How did you find us?

As the title states, I'm interested in how everyone found the site. Were you a member from RE:CN? If so, how did you join us there? If not, how did you stumble across RE:RN?

I for one joined RE:CN after seeing the advertisement on Bob and George.
I was looking for a Rockman.exe RPG, and I stumbled across a site - not this one, but one of the Rockman topsites, and found it from there.
I was simply browsing the web for a good megaman fan site. I found one, called "Planet-Megaman". On their affiliates page was a link for Bob And George. GOt hooked on the comic. After a while, I noticed the banner for "Rockman.exe: Chaose Network". Then that site was shut down, and I moved here. : D
Hooh boy. It's a long tale...

I was in 1st/2nd year at high school, in the IT class. We were allowed to mess around for a period and I ended up watching a flash film called Cows With Guns. That led me to The Flash Archives, a complete failure of a website, but from there I was directed to a place I had not been for several months.


There on the front page was a movie called Megaman: The Lost Chronicle something. The creator was one of the many Megaman webcomic artists inspired by BnG. So, I ended up there and set up shop for a while.

That's when the advertisement for Chaos Network came along.


Comp. Processing Class Boredom ---> Kid Radd ---> B&G ---> RE:CN ---> Shutdown ---> ToNE ---> Here

Yeah. After the shutdown, I headed to ToNE with a desperate plea for help, but I'm pretty sure you're more interested in the first four parts of my flowchart.

I found us through B&G. Plain and simple.


Er... [/egotrip]
Zal introduced Heat, who introduced me.
BnG ad here too. Posted once, never came again, found the email that was sent before the forum was closed entirely while cleaning out my inbox.

I joined after Demonstar joined ToNE for like a week and introduced the site for affiliation and stuff :3

Was searching for a random forum based RPG to join, saw MM:CN, decided to join because I liked its battle system. After signing up I didn't come back for awhile. Then I saw the add of B&G and it reminded me about it. Over a year of on and off RPing and I am here.
Bob and George...over a year ago.
A certain Moogle-bread got me over here from ToN.
I got hooked on BnG a year or two ago, and always saw that RE:CN banner. As I had a Megaman craze going on, especially .EXE, I eventually clicked the link. Then, I registered, and so on. Unfortunately, I was camping when Chaos Network closed down, and hadn't bothered updating the email address. So, I kept trying the old link, and continually failed. It was a couple months before I finally asked Heat on DeviantArt, and he pointed me towards Rogue Network.
one of the old RE:CN members had a link to here on his constantly restarting comic. thats how a knew, then the restart ^^

he doesn't like us nao but oh well....

I feel ooooooold considering that I was here waaaay back when.

I remember seeing the advertisment for RECN a thousand times when I was reading through the archives of Bob and George. I didn't really notice it most of the time. Finally, one day, I was bored off my arse and clicked for some reason I can't recall.
I was a gift to RECN from God.
I, too, decided I'd click the banner over at Bob and George. Figured it's be some kind of plain fansite, truth be told. But then I was all OMGWTF and made those excellent characters Mik and Fenrir.
BnG as well. However, like Shury, I consider my presence here to have been achieved by some sort of divine power. Puh-chow! *Disappears into the void*
i clicked on a banner advertisement from BOB and GEORGE, but after nal closed down RE:CN, i was still on limited CPU time and well......when i went to EN's RP site, i came across the link here.