Name: Carbide.SP
Gender: Female
Element: Null
Subtype: Shield


Visual Representation (Outdated)

Carbide stands at a cute 4'8" (142cm), weighing at roughly 105 pounds (48kg). Her sparkling greenish-blue eyes match that of her master's, often depicting her constant state of cheerfulness. Her short hair is black, tied to her left side with a blue-grey ribbon. Her attire has a blue and black color scheme, and consists of a crop top and a pair of short shorts. Her feet are completely bare.

Her body is perforated in many areas by growths of blue-grey rock, which are the main point of her ability. Her cheeks are covered with protective plates, and spires of rock protrude from her spine. Her arms and legs are also covered at the sides with these growths. All of these rock formations on her body are retractable, though Carbide prefers to leave them as they are.


Almost like a complete opposite of Terra, Carbide often lets on what's on her mind, and is generally quite enjoyable to be around, being a symbol of cheerfulness and playful attitude. Most of the time, Carbide is a bit slow on the uptake of things, contrasting Terra's all-conscious thought process. In combat, however, she is fast and decisive, often going out of her way to protect her host, Terra. Carbide is also somewhat lascivious in nature, specifically towards females of a mature disposition. Even so, she isn't particularly attached to any characteristic, and is far from picky about genders. Having been with Terra for most of her existence, however, she has Terra for most of her acts of affection.

Signature Attacks:

Passive: Terraskill: Reflex Guard 1
Being a support program of Terra and Scarlet's combined design, Carbide inherits much of her master's terraforming skills. Her specialty is that of extremely resistant rock formations, and this shows quite well in this ability. Her sensors can detect an attack approaching from a certain hemisphere of detection, and immediately raise a shield of rock from her arm, which can deflect most attacks, regardless of strength, easily.
| 1-Hit Shield | 20 PP/80 SP |


Note: I'm removing Terra's Nature Force 1 signature to get 40 more points and accommodate Carbide's Reflex Guard. Can't be bothered to make two threads for it so there we go.
Upgrades: Chip Preset - [ElementalRage1]

Bugfrag Cost: 100
Bugfrag Remaining: 0

SP Level Change: 0 -> 3
Navi Level Change: N/A
Upgrades: Hit Point+ x3 [V1-V3]

Bugfrag Cost: 10+20+30 = 60
Bugfrag Remaining: 31

SP HP Change: 40 -> 70
SP Level Change: 3 -> 6
Navi Level Change: 8 -> 9
Has it really been 4 years? Holy cripes.

Upgrades: Flight: Planeswalking, Damage+ V1

Bugfrag Cost: 100 + 10 = 110
Bugfrag Remaining: 16

SP Attack Change: 10 -> 15
SP Level Change: 6 -> 10
Navi Level Change: 10 -> 11
All looks correct. No more slipping over on your bum, Carbide.

Well. Unless you want to.

Upgrades: Speed+ V1

Bugfrag Cost: 100
Bugfrag Remaining: 98

SP Action Change: 1 -> 2
SP Level Change: 10 -> 15
Navi Level Change: 15 -> 16


Upgrades: Damage+ V2

Bugfrag Cost: 20
Bugfrag Remaining: 78

SP Attack Change: 15 -> 20
SP Level Change: 15 -> 16
Upgrades: Second Chance

Bugfrag Cost: 100
Bugfrag Remaining: 300

SP Level Change: 16 -> 19
Ding ding ding! Approved~
Upgrades: Speed+ V2

Bugfrag Cost: 200
Bugfrag Remaining: 1182

SP Action Change: 2 -> 3
SP Level Change: 19 -> 24
Navi Level Change: 24 -> 25


Upgrades: Disarm Strike

Bugfrag Cost: 75
Bugfrag Remaining: 1107

SP Level Change: 24 -> 25
Navi Level Change: 25 -> 26
Upgrades: Damage+ V3, V4, V5, V6, V7, V8, V9, V10, V11, V12, V13

Bugfrag Cost: 30+40+50+60+70+80+90+100+110+120+130 = 880
Bugfrag Remaining: 1506 - 880 = 626

SP Damage Change: 20 -> 75
SP Level Change: 15 -> 26
Navi Level Change: 24 -> 26
Big rock punch APPROVED!