A 1,000,001 Uses

Well, I'll give it a shot here too.

There's only two rules:

(1) Number your post.


Let's begin:

1) Taking off your pants.
2: Killing the above poster for starting this topic.
4. Admire Shuryou's marvelous beard.
3. Killing Twi.
5) Breaking the law of gravity
6. Cut off Shur's CoH/V Subscription.
7. Correcting faulty grammar.
9) Being a Spy.
8. Correcting faulty faces.
10. Spychecking.
11. Laugh at EN for her height.
12. To even the playing field between the army of viruses and Red & Mach.
Breaking the rules.
13. To achieve new heights.
14: To solve personal problems, because, remember kids, there are very few personal problems that cannot be solved through a suitable application of high explosives.
15. Remember remember the fifth of November...
16. Getting away with it.
17: For exploding shur's face.
18: Ending a relationship.
19. Exploding more dynamite