Mission Start

You all may have noticed my activity has diminished to a significant degree, which is unfortunately attributed to work, but it will likely cease for several months. I will be deploying to Afghanistan, supporting Operation Enduring Freedom by providing quality combat search and rescue (CSAR) assets in support of US, NATO, and Afghan forces. I am honored to be able to contribute to this mission, and hope to save as many lives as possible (which isn't difficult for this unit). This will be my first (of hopefully many) deployments, which will be quite a learning experience.

I should be back before Independence Day, after visiting home for the first time in nearly 3 years. If I do not come back, it was a pleasure meeting you all, and I wish you all the best life has to offer.
Good luck and fair fortune, Grim, hope you stay safe out there, and come back in one piece.
Don't come back dead, you hear?
Fly on, soldier, and come back in one piece.
You are in our thoughts and prayers Grim. Be blessed and stay safe.
Good luck out there, and hope you stay safe.
I've got a Yort baking in the oven for when you get back.
Update: Still kicking. Been rocket'd several times, but nothing major.
You say it like it's normal. Good to hear everything's (well maybe not everything) going well for you.
Not very sporting of them to aim for the med copters. Ah well, good to hear you're still in one piece.
So I'm back, no wounds or accidentally acquired super powers. Oh well, maybe next time.
Good to have you back, non-superpowered and all~ \o/
Or mecha suits created while captured by the enemy.