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Well, go for it. This does not require you to state your religion, or even warrant it; this thread isn't for religious discussions, I was just curious to know the amount of activity here.

[Meh, I think everyone knows by now, but I'm an Atheist.]
*votes a 0*
*scratches head*

Well, I (as most people) celebrate Christmas on non-religious grounds, so I guess a 1 would suffice?
Christmas is like, Thanksgiving in America. You do it if you don't have a religion or if you're some form of Christianity... :'D

I do Christmas. The Jewish Atheist.
religion is for suckers! ALL RELIGIONS ARE RONG! THERE IS NO GOD!
Lol at the idea of "somewhat religious."
I'll go...3 tops. I'm religious to the point of belief and occasionally going to church. That's about it.
An absolute zero for you. : D
That's a rather unfair question. Because "religious" isn't the same as "believing in God/similar". Take me for instance. I'm not religious. I was born and raised Roman Catholic, but that means jack to me, I think that Catholics are a bunch of crackpots. I feel that all modern religion is sack of propaganda and hooey, but I'm more of what you would call a spiritual person. I believe that there was some sort of outside force that set in motion the beginnings of life, the spark that started the big bang or whatever. But I think that this force is God? Nope. God is made up. To assume that whatever started everything looks, acts, and behaves like a human is total arrogance. Hell, assuming that whatever did it is even self aware, and conscious of it's actions/effects of it's presence is a stretch.

Now, I'm positive that I'll offend someone with that, but let me defend myself. Those that attend Church/believe in God are just adding an extra step, in my opinion. I find that the reason most people do the church thing need one thing: Faith. Faith is a powerful tool for man, it gives hope and allows people to achieve great things. But every one of those great things is caused by the will of that one person, not God, or any other deity. If it wasn't, then free will wouldn't exist, and I couldn't type this up right now.

I feel that it's not faith in God that someone needs to keep themselves going, but faith in one's self and one's surroundings. That faith is the same thing, but just to something more tangible and real. Stopping and praying to God to give you strength to do something is no different from someone finding the strength themselves. I feel that God and organized religion adds too many steps/variables to a basic human need. I mean, our present religions have been around in use for THOUSANDS of years. In that time, EVERY aspect of humanity has been modified, modernized, and adapted to the new world we live in. Except this. I think that a change in mindset is what's required.

Wow, this turned out way longer than I first intended. It's turned into a relgious rant... great, now I'm one of THOSE people. XD

So, while I'm not religious in the sense of following a religion, I'm religious in the sense of spirituality and faith in oneself.
...Well god damn it, Steve. You've gone and said EVERYTHING that sums up my ideals. What's left for me to say? Eh?! *Votes 5, the median*
I've stated my veiws before, which made me the king of fail(me, cause darkrai ain't here to claim it), so I not going to mention them...

however, the views I was raised to believe are corrupted far beyond thier original intent. more study must be done before I accept them. there for I are a 0

Quote (SpaceMonkeySteve)

That's a rather unfair question.

I agree with many of your ideals, but what I meant was simply how much you do religious things (not necessarily established) or how religious you consider yourself...

It has nothing to do with theism, even.
Nice big fat goose egg there.