Okay.....whoever want's to...use this thread as a fun mini rp. The subject....a highschool with your navis. School uniforms, teachers, the nurse's office, clubs....the works....go have fun!
Zephyr walked briskly through the swinging double doors in the front of RE:RN High, toting a black leather laptop messenger, a brand-name polo, and dark blue jeans.


Dumping his books in a locker, he sighed, looking around for his friends.

"Wow. I'm the only one to get here like 5 minutes early?"
Suddenly, a cable swung past Zephyr as an AV cart went careening by uncontrolled, followed by a second with no equipment but a student on it.
Ah! Hey, Zeph! Another cart got loose! Yelled the junior AV staffer Van, nicknamed Voltman, as he flew down the hallway. His cargo pants were snagged on the cart, but it was hardly noticable, and actually helped hold him in as he flew down the hallway, his beanie somehow miraculously staying on. Catching a glint of light, the lightningbolt logo on his shirt lit up, momentarily blinding a nearby student, before he turned back to his chase. Following the rogue cart, he eventually passed from sight turning a corner.
Grinning as Van zoomed by, Zephyr decided to follow him and help out a bit if needed. Sneaking around a corner, he peered around the side to see what Van'd done now...
Around the corner, school prettyboy Walter (nicknamed Waltzen for his love of dancing), was flirting with 3 girls simultaneously, laughing and running his fingers through his brilliant blonde hair. He was wearing his usual: black shoes, pants, and belt, along with a white dress shirt that had half its buttons undone. Waltzen was about to say something to the girls... until something flashed around the corner and bolted straight at him. To Waltzen, it was like time had frozen, giving him time to think about what was going on.

Wait... what is attacking me? Is that a rabid AV cart? I need to get out of the way...

Alas, he should have had that last thought sooner, because the runaway crashed straight into him, making all 3 girls run away screaming. Groaning, Waltzen struggled to get the cart off his chest...
"VAN VOLT!" a dragon-like voiced roared as the AV cart crashed into Waltzen. A tall man with blue eyes, spiky black hair, wearing a blue jacket, blue sports pants, a white inner shirt and leather shoes ran up to "Voltman" bellowing, "YOU SUPREME IDIOT! THAT'S THE FIFTH ONE THAT GOT LOOSE TODAY!" Campus Supervisor Shui Long yelled. "I swear, the principal is too lenient with you guys." Shui Long, sighed as he helped Waltzen up. "You, go to the nurses' office, Now." It looked like Waltzen might want to heed those words.
The Chinese man looked up at the school wall, a large banner promoting the upcoming Halloween dance was the topic highlight at this point. He let out a "hmph" as he dragged Voltman back to the AV area with the runaway cart, mumbling something about "crazy kids."
Siren, walking out from the nurse's office, dressed up in a white outfit and a standard issue nurse's cap with long red hair, blue eyes and white skin, while she was weairing pink lipstick, black tenis shoes and had on some red nail polish on her nails just gave the students a smile and a wave.

"I sure hope that nothing happens....I may be a nurse, but I hate having to give people some medical attention." She then walked back in and slumped at her desk witch had a flat screen monitor computer, loging onto the internet for some stuff she needed to look at.
Meanwhile, at an out-of-sight table in the entrance hall, the soft rapid 'tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak' of a keyboard could be heard. Anyone that had been in Rogue High for more than a few weeks knew that that 'tak'ing came from a laptop, but not just any laptop. No, this 'tak'ing came from a one Keijun Shiejoushi, nicknamed Binary by many.

He was dressed in his usual style; plain blue jeans, white dress shirt, and the belt with all those strange, self-made devices. As usual, sitting in front of his also-self-made laptop. At the moment, he was hacked into the school's network at the request of the principal, working on streamlining the binary flow of the network and improving the system's operating speed and memory capabilities. From his young-looking face, noone would guess he was two grades ahead of everyone else his age.

His icy black eyes darted briefly up as he saw the rogue AV cart fly by. "Baka," Keijun muttered about pretty much everybody, but noone in particular. His eyes went back to his laptop, and he continued being his cold, antisocial self.
"Damn AV nerd..." mumbled Waltzen, rubbing a growing bruise on his chest as he walked into the nurse's office. As his eyes travelled up to the female nurse, Waltzen suddenly started feeling a lot better.

"Hey," said Waltzen nonchalantly, standing in the doorway.
Siren looked up at the student that had walked up into her doorway so she just smiled and waved.

"hay, need anything?" Siren asked in a nice tone.
"Yeah, the Supervisor sent me here. I got run over by a rogue AV cart," answered Waltzen, pointing to the bruise on his chest.
Two lanky teens were walking down the hall when the cart almost took them out. The shorter of the two, a twitchy teen who always had some sort of cigar sticking out of his mouth and slicked back hair, yelled after 'Voltman', "Hey watch it! If you keep it up, the principal will blow a fuse!"

Pulling on the sleeves of his grey sweater, he turned to his companion and snickered at his own joke, "Get it? cause he's VOLT-man, and a fuse... which is... elec...tric..." His jovial voice died off as he noticed his friend, A taller guy with pasty white skin and spikey black hair, glaring at him in an annoyed way.

These two were known as Void and Imp, although Imp wasn't noticed as much, even though he was the more outspoken of the two. Changing the subject, Imp nodded to the poster on the wall, "So the dance is in two days..." Giving a quick glance around, he added in a hushed whisper, "Who are we gonna get?"

"We're not gonna go for fun..." Void said flatly, although he never said anything any other way. Imp looked slightly disappointed, then piped up, "Well, gee, Void... what are we gonna do for the dance then?"

"The same thing we do every Halloween Impy, were going to crash the party by trying to scare the living crap out of people!" Void chuckled darkly as he walked towards his homeroom.

"Wait! how are we going to do that! WAIT!" Imp chased after him, knocking down a girls books in the process, just for the fun of it.

Siren just smiled and kept herself from chuckleing out loud......though there were a few chuckles here and there.

"This is a crazy school, anyways, sit down on the table and let me get some ointment to put on it." Siren said as she pointed twords a large table with white padding and walked over to her medicine cabanet to get some ointment.
"GAH! OH NO!" A young tanned girl cried out as she ran down the sidewalk towards the school. "I'm late again!!!!" She stuffed in her mouth a piece of toast and clenched onto her book bag tightly. Noticing some boards by the fence of the school, there before construction, she quickly climbed up them, and leaped to the other side. Landing with both feet together she gave a boy adn a happy smile as she swallowed the last piece of bread and dusted off her school skirt. "Capuchin once again triumphs!"
"Idiots," 'Pianissimo' muttered, watching the kid on the AV cart. He was wearing his usual favorite outfit, including the black leather jacket with the emblem of a katana slashing a musical note in half on the matter how much it pissed off the music teacher.

In fact, pissing off the music teacher was why he liked it so much.

But then, what else was new. He hated ALL the teachers. And most of his fellow students, too.
"C-a-p-u-c-h-i-n." Geyser, a member of the disiplinary comity notes as it writes the name down. "I do hope you enjoy your detention. Good day." It says, turning and waling into the building. Geyser always maintained a perfect school uniform, however between the androdginous nature of not only its face but also the uniform, none were certain exactly what Geysers gender was. Some perople claim that Geyser is actually a robot, an alien, or a science experiment. Others say that Geyser is just some dude that looks like a chick, or vice versa. one thing was for sure though, Geyser always fell for plausable sobstories and as such was the least hated disiplinary.
"RIGHT! GET TO CLASS! ALL OF YOU!" Shuilong bellowed as the bell had rung like, just then. He ushered students in the doors and sighed, then popped his head back up.
"AND DON'T FORGET TO TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONES!" Shui Long roared in warning to the people who PROBABLY forgot to turn them off.
Capuchin gave an embarrassed laugh that soon died into a moan. "Another detention?" She whined to herself as she readjusted her bag. will I ever tell my dad about this?" She headed into the front doors of the school and began to look into her locker for a second to get a book out.
"Sir Shuilong, disiplinary report on student Capuchin for sneaking onto school grounds. Good day sir." Geyser said while walking into class, handing over the properly filled note.
Keijun hit a few hotkeys to kill the connection with the school network, save his progress on his computer and the school, and turn the computer off. Packing it into his steel-reenforced cased, the cold-eyed genius slowly made his way down the hall. Then, one of the devices on his belt started beeping. He took the beeping one out, which happened to be a cross between a celluar phone and a palm pilot, and flicked a switch. Reading the voice message that had been sent, he sighed and said, "Dammit, I've gotta help that idiot science teacher out in yet another lesson with the juniors. How he and most of the teachers manage their daily lives without me around is beyond me, they're so incompetent."

Nevertheless, he made his way to room East 219, where yet another hour and a half of teaching basic coding skills awaited him.

<(Feel free to be in Keijun's class if you want to.)>