! I'm Volt!
He then pulled out a confetti popper, releasing it towards Capuchin. He started laughing as the confetti fell.
Now it's a party! Wheee!
Then, tired out, he plopped down right where he was. Shigeru brought Voltman's chair over to the nearest table, where Voltman promptly moved to. He climbed onto the seat with difficulty, and Shigeru provided a booster seat. He turned to Capuchin and Pianissimo, and asked them,
Is that big thing the pie?
MeleeMan appeared in a blast of smoke, frowning unwaveringly even as he observed the festivities. "The dimwits. All sitting around here while there's combat to be had," he scoffed.

"You know as well as I do that this is a big event! Just look around you. There may even be a good fight to be had later on," she noted hopefully. "Just wait it out, okay?"

"Fine. But I'll tell you something; you'll get no mercy from me if this turns out to be a waste of time," he scowled, darting one grey, metallic finger at her with a wide frown across his face. It almost seemed as if he really intended to harm her, if such a thing were possible.

"H-Hey now!" she gulped. "Don't blame everything on me, okay? Besides, what makes you think that I can't fight?"

He seemed to snicker for a moment, then crossed his arms firmly at his chest. He surveyed the area with a frown, still appearing to be disgusted with the festive decoration.
Moonlight watched the 'youthful' Voltman as he set his seat down. "Hm...Strange kid." He said, sitting down. Suddenly, the soft aroma hit him, and a small hint of drool escaped his lips. "Mmmmmmm....That smells heavenly.."