RERN Achievements

So apparently someone collected all the achievements in WoW ( and that made me wonder what it would be like if RERN had achievements.

Trust Fund
-Collect 10000z

-Collect 50000z

-Collect 100000z

-Collect five of a tier 1 chip you cannot purchase in the shop

-Collect five of a tier 2 chip you cannot purchase in the shop

-Collect five of a tier 3 chip you cannot purchase in the shop

-Reach battle 20 without help

I Choose You!
-Have a level 50 SP

Need for Speed
-Perform 8 or more actions in a single turn
You've Got The Touch; You've Got The Poweeeeer!
- Abuse your Moderator (or higher) power five times.

Fist Mastery.
- Use 5 MeleeBros references in a single topic.

Dutch Courage.
- Leave the forum for 11 months.

Take This!
- Write about your love, your anger and all of your sorrow in 1 post.
It's like Monopoly!: Earn money through IC methods that you can't actually use.

Time Stop: Go an entire month while waiting on a mod.

Somebody Hates Me: Go an entire thread without getting a single chip.

Roll The Dice: Use the chip trader once.

Addicted: Use the chip trader 20 times.

I Hate My Chips: Use the chip trader 50 times.

Weakened: Experience a level down.

Draining Experience: Experience 5 level downs.

Soulless: Experience 10 level downs.

Lazy Prick: While in a team, make a post consisting entirely of dodges.

Warning: Received one forum warn.

DANGER: Had two forum warns active at the same time.

Hammertime: Was banned by receiving three warns.

Repeat Offender: Received a total of 10 warns.

Can't Stop Myself: Was banned a second time through the warn system.

Outta here!: Was banned permanently.

Spellcheck Required: Make 10 typos in a single post.

I Kno Spel Soh Gud: Make 30 typos in a single post.

Why Are You Even Here: Make enough typos that a mod makes you rewrite your post.

I'm Also Fluent In Klingon: Use at least 3 different languages in a single post.

Artist: Post a piece of original art in Fanart and Fanfiction.

As Requested: Complete and post a piece of RERN-related art that someone asked you to do.

Flooded: Received 10 art requests at the same time.

Where Did The Sun Go?: Received 20 art requests at the same time.

Double Digits: Reached level 10.

Titanic Twenty: Reached level 20.

Triple Twirl: Reached level 30.

Freaking Fourty: Reached level 40.

Fantastic Fifty: Reached level 50.

Sexy Sixty: Reached level 60.

Supreme Seventy: Reached level 70.

Extravagant Eighty: Reached level 80.

Nine Times Nine Is Not This: Reached level 90.

Overpowered: Reached level 100.
Boldly Go
-Be the first person to go into the Undernet

-Reach Battle 5 in the Undernet

Crazy, or just plain stupid
-Reach Battle 10 in the Undernet

Failtwin powers: Activate!
-Shoot your own teammate while tandem-busting

-Escape from a battle

Still Alive
-Get EJO'd, then log back into the same area

-Have an Armor, Weapon, and Mobility junction on your Navi at the same time

What's yours is mine
-Have an ally SP equipped to your Navi/SP

What's mine is yours
-Equip a SP to an ally Navi/SP

-Use the same chip every battle for 5 battles consecutively

-Use the same chip every battle for 10 battles consecutively

Twilight Writer
-Use the same chip every battle for 15 battles consecutively
Well us new people don't have a lot of options in battlechips... so several of us have already done so. At least, the first achievement.
Flip-flopper: Use the Shelving option twice.

Indecisive: have two or more Shelved navis at the same time.

Programmer: Design and submit a player rule compliant Navi.

Sci Labtech: Design and submit two player rule compliant Navis.

Net Paladin: Design and submit ten or more player rule compliant Navis.

an Hero: Have your Navi permanently deleted or your Operator killed as part of a Rebirth or immediately prior to a restart.

Sgt. Porter: Have your Navi permanently deleted against your will.

Bro: Originate a RERN meme.

Meleebro: Design the subject of a RERN meme.

Over the River and Through the Favorite - Win a match as the "underdog".

Tough Cookie - Endure more damage than twice your maximum health in a match.

Food Coloring - Fully change color at least once during a match.

Mute Button - Silence the referee during a match.

Lady Killer - Deal more damage to a female Navi than twice her maximum health in a match.

Game Wizard - Use every one of your signature attacks at least once in a match.

Arena Superfan - Kill the referee twice within a single match.

Just Hanging Out, Man - Spend an entire turn attacking from within the Thick Vegetation.
Screamin' Eagles!: Spend three or more actions in the air without the use of Omnishoes.

Crowd Clearer: Successfully delete 5 or more viruses/Navis with one attack.

Forceful Passifist: Delete a Navi/virus without dealing a single point of direct damage.

(+)>: Heal a teammate for more HP total than their maximum HP in a single match.

Team Mom: Heal all of your teammates at least twice in a team of four or more.

WMD: Have a single attack reach Blast5 after bonuses.

Runner Up: In a tandem bust, kill less viruses than your teammate in every single match up to battle 3.

Second Banana: In a tandem bust, kill less viruses than your teammate in every single match up to battle 5.

Luigi: In a tandem bust, kill less viruses than your teammate in every single match up to battle 10.

Cheating the System: Successfuly use a Signature Attack in a way not described in the description.
I think the mods should write "achievement unlocked!" after posts where you do one of these.


Infamous: Have another member warn a newbie about you in a welcome thread.
Longass Credits: Have your signature changed by an admin.

Fortunate: Post in Random Images more than 10 times.

Fortuneteller: Post in Random Images more than 25 times.

Melee Violation: Get the Fist Network banner 5 times in a row.

Idler: Idle in the chat for more than 12 hours.

Nothing Worth Doing: Idle in the chat for more than 24 hours.

Unbreakable Internets: Idle in the chat for more than 72 hours.

Cosmic Simian: Idle in the chat for more than 120 hours.

Meddler: Do an out of character post in someone else's battle thread.

Switcheroo: Have more than 5 GMOs.

Fashionista: Have more than 10 GMOs.

Casual Collector: Get more than 10 spare chips.

Chip Nerd: Get more than 30 spare chips.

Higure Jr.: Get more than 50 spare chips.
Trader: Trade a chip with another player.

Merchant: Sell a chip to another player.

Buyer: Purchase a chip from another player.

Prepared: Purchase a Subchip from the Chip Shop.

Well Prepared: Purchase 5 Subchips at once from the Chip Shop.

Over Prepared: Purchase 10 Subchips at once from the Chip Shop.

All-Star Friends: Meet with all the navis on Aim's Banner IC.

All-Star Buddies: Meet with all the navis on Grim's Banner IC.

All-Star Fists: Meet the cast of MeleeBros IC.

First Step: Win your first virus battle!

Playing it safe: Jack-Out before a boss battle.

Just a Flesh Wound: Win a battle with only 1 HP.

Mission Accomplished!: Finish your first mission.

Fission Mailed!: Fail a mission.

Notice Anything Strange?: Successfully change the out come of a battle by pointing out a mod's mistake

Notice Anythin-...Oh.: Successfully try to change the out come of a battle by pointing out a problem you thought there was.
Good Start: Kill 20 viruses total.

You're getting there: Kill 50 viruses total.

Well-Seasoned: Kill 100 viruses total.

Beserker: Kill 500 viruses total

Culprit: EJO at least one navi.

Trained Killer: EJO/Delete 5 navis.

Assassin: EJO at least 10 navis

Terrorist: EJO/Delete 20 navis at once.

Mastermind: EJO/Delete 100 navis.

Survivor: Experience an Asator modlock.

Masochist: Experience 5 Asator modlocks.
Creative: Register a Signature Attack.

Unique: Register 10 Signature Attacks.

Pro Wrestler: Register 20 Signature Attacks.

Gender Equality: Have an Operator and Navi of opposing genders.

THEY'RE NOT PETS: Register a Support Program.

Triple Team: Register two Support Programs.

Squad: Register 4 Support Programs.

Army: Register 6 Support Programs.

You Know That's A Guy, Right?: Get into a romantic relationship In-Character.

State of the Police: Join the Netpolice.

Family Guy: Join the Netmafia.
Electrode used Self-Destruct!: Successfully defeat a Navi using an action that causes you to EJO.

It's Super Effective!: Deal more than 200 damage to a single virus/navi by taking advatnage of its elemental weakness.

Macguyver would be proud: Use three or more chips to do a non-standard attack that defeats an enemy.

Here's a scematic for ya; MY ASS!: Defeat an enemy after destroying 3 or more objects that they created.
Advancing In Society: Use a Program Advance

Highly Advanced Life Form: Use 5 Program Advances

What The F*ck: Use 10 Program Advances

Seriously, What The F*ck: Use 15 Program Advances

Just In Case: Fill two separate battlechip folders

Did They Just Turn Red?: Activate Rage Mode

*Slap*: Make ten different cheesy references to OOC content in a single battle.

Sticking Your **** In A Furnace: Read 1 episode of Meleebros

Made It To The Fanservice: Read 10 episodes of Meleebros

It'll Go Faster If We All Pitch In: Unlock the last panel of Meleebros #17

How Aptly Named...: Read 25 episodes of Meleebros

This Had Better Be Good: Spend at least 1 hour working on a single RP post

Left Standing: Win after your undershirt has been triggered.

That Damn Undershirt!: Win after having your undershirt triggered twice in a single battle.

People Die When They Are Killed!: Win after having your undershirt triggered three times in a single battle.

RE:RN Milestone 1: Achieve 8 RE:RN Achievements

RE:RN Milestone 2: Achieve 17 RE:RN Achievements

RE:RN Milestone 3: Achieve 26 RE:RN Achievements

Oy, Stop That!: Use another player's navi as a weapon.

This Is My Boomstick: Fully upgrade your navi's buster.

The Beast Within: Get a BeastOUT

Go, Planet!: Attack with all 5 different elements in a single turn.
Cherry Tapping: Take an enemy down to 1HP. Then poke them to death.

Negative Space Wedgie: Construct a combo that makes your poke more powerful.

Screw the rules, I have money!: Commit a NetCrime solely for the money.

Screw the money, I have rules!: Refuse a NetCrime due to morals, and turn in the quest-giver.

Screw the rules, I have green hair!: Take a third option and do whatever comes to mind as the most random.

I'm the god-damn Batman: KO an enemy in a single turn without them seeing you.

Need moar pew-pew: Use a combination of moves that a GM thinks is overpowered. Then make it better.

Now, if only it was zombies...: Kill 53,597 Metools.

Gun-Bunny: Use nothing but gun-weapons to increase your dodge for a full turn successfully.

Time Crisis: Successfully push a mod into modding your battle after they announce they're heading off for the night.

The Force Unleashed: Use a strong combo using nothing but fist-based weapons.

Backseat Gamer: Walk someone through a battle without actually participating at all.

Who the hell do you think I am?!: Make a post so epic it stuns all the mods.
Fleeting Fame - Get quoted in the Chat welcome message.

That's awesome - Get quoted in chat and stay as the welcome message quote for longer than 3 weeks.

EPIC WIN - Get quoted and stay as the welcome message quote for longer than 8 weeks

ur speshul 2 me. - Get quoted in another member's signature.

C'tan - Be active for a while, then go into inactivity, then become active again after 3 months.

HURT ME MORRRRRRE - Get hit by attacks that do absolutely no damage.

Bunny Fanservice - Do a netbattle in a bunny suit .gmo

IRL navigator - Get quoted in chat with a link.

Meleeman loves you - Open 5 tabs/windows of RERN which all contain meleebanners.

Pictures are worth a 1000 words. - Be in an active PChat session.

Communication with words? Who the hell does that? - Be in an active PChat session 5 times

Quote (The Annoying Reaper)

C'tan - Be active for a while, then go into inactivity, then become active again after 3 months.

I might actually start keeping track of the ones I've gotten, and this would DEFINITELY be in there.

Quote (Fera)

Cosmic Simian: Idle in the chat for more than 120 hours.

... ass.
Anger Management
-Break a Rageclaw 50 times

You're Doing It Wrong
-Submerge while equipped with omnishoes

Team Fortress
-Surround yourself and another target with four objects from all sides

Pedobear Seal of Approval
-Team up with someone with a level difference of at least 18

Go Go Power Rangers!
-Team up with 4 other people

Pierce the Heavens
-Use a DrillArm while in High Altitude

What What in the Butt?
-Perform 100 attacks against an enemy's back

-Have 1000 or more HP

Custom Made
-Have 150 points in the NCP

Tower Defence
-Win a battle using only objects.

Watch Your Step
-Experience an EJO by falling into a missing panel.

Field Researcher
-Encounter the same type of enemy in 3 consecutive battles.

-Finish a battle with 10 or more terrain types present.