RERN Videogame

The RERN videogame. I think a lot of people have wanted to experience our RP like the actual game. Well, too bad because this isn't going to be like Battle Network. I already have plans and I've spoken to some people about suggestions and cooperating on the game.

This post will get updated this weekend with information on how I intend to create it and what the story will be. But for now I wanted to create this topic so people can answer the following question.

What would you like to see, from the RP, in this game the most?

Right now suggestions is a bit hard to do when you know so little about the game, but just answer that question for now. This weekend I'll throw another question at you about the game mechanics and the story. Thanks for the cooperation.
While making different "paths" for each faction would probably be more trouble than it's worth, the back-and-forth sabotage and covert hostility between them seem like good framing devices for whatever conflict you want to base this thing around. It basically writes itself.

(Also Iris and Cheshire as freelance reconnaissance slash burglars, natch. BI)
Completely missable and difficult-to-access ecchi scenes.
Avatar customizability.

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Completely missable and difficult-to-access ecchi scenes.

Make them poorly-drawn so no one wants to see them anyw --

who am I kidding?
Terraria mod /finished. XD Still sounds pretty cool.

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Avatar customizability.

This. One of the nicest aspects of RP here is that you can genuinely make the characters you want to play with be almost anything you want them to be, so a high level of character customisation would be a must in my book.
is it going to be done as bit sprites? if so id ask for the ability to insert your own pixel sprite character over the default for users who have a knack at pixel sprites. though obviously it shouldnt be necessary for game play.
Skins/Equipment that, like GMOs, allow you to take Mrs/Mr Shooter McGee and give them bunny ears, bathing suits, etc etc.
This is sounding more and more like Magical Diary.
I can't begin to fathom how you'd do it, but the custom sig system should be implemented somehow. I think one of the biggest draws about RERN is being able to build your own abilities.
Back when I was big into playing custom warcraft maps, someone made a Battle Network map. You picked your type then your element and that gave you your hero. They were all preset but guts/fire, for example, was a big smashing thing with a fire breath like a dragon, arm flamethrowers and burning aura. Otherwise, it was a melee strength-based hero.

Team 1 was the net and Team 2 was the undernet. The huge net map was the backdrop for the battle, with you entering different areas to fight hostile npcs (viruses, etc) for extra exp and loot. You bought chips, (max of 5 at a time) which were unlimited-use abilities (you clicked them) and they each had a seperate hefty cooldown. Eventually players from teams bumped into each other, in classic league of legends/dota style and fought alongside mr progs/heel navis respectivly to claim points.

Undernet guys main base was some forgotten mainframe and the net hq was Official's/scilab mainframe.

What else.. Oh, you picked an operator in the beginning that gave you a simple but unique buff, like your navi got a speed boost or got more cash on kills, etc. The operator icon took your 6th inventory slot and was always on. And no, you couldn't drop it or sell it like the chips.

Unfortunately I only played it a couple times, but it was fun. Maybe something from this will give you ideas for your game?
Yo dawg I heard you like video games... *brainskip*

I guess what I'd like to see is a solid, stable foundation and can be easily upgraded/modded. And (retired) player navi cameos.
If at all possible, I'd like to see lots of operator actions/interactions. Some of us seem to forget there is someone holding the PET, doing stuff. In the battle network games you weren't just Megaman, you were Lan. I don't know if there was a 50/50 mix but they took the chance to tell both sides of the story.

Afterall, it wasn't just the navis or net entities that were causing trouble, it was usually some jerks/evil orginazation trying to do this and that or trying to get their hands on something. The net was kind of a neutral tool, just there for use. It was the people who chose to break it or wield it like a weapon against others that sort of drove the story forward and forced all the groups (law enforcement, R & D, etc) to evolve and step up their game.

I realize that, if done improperly, a game with full-on operator time can have... pacing issues in the story, but it seems logical to do like they did in battle network and use the operator as a plot device to get the hero into the next network by accident or intent, and maybe help out in strange times where the network is inexplicably linked to the freakin' school light system, for example. Or for some godawful reason you have to fan/cool your PET during a scenario to give the navi time to fight in an over/volcano/etc.

For anyone who hasn't played any of the battle network games, my memory is rusty as it has been a while, but I believe those things actually happened.