This is an epic day in the history of nerds

We thought it wouldn't come...

...We thought they would never make it...

...And above all, we thought we would never hear the phrase 'Zerg Rush' again...

...We thought wrong.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...


PS: Click the image. It's not a joke.


What? Where? Huh? When did this news come out and what do we know!
Now we just need warcraft 4 >_>
One thing at a time... There's not even a release date on SC2 yet.
/orly Oh REALLY?


Ya really....
Sweet, I suspected as much.

Now, the REAL question is this.

WHEN is Duke Nukem Forever gonna come out?
Sorry SpaceMonkeySteve, miracles don't come in pairs. Give it a few more decades.
The REAL question is, will it be so cool that I, the worst RTS noob ever, will buy it...
*has nerdgasm*

I've never even played Starcraft I. What systems is it for?

Quote (P.A. Master)

I've never even played Starcraft I. What systems is it for?





PC. There was a PSX port too, I guess.

Quote (SpaceMonkeySteve)

WHEN is Duke Nukem Forever gonna come out?

It won't. Some yahoo locked it in his basement. I think it died of starvation.

But back on topic, this is awesome.
N64 port of it, computer and N64
It was either SC II, WC IV (Which I doubted 'cause of WoW~), or Diablo III...

The D-man is dead. Chances of DIII are almost as bad as DN:F. XD
[/naive optimism] Actually, reports are that they're really making new progress with Duke Nukem Forever. Gamespot says that...

Aw, who am I kidding? XD

Anyways, yay, nice to see new Starcraft. I played it way back in the when, you know.
*Yamato Cannon's Aim in the face* Woot! A new Starcraft. Maybe new races? Hmm?
...What happened to Starcraft Ghost? D:
And when are we getting a World of Starcraft. Maybe Universe of Starcraft.
Battlecruisers were stupid. You could accomplish more with a single Ghost, and maybe a diversion force.