Devil's Reprieve Profiles and Registry

((This RP is a fan-RP based on the Siren series. It is also, however, an original plot explained so that it should requires no former knowledge of the series to RP)).

To register, make a post with the following information. This will also serve as a profile that you can update as the game progresses. Please reference this thread here for anything you need so far as info.

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Name: Your character's full name.
Related Characters: Any characters that are related to your own and the manner in which they are related. To make the whole experience more gripping, I would highly advise that you correlate with others before-hand and make characters related to one another.
Appearance: The look of your character, even the clothes they are wearing at the time. It may be a while before they get to change...
Personality: Your character's attitude, beliefs, etc.
History: Anything you want to expound upon about your character's life before they came to the island. As little or as much as you want is fine. You can even update it as a log while you go along if you like.
Character type: Either small, mid-size, or large. Check character types in reference for more details.
Traits: Pick 2 traits, chosen from the given list below this form.
Starting Area: Where you would like your character to start out. Choose from the list of operating areas given below this form.
Weapon Equipped: Starts out as none. Put something here once you get a weapon.
Inventory: Nothing here to start. Put things here as you pick them up. Holds up to six items or weapons (cannot include long-barreled firearms or heavy weapons).
Modifiers: Leave this section blank. A moderator will add in a simple account of all modifiers later.

Traits List:

- Skilled: +1 damage from light or average weapon attacks.
- Bruiser: +2 damage from heavy weapon attacks
- Marksman: Roll to graze opponent with a ranged weapon changed to 3-4, regular 5-7, critical 8-10.
- Steady: Roll to miss changed to 1 only, graze 2-3, regular 4-10 (cannot critical). Cannot be used with Daredevil or Marksman.
- Daredevil: Roll to miss changed to 1-3, graze 4-5, critical 6-10 (cannot regular). Cannot be used with Steady or Marksman.
- Unreserved: Attack staggers on a roll of 9 or 10.
- Observant: +2 to spot checks.
- Compact: +1 to hide checks
- Fleet: +1 to pursuit checks
- Buff: +1 to strength checks
- Wary: -1 to enemy detection checks
- Fit: Vitality set to 12
- Resilient: Can erase one negative trait per objective area.
- Chicken: -1 to all attack rolls but ½ chance to avoid enemy attack when fleeing combat
- Cocky: Cannot flee combat but +1 to all attack rolls
- Combat Pro: +1 to all attack damage (counts as 2 traits)
- Determined: Cannot incur negative traits. (counts as 2 traits)
- Lucky: +4 to all spot checks (counts as 2 traits)
* Traumatized: -1 to spot checks, +1 to enemy detection checks. May occur after a particularly gruesome event, such as meeting a shibito of someone you recognize.
* Limp: -1 to pursuit checks. May occur after incurring a leg wound or a long fall.
* Fatigue: -1 to pursuit checks, -1 to strength checks, cannot use heavy weapons. May occur after extensive time fighting or running.
* Partial Blindness: -3 to spot checks, cannot hit with weapons at a range. May occur after incurring eye injury.
* Crippled: Cannot use weapons. May occur after incurring extensive arm injury.
* Paranoid: Other humans seen as shibito. May occur after extensive contact with familiar shibito.
* Overwhelmed: -3 to spot checks. Occurs after excessive consecutive spot checks. Vanishes with time spent without spot checking.
* Hopeful: Can erase one negative trait on others per objective area. Gained after exiting any operating area successfully. Disappears when used.
* Experienced: +2 to all spot checks, +1 to all attack rolls. Gained after exiting two operating areas successfully.
* Blessed: Character may revive after death with partial amnesia. But who can gain it...?

*- Indicates traits that cannot be picked but may be added to your character if they become affected in certain ways.

Objective Areas List:

Beach to Convenience Store: On the sandy beach, lapped by the tide, several survivors of a boat crash washed up in a state of unconsciousness. The boat was originally inbound for the island itself. Following a boardwalk up from the beach, one reaches a parking lot leading into a paved two-lane road that extends far into the distance, dotted on each side by beach houses. A convenience store lies shortly down this road, one of a chain of "SunStop" establishments.
Difficulty: Relatively Low
Characters in Area: [CLOSED]

Forest to Lighthouse: A plane intended for a different destination ended up conducting a forced landing due to a fierce storm in the area. Luckily, the plane has crashed near a path through the forest, marked with signs pointing towards a lighthouse and port. The path leading to the lighthouse is long and winding... A public rest stop lies somewhere between the crash site and the lighthouse.
Difficulty: Relatively Low
Characters in Area: [CLOSED]

Abandoned Park: A park for children that has long been abandoned due to some safety issues. The park has also been known as a stay for the homeless. Those that were sleeping there awaken to high alarm as a fire truck barrels across the street, tearing through the fence and coming to a stop inside the park...
Difficulty: Relatively Low
Characters in Area: [CLOSED]

Motel: A homely but cheap motel where travelers often stay to cut down on their expenses. There are only two floors circling a pool at its center, although the pool is never in any condition that anyone would want to use since the manager fails to take care of it. A street leads out to a market district from the front and there is no yard. A small handful of visitors now awaken to a crash in a nearby room...
Difficulty: Relatively Low
Characters in Area: [CLOSED]

Lighthouse: A large lighthouse at the end of the forest path. Its large and distinct appearance, consisting of old but sturdy brick and twisting iron, might make it a rallying point for survivors. A strange blue light now shines out of its open top...
Difficulty: Average
Size: 4/4

Conspirator's House: Strange, small-looking house with an iron gate at its front. It is nestled between two much larger houses at its left and right. The lightpost outside the house is unfortunately no longer working and the place seems eerily quiet.
Difficulty: Average
Size: 4/4
Name: Ilyani "Ili" Scales
Related Characters: Robert Scales (Father) Kenneth Scales, Jonathan Scales, William Scales, Alan Scales (Brothers) Camilia Scales (Mother, Deceased)

Appearance: Ilyani is a teenager of seventeen, with a height of about 172cm. Her frame looks average, if a bit on the thin side. Nevertheless, don't ask her about her weight. Her bust is fairly modest, fitting for a girl her age, at least. Her long black hair flows down to her back, with blue ribbon braiding her hair. Her dark blue eyes are always showing some sort of apathetic expression. As for attire, she wears a sky-blue short-sleeved shirt, along with a darker blue jacket above it. Her light blue skirt goes to a bit above her knees, and she wears white knee-length socks with black shoes.

Personality: Blunt is a way to describe Ilyani's quick and to-the-point personality. She doesn't care very much for other people's emotions. She's often described as mean for it. Besides that, her eye for detail is not one to be underestimated. She's very inquisitive and not afraid to ask questions, even seemingly stupid ones. Any situation she's presented with, she analyzes everything, opportunistic and adamant as she is. She's very cautious as well, particularly efficient at damage control.

History: Brought up in the Scales family, Ilyani lived her life in a family of male dominance. Years of childhood with her four mischievous older brothers and strict father have shaped her to be as resilient to mental attacks as possible. To distance herself from her family troubles, she turns to knowledge: her modest room is walled on two sides, ceiling-to-floor, with bookshelves. Her father doesn't earn much as a police officer, so she works as a waitress at one of her local restaurants, of which she uses the pay to afford her masses of reading material.

Character type: Mid-Size (+2 Strength)
Traits: Observant (+2 Spot), Wary (-1 Enemy Detection)
Starting Area: Forest to Lighthouse
Weapon Equipped: Walking Stick (Av. Blunt, +1 Glancing, +2 Regular, +3 Critical)
Inventory: [0/6]
Modifiers: +2 Strength, -1 Detection, +2 Spot, (Weapon: +1 glancing, +2 regular, +3 critical)
Name: Mike Almega
Related Characters: NONE! EVER! AT ALL!
Appearance: Mike is about 6'0 and about 180 pounds heavy with a semi-muscular build, he has messed black hair that goes down to his shoulders and has a tendency to cover his eyes. He is wearing a black overcoat, a white and very food stained shirt with black slacks and sandals on his feet.
Personality: Mike is fairly calm and laid back, not much really gets under his skin to say the least as he has been made fun of since grade school because of his looks and his metabolism.
History: he came to the island's park to just play around, nothing more, nothing less.
Character type: large
Traits: Daredevil (changes rolls, can't hit normally) and Observant (+2 to spot checks)
Starting Area: Abandoned Park
Weapon Equipped: Fire Hatchet (Average Sharp)
Inventory: Bike Handlebar (taking up two spaces), Fire Truck Key
Modifiers: +4 Strength, +1 Damage, +2 Spot, -3 Hide, -3 Pursuit, +3 Detection, [Roll: Miss 1-3, Graze 4-5, Critical 6-10], (Weapon: +1 glancing, +2 regular, +4 critical)
Name: Sir Martin Richards

Related Characters: None, though probably everyone on the boat recalls him (one way or the other)

Appearance: An old man, well in his 60s, but doesn't look a year older than 50. Maybe 55. He is in remarkably good shape for his age, even has his own hair and teeth (most of it anyway). His eyesight only just started to deteriorate, but doesn't need any glasses yet, according to him. He was wearing a scarlet-purple silk dressing gown (with his initials on the pockets with gold embroidery) above comfortable white pants and a sailor-style shirt, white socks and white leather shoes. All absolutely ruined by the salt water. He definitely gives off a Heffner vibe, despite being British and talking with an accent most of the time.

Personality: He appears to be... well, he is basically a cheery, quirky old man on the outside, who had an interesting life and likes to share it (or the parts he remembers) with everyone else, just so he can stay in the center of attention. If he was poorer, people would probably think him mad, but he realized that as a man as filthy rich as him, he can do whatever he wants and get away with being called eccentric. The whole thing is more or less an act put on to fool others, by becoming a fool himself. In times of need, he is actually a keen observer and capable of cunning and acts that people would not expect of an old man his age and mannerisms.

History: Sir Martin Richards was born as Martin Richards Jr. (and filthy rich) into a British noble family of high ranking, and even higher fortune. His mother died soon after he was born, so he got left alone with a stern father rather early in his life. He was kind of a problem child, always in the wrong, so his father sent him to military school in the hopes of making a man out of him. It half worked, half didn't; Martin has shown aptitude for military strategy, and was an adept marksman, but never really got the hang of this whole "discipline" thing. With his wits about (and his father at home in the family estate), he always got out of trouble just in time though. He was quite a womanizer these years and didn't cool down until his mid 30s when he married the love of his life. This was after being knighted for his military services, from which he retired shortly after.

As a true nobleman of the country, Martin was always a person who'd marvel at the beauty of nature. He'd do everything in his power to stop endangered species from being endangered, so their beauty can be looked at by the next generation. He mostly did this by contributing to making them extinct, then stuffing them and putting them on display.

Because Martin was a born hunter. He'd go around the world, hunting for animals that, chances are, he wouldn't be able to hunt a decade later.

His wife died on one of these hunting trips in Africa, only a year after the wedding. He didn't have anything else but the hunt left since then, though nowadays he only leaves his cozy estate if there are some real gems to be found (or to crash parties with his senile old man acts. That's always good for a laugh).

When he noticed reports of tourists spotting a rare species of bird on the island, formerly considered extinct, he bought one of the villas there and got on a private plane... although since the island didn't have an airport he'd then still need to take the boat later. Of course, his guns wouldn't go through customs, and have to be shipped (which will take about a month to arrive), but at least that'll gave him ample time to find the birds, and maybe relax and see if there's anything else to shoot at on the island. He got on the boat going to the island immediately after landing.

On the boat he probably got a name for himself as "that senile old man who calls people Jenkins and thinks they are his servant". That's one of his classic "how to annoy other rich bastards" maneuvers btw.

Character type: Mid-size
Traits: Observant, Marksman
Starting Area: Beach to Convenience Store
Weapon Equipped: none
Inventory: -
Modifiers: +2 Strength, +2 Spot, [Ranged Weapon Roll: Miss 1-2, Graze 3-4, Regular 5-7, Critical 8-10]
Name: Hunter O'Leary

Related Characters: 14 other scouts and 1 Scout Master. 13 of those 14 are goombas though, so the important scout is Larry, the gangly 17 year old SPL with a wicked superiority complex. The Scout Master, or "Ranger Rick" as he liked to be called, was a likable guy and also served as councilor for all of the outdoorsy Merit Badges, which means that he was instrumental in Hunter learning what he knows about survival.

Appearance: Hunter is pretty much your run of the mill 14 year old. He stands roughly 5 feet tall, though a good inch of this is due to the thick soles of his hiking boots, and has the wiry build of an active youth. Freckles are splashed across his face and arms, framing a set of green eyes underneath a shock of short, orange hair. When the plane crashed, he was dressed in his Boy Scout uniform: a beige short sleeved button down shirt featuring several pockets and a variety of badges, a pair of rugged green canvas pants with even more pockets, as well as the ability to zip off into shorts, thick green socks made for hiking, a web belt featuring a sturdy brass buckle, a green and tan neckerchief held up by a pewter slide, and a green ball cap. The aforementioned boots are of a superior make and are dark brown with black soles. Despite his glaringly Irish characteristics, Hunter speaks with more of a Midwestern accent.

Personality: Hunter used to be happy and carefree. Used to be. Since his parents' recent separation, he's become much more of the dour and cynical type. He's still polite and responsive when dealing with others, especially adults, but when left to his own devices you can almost see the little black raincloud floating above his head. Always the Boy Scout, Hunter takes the motto "Be Prepared" to heart. Several of the items he had packed for this trip included 50 feet of high-tensile parachute cord, a survival blanket, emergency rations, a whistle, his penknife, a signal mirror, waterproof matches and two, count 'em, two first aid kits (and then the plane crashed and left him up shit creek, but I'm getting ahead of myself). He has a natural affinity for the outdoors and a keen sense of observation, often spotting an unusual plant or rare bird while out camping, and when it comes to practical solutions, his problem solving skills are exceptional. Personal Note: He hates Larry, the Senior Patrol Leader, with a passion.

-Pre-Island Notes: Youngest of three boys, been in scouts since first grade, earned Eagle Scout (the highest rank in Scouts) about three months ago, his parents divorced shortly afterwards.

Character type: Small

Traits: Obervant (+2 Spot), Fit (Vitality set to 12).

Starting Area: Forest to Lighthouse.

Weapon Equipped: None.

Inventory: Backpack, Parachute.

Modifiers: Vitality +2, Spot +2, Hide +3, Pursuit +2, Damage -1, Detection -3
Name: Ixbalanque
Related Characters: -
Appearance: Messy short silver/grey hair and bright azure eyes, he wears an oversized, brown hooded jacket with many concealed and obvious pockets. A simple pair of cargos and tees of similar color scheme further completes his looks as a homeless vagabond (with clothing looking as if he didn't own them originally). He wears black sneakers.

He's only about 4' 9". Probably doesn't weight much heavier than 80 pounds. His age is a good and safe guess of 13 or 14 years old.
Personality: Quiet, reserved, um, adorable? Ruthless in battle however.
History: He was homeless for as long as he remember-- he normally scavenge for food and survival, but never actually stole or rob people. Somehow.
Character type: Small
Traits: Resilient, Daredevil
Starting Area: Zeh park
Weapon Equipped: Broken Beer Bottle (Light Sharp)
Inventory: Glass Shards x5
Modifiers: -3 Detection, +3 Hide, +3 Pursuit, -1 Damage, [Roll: Miss 1-3, Graze 4-5, Critical 6-10], (Weapon: +1 glancing, +1 regular, +2 critical)
Name: Benjamin "Ben" Wright

Related Characters: Kitty Arlington (Ex?-Butler to her, kidnapped and quite possibly dead), Mr. and Mrs. Arlington (Ex-Butler, formally deceased, Shibito)

Appearance: Though around an average 5'8", Ben is quite well-toned as his occupation requires. He has short, sandy brown hair and cheerful-looking blue eyes. Since this was a vacation, Ben's masters told him, or ordered him, not to dress so formally. Thus his current attire consists of a light blue T-shirt, a leather brown coat, black slacks, and blue-silver sneakers.

Personality: Mostly helpful and thoughtful, Ben is a slightly easygoing person, except when he's attending to his masters' orders, where he does each task seriously and with caution. Possessing an excellent intellect and imagination, Ben does his best to notice every tiny detail of the current situation, whether it may seem relevant or not. He is very caring to people he's formed close bonds with, and views the world as a place to take one step at a time to reach one's goal.

History: Orphaned at an early age, Ben had no choice other than to aim high and work his life out the tough way. Being a meticulous and thoughtful person and taking job-after-job, Ben found his calling after helping as a tour guide to a certain Mr. and Mrs. Arlington. Undergoing fierce training to become a first-class butler, Ben succeeded into becoming an aid to these kind, yet slightly eccentric, rich people. He has continued to serve them to this day... by protecting their one and only beloved daughter.

Washing up on the island started with a horrible experience, his former master, Rex Arlington, had turned into some kind of horrid blood-zombie, a shibito. Sensing great danger and now having access to sight-jacking, Ben quickly put some sand in his pocket, picked up a flashlight, and tried getting Kitty to safety. The red-suited man might be of some help...

...minutes later, Benjamin was in shock as his slumbering mistress was wrestled from him by a bizarre flying shibito. Crying out in agony, all Benjamin could do was follow the red-suited man, now known as William Rupert, to safety...

...unfortunately, Rupert was gunned down by shibito. Benjamin and an eccentric old man he met on the boat named Martin Richards, who proceeded to address Benjamin solely as "Jenkins" as he did on the boat, despite the butler's insistence on his real name, or at least "Benjie," had only the option to not go to the convenience store, and instead made their way to the hills, where they met a Dutch Boxer named Sjoerd. The three kept running and made their way to lighthouse at Martin's intuition.

Upon reaching the lighthouse, they met Ilyani Scales, who was also not shibito. They heard voices of pursuers, one belonging to the previously dead William Rupert, but with the episode of Rex Arlington, Benjamin knew what had happened. The four stood in front of the lighthouse.... it seemed the only option was to go in and hide, despite the signal light operating at the top...

...Making their way inside, the four found a mysterious girl who could be no older than 14, her youth reminded Benjamin of Kitty, whom he had failed to protect. Suddenly, a low eerie sound spread across the island, and the girl quickly told all of them to prepare for the night... when "they" were going to hunt...

Character type: Mid-size
Traits: Observant, Fit
Starting Area: Beach to Convenience Store
Current Area: Lighthouse
Weapon Equipped: Pitchfork (Average, Sharp)
Inventory: Loose Sand, Flashlight (Average, Blunt)
Modifiers: +2 Strength, +2 Vitality, +2 Spot
Name:Jeremi Davis

Related Characters: This reasonable attractive chick who sat in front of him on the plane. Otherwise, no.

Appearance: One might describe Jeremi the way one would describe a football player tackling someone off in the distance. Mean and big. His shoulders are the widest that have ever existed, but he clearly works out far more than is healthy. His own back muscles are sufficiently large that he must remain uncomfortably hunched over most of the time. He is currently wearing a slightly tight sports jersey and loose-fitted black jeans.

Personality: Despite his appearance, he actually is a fairly nice guy. He has a bit of an obsession about working out, but besides that he doesn't have any unusual hobbies either. He is a relatively normal man, likes to go to parties, make slightly overstated advances on attractive women, and to make money. When push comes to shove he is a bit of a coward, but this mostly comes out as violent and panicked outbursts.

Gistory: He has just recently graduated from college with a degree in engineering and just began heading out to his first job. He has never been active in sports or hobbies besides those related to weight-lifting or his Fraternity, Alpha-Chi-Rho.

Size Category: Large

Traits: Buff, Bruiser

Starting Location: Forest to Lighthouse.

Weapon Equipped: Heavy Wood (Heavy weapon)

Inventory: Backpack, Parachute.

Modifiers: Strength +5, +1 Damage or +3 Heavy Weapons Damage, Hide -3, Pursuit -3, Detection +3, (Weapon: -1 glancing, +2 regular, +3 critical)
Name: Eric Smith
Related Characters: n/a
Appearance: Eric is 5' 7", and has a slim but toned build. Because of his almost constant running, his legs are easily the strongest part of his body. He knows how to get around obstacles and knows from experience that long bulky/ragged/baggy clothes are just going to get caught on a something. He wears a long sleeved-sleeved dark green shirt and some somewhat loose jeans with a belt. His shoes are broken in sneakers that he's had for the last six months. His hair is dirty blond and his blue eyes are constantly darting around. His hands are constantly in his jean pockets.
Personality: When it comes to his personality, Eric has always been somewhat twitchy. In both mindset and body, he's very attentive in the way that his eyes leap from detail to detail, looking around a room for a potential way out. He's friendly but timid, quick to give a cautious smile, but never really laughing at much. His life was always simple with the route of getting away from his problems, and leads to his demeanor, one of jumpiness and what ends up looking like a shifty disposition.
History: Eric has always run from his problems. He's never been particularly cowardly, but it was always the easiest way to solve them. When his father came home drunk wanting something to beat with the belt, staying outside for the night seemed like the obvious choice. Running from the threats out there seemed easier. When confronted with the threat of a gang wanting his scrawny ass pounded into a pulp, jumping over a fence and running a couple miles through territory they didn't know was way easier and a lot more on the 'less pain' side. When his parents divorced, he ran away too then, ran to live with his grandparents. When both of them finally died, he was old enough to care for himself. With the life lesson that there's nothing that can't be solved by running fast and far enough away, he's not the best ally to count on in a fight, but he can sure help when it comes to getting away from that fight.
Character type: Small
Traits: Fleet (+1 Pursuit), Chicken (-1 to Attack rolls, ½ chance to miss Eric while he is fleeing)
Starting Area: Forest to Lighthouse
Weapon Equipped: None.
Inventory: Handbag, Bottled Water x3.
Modifiers: +4 Pursuit, +3 Hide, -3 Detection, 1/2 chance for free escape, -1 Attack Rolls, -1 Damage
Name: Han Tae Kyung

Related Characters: None.

Appearance: Standing at the average height of 5'9, Tae Kyung's body build doesn't really stand out. He wears a red shirt with a gray sweater jacket over his body, a bargain bin-quality jeans, and a worn out black skater shoes. Tae doesn't really think twice if the clothing he wears matches, look good, or even clean. He simply wears whatever is necessary and what makes him comfortable.

Personality: Tae Kyung is very silent, mostly due to his hard time learning English, but he is far being helpless. He tries his best to break down the language barrier between himself and others, but he finds it very difficult. Once in a while, he may be desperate enough to yell out what he is trying to say in Korean.

History: Tae Kyung is a transfer student from Korea, almost finished with his program and making a last minute trip to the island for sightseeing. He managed to get the cheapest ticket for the ferry and hoped it would a memorable experience before he comes back home.

Character type: Mid-Size.

- Marksman: Roll to graze opponent with a ranged weapon changed to 3-4, regular 5-7, critical 8-10.
- Wary: -1 to enemy detection checks

Starting Area: Beach to Convenience Store

Weapon Equipped: None.

Inventory: None.

Modifiers: +2 Strength, -1 Detection, [Ranged Weapon Rolls: Miss 1-2, Graze 3-4, Regular 5-7, Critical 8-10]
Name: Zacharai Archer
Related Characters: N/A
Appearance: Zachari is a young caucasian man with dark hazel eyes, faded black hair that looks like it's on its last leg of a dye job and a medium if somewhat athletic build. He has a pretty mature face, particularly due to his sideburns and a small goatee decidedly in the works. He was stuck wearing a white, button-up dress shirt and a pair of black slacks, as well as a black dress wind-breaker. He does not appear at all comfortable in such clothing, or at least not used to the way they fit.

Personality: Zacharai is a young man who deals with hard work as it comes to him. He can often find the time to complain about a situation but is reactionary and accepting rather than striving for better things. He is agnostic, though any stress surrounding that is more often driven by his family's own religious leanings. He gets along well with people in general, unless they really annoy him, in which case he merely suffers them.

History: Zacharai's family is a large one, he is the third of four boys and has three younger sisters as well. His parents are avid church-goers and due to such an upbringing they have always participated immensely in neighbourhood charity and volunteerisms. He rarely has space at home for much of a private life, and is not needed to look after his younger siblings. His older brothers have gone to private religious schools that have drained the original savings plan meant for him, though he doesn't have much so far as a dream to actually need money for.

He was brought to Sundown due to the promise of good work and good money. He knows his ways around people and was hoping to work as a bell-hop or on the general caretaking staff until he had enough money to return home and move out permanently. He was moving by ship to the island with a single bag of clothing and no real belongings, so even when the craft crashed into the island he has lost little thus far.

Character type: Mid-Size
Traits: Buff (+1 Strength Rolls), Fleet (+1 Pursuit Rolls)
Starting Area: Beach to Convenience Store
Weapon Equipped: None
Inventory: None
Modifiers: +3 Strength, +1 Pursuit
Name: Michael Barre
Related Characters: None
Appearance: Michael wears a tight fitting navy blue T-shirt and a pair of dark gray work pants that are loose around the ankle. His shoes are brown and come to a general point at the toes. At first glance they might appear to be cowboy boots. His skin is slightly tanned, and his body is long and fit at just over six feet. His hair is dark brown and extends down to his shoulders, obscuring his eyes slightly. He has a brown aviator jacket that he wears when he is cold, but will otherwise carry it around or tie it around his waist awkwardly.

Personality: Michael is a blunt and "rough around the edges" kind of person. He is in reality highly intelligent but chooses not to display it due to a lack of work ethic and a satisfaction with his life as is. He usually adopts an almost threatening demeanor, which has gotten him into a number of fights. In direct contrast to his outward appearance Michael has a strong sense of right and wrong; he hates to see injustice and will cause fights in his attempts to "right" things.

History: Michael is an eighteen-year-old teenager who, after getting into a major argument with his parents, snuck onto a boat to Sundown and began living "on the streets". He had every intention to eventually return home, but for the moment was perfectly happy sleeping in parks and living off the small amount of money he had plus anything else he could find.

Character type: Mid-size
Traits: Determined, Hopeful
Starting Area: Abandoned Park
Weapon Equipped: Fire Hatchet (Average Sharp)
Inventory: Empty
Modifiers: +2 Strength
Name: Samson 'Sammy' Young

Related Characters: Mama Young + Papa Young

Appearance: Aged around 6, Sammy is a small boy, almost the perfect definition of the word petit. With a slight tan evident in his cheeks and the many scrapes and bruises on his knees, Sammy is the kind of child you'd expect to be more at home in the dirt than any fancy homestead but the clothes he wears tell a different story, a long sleeved top with a deep blue colouring can be seen to be made from a very expensive material, his black designer trainers finish of the look, oddly enough though, he is also wearing a pair of worn out old shorts which are as grubby as he is.

Personality: A sense of adventure and fearlessness fills this boy's body to the very core, wherever he goes he likes to explore thoroughly before he will even listen to his parents although the fact that he is extremely clumsy doesn't help this tendency, usually leaving a multitude of disasters in his wake, its incredibly lucky Samson has never broken anything...

History: Coming to the island with his parents, Sammy is the only child of a rich couple who came to the island after investing heavy sums of money in the construction of the new hotel, unfortunately for him, this business prowess that they both share leaves very time for Sammy, fortunately Sammy doesn't really care much for parental control and as such has ended up separated from his guardians on a strange new island, filled with wonderful new things to explore...

Character type: Small
Traits: [Lucky +4 to all spot checks]
Starting Area: Beach to Convenience Store
Weapon Equipped:
Inventory: None
Modifiers: +4 Spot, +3 Hide, +3 Pursuit, -3 Detection, -1 Damage
Name: Sarah Taylor
Related Characters: [None, I guess...]

Sarah is a girl in her late teens. She is around 5'3" and is thin (though she'd probably rather say fit). She has pale skin unaccented with somewhat natural looking make up. Her light blue eyes are covered by a pair of square glasses. The glasses lack rims, but the non glass parts are otherwise all silver. Of course, the only part of this that can be seen is over the bridge of her nose and at the edges of her face, as the glasses are otherwise covered by her platinum blonde hair. She chooses to wear her hair down, without bangs, and down to her shoulders.

She dresses appropriately for her age and background; her clothes could likely be found in many a local clothing shop. They aren't top of the line trendy, but it wouldn't be hard to see that she put some thought into the clothing she wore. Her upper body was covered in a tight-fitting, white hooded sweatshirt. The hood is left down, as only complete freaks would wear their hood up all the time. She wears a pair of khaki capris over her lower body, with a white pair of sneakers to finish off the ensemble.


Sarah is a golden girl. She does well in school, has plenty of extra curricular activities, and even plays Soccer and runs Track. She's friendly, outgoing, and tries to be funny. She's a fairly normal girl. She likes to joke around with friends, hang out at the mall, or just hang out. She is morally upright and has a strong sense of justice. She believes that doing the right thing is just something everyone should do. She's an optimist, and does her best to make sure her view of humanity is held up through her own actions.


To: Diary
Received: 7:45 A.M. Yesterday.
Subject: [Great Morning]

Good Morning! The weather is great right now. Weatherman says it should stay this way today. I love nice summer weather.

To: Diary
Received: 8:21 A.M. Yesterday.
Subject: [Silky Sweet]

So smooth. I just tripped heading down my stairs. I recovered though, and it was great! I rolled to my feet, leaped off the steps, and managed to land in some wicked B.A. crouching pose at the bottom of the stairs. Sometimes I wish other people watched everything I did. Then they could catch stuff like this. lol.

To: Diary
Received: 9:00 A.M. Yesterday.
Subject: [Charity]

Heading down to the organization to volunteer. They'll probably have me working in a kitchen or something. It'll be a nice way to better the community; everyone's gotta do their part!

To: Diary
Received: 10:26 A.M. Yesterday.
Subject: [Sundown Drop]

Got my new assignment. I might just be the luckiest girl around. I'm heading out to Sundown to bring supplies to the homeless. I just started hearing some good stuff about the place, and this'll be a great excuse to check it out. Charity work has hedonistic benefits too, I guess.

To: Diary
Received: 11:50 P.M. Yesterday.
Subject: [A PLANE]

Just saw a guy with some crazy tattoos on the dock. I don't think I've ever seen a man with so much of his skin covered in tattoos. He noticed me looking at him and stuck out his tongue at me. I swear, it was tattooed too!

To: Diary
Received: 12:42 P.M. Yesterday.
Subject: [The Park]

This place is odd. It used to be a kid's park, I guess. There's all these abandoned playscape things and stuff. I dropped off a box with various supplies, clothes, etc. Didn't really get a chance to speak to anyone.

To: Diary
Received: 1:05 P.M. Yesterday.
Subject: [Free Time]

I have some time to blow, so I'm going to hang out on the island for a while. Maybe walk the beach or something.

To: Diary
Received: 1:32 P.M. Yesterday.
Subject: [Crabs?]

I found a neat tidepool on the beach. There weren't any critters in it, though, as far as I could see. Total disappointment.

To: Diary
Received: 3:20 P.M. Yesterday.
Subject: [Lost?]

I've been wandering around for a while. I have no idea where I am. It's ok though; I've got plenty of daytime left to burn. Besides, it's nice to not really be doing anything. Wandering around. This place isn't a terrible place to be lost.

To: Diary
Received: 7:00 P.M. Yesterday.
Subject: [Last Ferry]

Darn! I missed the last Ferry! I finally figured out where I was and I didn't make it back in time. I didn't really bring much cash with me either, and now it looks like I'll be spending the night. Where would someone with no where to go and no money to get a place to go find somewhere to sleep on this island? : P Good thing I dropped off that stuff earlier. Looks like I'll be spending the night with my new friends in the park.

To: Diary
Received: 9:32 A.M. Yesterday.
Subject: [Cozy]

This place isn't that bad. I guess I could dig spending some time here. A lot of the stuff I dropped off earlier is gone; guess I was a big hit. The weather's beautiful, and so are the stars. I sort of spent some time stargazing; it's wicked amazing, the stars. I guess that's really all for today. Looking forward to the first ferry home and just another good day tomorrow. Bed time.

To: Diary
Received: 7:22 A.M. Today
Subject: [Crazy]

That about sums it up. I swear I said it was nice last night, right? Well, it's way colder now than a nice summer day has a right to be. And also I just saw some wicked crazy stuff go down. Some bloody homeless guy crawled into the gazebo me and three other dudes were in. Then a fireman plowed through a fence I don't remember and pressure washed him away with the hose. Then he got his throat slit by another bloody guy, fell to the ground, got up, and started talking with his murderer like nothing happened! (Can you still call it murder if the dead guy gets better?)

To: Diary
Received: 7:22 A.M. Today
Subject: [I may be too]

Also, I'll put this here. I think, when the first bloody homeless guy showed up (I sound so British. There should never be this much blood outside that country), that I had a weird vision or half conscious dream or something. I like, felt like I was in his head. It was crazy. I just woke up though. Probably nothing. I hope.

To: Diary
Received: 7:35 A.M. Today
Subject: [Escaped]

This is insane. We just stole that FireMan's truck . Those homeless people were dangerous. I'm with the kid, the bomber jacket guy, and the big guy. I saved the kid from one of them, but the man stabbed me. It was only superficial, tho. I'm ok. Bomber Jacket sprayed some of them with water and the big guy took the keys and drove us off.

To: Diary
Received: 7:37 A.M. Today
Subject: [Driving]

We're driving unreasonably fast. This seems dangerous. Especially since the big guy has that nasty looking cut. I managed to patch mine up pretty well. I hope he keeps control of this thing. On the brightside, it'd take like, a brick wall to stop the fire truck.

To: Diary
Received: 7:38 A.M. Today
Subject: [Bloody Eyes]

Those homeless people with the bloody eyes weren't the only ones. I started looking out the windows, and they're all over the island. I know it sounds crazy, but it's like an epidemic or something. Also that weird headache/vision thing keeps coming back. I think it's their fault. I think we're seeing through their eyes. This is crazy.

To: Diary
Received: 7:40 A.M. Today
Subject: [AH!]

Writing this as my last message. if you find this diary, call my parents and tell them what happened. I died in a car accident. Lov

To: Diary
Received: 8:00 A.M. Today.
Subject: [I Survived]

I'm alive. So are Bomber jacket and the Kid. We lost the big guy, though. I never learned his name, either. There's a new guy here. He's Older, and a Nerd. I think we're going with him for a while. Can't see much. We're probably heading to a church.

To: Diary
Received: 8:00 A.M. Today.
Subject: [Buzzing]

Also, I hear buzzing. I think, because of those weird visions (I know, I'm crazy, but go along with me) that they're probably like the Bloody-eye guys. They're also probably the same kind of fly-thing we hit that caused the crash. So creepy.

To: Diary
Received: 8:02 A.M. Today.
Subject: [Church]

Everyone made it to the church. It's kind of wrong in here, but it seems a lot safer than outside. It's painted this funny blue and all ruined and stuff. I get this feeling we're not alone in here, too. I'm going to try and use those visions I've been having. Maybe I have ESP now or something, lol.

Character type: Small
Traits: Compact, Wary, Hopeful
Starting Area: Pahk. (It's in Massachusetts, after all)
Weapon Equipped: Starts out as none. Put something here once you get a weapon.
Inventory: Bike Horn, Baseball Bat
Modifiers: +4 Hide, +3 Pursuit, -4 Detection Checks, -1 Damage
Okay, I'm finally going to approve things. I looked over them earlier and all are approved. There are one or two special things to address, however:

1) Dark still needs to change the boat part in his history.

2) Leiquan will stick with the boat group. Note that that brings the total to six people, so you guys are definitely getting split up later.

Besides that, please wait on me to open topics before you post anything. Once you see your objective area, that is where you will post (in any order you choose). I'll also get around to adding everyone's modifiers later.
Kitty Arlington.
Related Characters:
Benjamin Wright - Butler of the Arlington family - RevivedSin's character
Rex Arlington - Father of Kitty - Deceased - Last seen wearing a Hawaiian shirt, jeans and sport shoes. Has trouble walking due to age, so brings his walking cane along at all times. A man who holds kindness towards employees. Has had a period of alcohol addiction in his past.
Melissa Arlington - Mother of Kitty - Deceased - Last seen wearing a white summer dress, straw hat and wooden sandals. A woman who used to have a cold attitude and loved to play mean tricks on others, until she got married and got a child.
Kitty is a little girl of 10 years old, 5'1" feet and 116 lb. She has blond hair with her hair flat to the back, to her shoulders, except for two pieces sticking upwards that resemble cat ears in form. She has pale green eyes. She came to the island wearing a red summer dress, red sandals and a little leather pouch on a belt around her waist.
A little bundle of energy and a love for adventuring and exploring. Kitty is the kid you can't help worrying about, because you know she'll get into trouble some way or another. She's kind to most people as is taught to her by her parents.
Kitty is the daughter of Rex and Melissa Arlington, big names in the movie scene, as such she was raised in a rich family and spoiled in many ways. Realizing she had a lot of freedom she started to grow fond of finding out new things and trying out new things, usually leading to disaster of some kind.
Her parents and she have now decided to take a vacation in Sundown, allowing Kitty to explore more of the new wilderness before her.

Character type: Small.
Traits: Wary. Compact.
Starting Area: Beach to Convenience Store.
Weapon Equipped:
Modifiers: +4 Hide, +3 Pursuit, -4 Detection Checks, -1 Damage
Shur's character also approved. Same stuff from Aim's previous post still applies.
Name: Zeek O'Reily

Related Characters: N/A

Appearance: Zeek is a scruffy 23 year old male of about 6'0 height, and 200 lb. His dirty blond hair hangs down infront of his face, just over his emerald green eyes. The lightly muscular male wears a black hoody, zipper and pockets in the front, with a dark green t-shirt underneath. His legs are covered in a pair of blue denim jeans, flex fit for easier movement and rather comfy attire, with a pair of black running shoes upon his feet. He has a light ammount of stubble upon his chin and above his lip, a recently shaven beard and mustache to blame.

Personality: Zeek tends to be a pretty calm guy under normal circumstances, training on the force helped him use that to think logically in tough situations. Give him a gun and his talents will truely show. A fairly good judge of character, and one to help those in need sum up the basis of his attitude towards others, and general returns the sentiments shown towards him be it good or bad.

History: Has been in training for 2 years as a police officer after graduating from college, but seems to spend more time in the firing range honing his skills rather then actually field work. Mostly caused upon witnessing a rookie once shoot an innocent in the leg, after carelessly handling his firearm, Zeek wanted to make sure he was never so thoughtless on the field. As such he's been strict with himself in both learning and practice on and off the job, with the responsibilities he's been given.

Character type: mid-size

Traits: Marksman, Unreserved

Starting Area: Motel

Weapon Equipped: Fire Extinguisher (heavy weapon)

Inventory: Door Weight

Modifiers: +2 Strength, [Stagger on 9 or 10], [Ranged Weapon Roll: Miss 1-2, Graze 3-4, Regular 5-7, Critical 8-10], (Weapon: -1 glancing, +2 regular, +3 critical)
Name: Iden McGrubbs

Related Characters: none. LOL.

Appearance: A 42 year old man at a height of 6'3, weighing around 200 pounds, with a very aged-looking face, and some bandages around his arm after his last debacle involving Crocodiles and Antelopes. Iden also has a mullet and a scruffy beard, probably due to his razor being lost to the point he can't shave anytime soon. He wears a pair of sunglasses and a maroon cap with an emblem on it. Clothes wise, he wears a yellow shirt and a Cargo Vest, and beige cargo pants.

Personality: Iden is not a happy camper. He's grumpy, he's seen many things, some he wished he'd never seen in the first place, and he does not believe in any higher power at all. He's also resourceful, trying to find uses for anything that would be considered junk. He's also extremely prone to yelling profanities, due to his trade. He also looooooooves booze, and given the circumstance will consume it immediately to relieve his own stress.

History: Once a cameraman who then turned into roving reporter for the times, Iden has traveled around the world more often to cover news. He's no amateur to dangerous situations, ranging from close encounters with raw, hard wildlife to covering desert military operations. He thinks he's seen it all, and would've retired a long time ago, if not for the fact that he's not a rich guy at all and he needs the money to support himself.

His most recent assignment sent him to the quiet and lonely Sundown island to cover the opening of the hotel, which he absolutely went on a rampage with his editors, saying this kind of job was not suited for him. The editors shut him up by promising an extremely lucrative pay, and also a bit of history about the Island itself. Intrigued, and driven by the extra bonus in his pay, he left for Sundown island, cameras, equipment and everything at the ready.

That is, until the incompetence of the people on board the ferry lost his entire equipment due to an accident. All his equipment were either lost at sea or stolen by some bloody bastard. Seeing as his return ticket wasn't valid until a few days later, he decided to keep the entire debacle to himself and see if he could get a new camera to record everything on the island.

Character type: Mid-Sized

Traits: Observant, Fleet

Starting Area: Motel

Weapon Equipped: Shower Rod (Mid Blunt Weapon)

Inventory: Letter Opener, 1/6

Modifiers: +2 Strength, +2 Spot, +1 Pursuit, (Weapon: +1 glancing, +2 regular, +3 critical)
Name: Alistair Charlie Lorcain

Related Characters: Ashlynn Lorcain (Sister), Johnathan Greene (Brother-in-law), Briana and Charlie Greene (Niece and nephew: 7 and 5 respectively)

Appearance: Alistair is a relatively tall man, 6'2", in his early thirties. He has brown hair cut short and bright blue eyes. He has an athletic build and weighs around 200lbs. He is light skinned, verging on pale, and has a reddish brown goatee and mustache that he keeps trimmed short. He is wearing a black t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans along with a pair of black work boots. He has a black leather bomber jacket and a leather belt. He has a silver watch on his wrist and a peculiar necklace around his neck that consists of a silver chain and a piece of metal wrapped in a spiral around a black d20 with red numbering.

Personality: Alistair is a calm, collected individual with a kind soul. He grew up with the idea that he has to protect his family and thus developed a fierce protective streak when it comes to his younger sister. He is quick witted and has often been called intelligent and creative, traits that he has made use of as a novelist.

History: Alistair is a moderately famous writer in certain fantasy circles. He was very close to his family growing up, but that distance widened as his sister grew up and got married. He hasn't seen his sister or her children in some time, Ashlynn moving with her husband to a small island off the coast of Massachusetts. He made a tidy profit off of his newest book, The Tome of Kings, and decided to celebrate by visiting his sister and her family. He planned out the vacation with his sister, but managed to finish his work earlier than expected and booked an earlier flight, planning to arrive two days earlier than planned with the intent of surprising Ashlynn. However, his plane arrived late in the evening and he decided to stay at a motel for the night and head to his sister's home in the morning.

Character type: Mid-size

Traits: Skilled, Observant

Starting Area: Motel

Weapon Equipped: Sign Post (Average blunt weapon)

Inventory: Door Weight

Modifiers: Strength +2, Spot +2, +1 Light or Average Weapon Damage, (Weapon: +1 regular, +2 critical)