Nothing serious, mind... but the name RE:RN was thought up on the fly, and there have been suggestions that we change it up, either to the old RE:CN, or something different altogether.

I figure, since this affects the members more than the staff, how do you all feel about this?

First, let's get votes on whether people want this name, or something else.
Keep it. I like it.
I don't really like Rogue Network for some reason. Chaos Network was okay but we probably shouldn't go back to that name.

Can't think of a better name right now though.
I kinda like Rouge Network. It is somehow connected to our renewal, and therefore a very good symbol.
Recon and Rerun :3 *dodges Pun-bullets*
RE:RN is alright for me, I don't mind any changes^^ (I kinda thought Chaos Network was bit cheezy in my taste -___-)
keep. this way nal won't be able to bitch about it should he ever show up.
Just keep this. I have been waiting for quite some time for another affiliation button Demon. It is becoming a hassle digging through my history to get here.

Aside from that, Rogue just sounds better considering your recent attack from Nal.
Rogue Network. It reminds us of the limb that we had to go out on to ensure our safety from the rampaging Nalerenn, and I've already gotten damn attached to the name, so let's keep it the way it is.
While it's true that RERN doesn't quite have the same flair that RECN did, it just seems to fit. I say keep it, even if that means everyone will feel compelled to pronounce our acronym "rurn."

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Rerun :3

Rerun.... XD
There is one thing we should address.

Bolding this text to make myself all important, because I'm an Official and I can...Should we change the URL to not say Chaos Network? As Cestus said, if we always think of ourselves as Chaos Network, deep down Nal won.
I don't see why not. It's a fairly superficial change, but it can do no harm and it'll give Nal less to growl about.
Rouge Network has pizzaz.

The only problem with changing the URL is that everyone would have to find it again. Not a huge problem, mind, but we need to give notice before doing so. (And I think we should.)
... *Channels Twi*


Rouge =

Unless that's what we're going for...
So I made a typo. OR DID I?

Yeah. I did...
We can change the url, but keep this in mind: I wonder if it isn't giving Nal more credit to think that his ghost is going to be channeled simply by the mere name of the site, than to simply move on with a fine name.

On that note, the site's name can go either way. I don't really mind.
RE: Zanallen's Network...? Nah, too egotistical. How about RE: God King Zanallen's Network?

Seriously though, I like the name Rogue Network. Though it does kinda imply that we are thieves.
Wouldn't that be "Thieves Network"? Rouge can mean more than just the robbing guys, methinks.
You said rouge again! :lol: That's pretty faggy...but anyway, I think we should keep it. We're like people that are like criminals, staying away from the cruel tyranny of Nalerann. Like star wars.
I suggest Rockman.exe: Final Resort


Rockman.exe: Burning Hatred


Rockman.exe: True Legacy