The Netiday Netvegas Raffle, 2018!

The video feed started off with tolling bells, the jingling of sleigh-bells, and a soft, cheery choir. The camera was fixated on a spotlight, and then slowly began to pan downward, showing off falling snow. The camera descended quickly, outpacing the snow it was showing off, and slowly moved down towards the stage. Standing on the stage wearing a bright smile was a lady of about 5'9 or 5'10, with chocolate brown hair, rosy pink skin, and pretty blue eyes. Her outfit, which she filled rather well, consisted of a red and white, velvet Santa suit, although her suit included a crop-top and short skirt, along with matching boots, gloves, and ball-tipped hat. A black belt circled her waist, fastened by a gold buckle at the belly. It was altogether a classic ensemble and one familiar to anyone who watched a lot of donation drives.

Her entire body began to move up and down rather stiffly, and a terrible imitation of a woman's voice accompanied it.

"Happy Netidays, everyone!" 'Holly' said, her entire cardboard-cutout body moving in time with the words. "I know it's been a while since the last time we saw each other, but I'm sooooo excited to run this year's donation drive! We're going to make so many net-kids from Netfrica or whatever happy this year! Isn't that exciting? Aren't you excited?"

Suddenly, 'Holly's' voice turned rather gruff.

"Well I'm not!" 'Holly' said. Her entire cardboard-cutout self was tossed aside, off-camera, and landed somewhere with a clatter. Instead the camera focused on a pouting AuctionMan, his arms crossed. "I was so excited when they said they wanted to come to ME to handle this year's Holiday festivities! To think, I would get to team up with the famous Holly! We could give out prizes like never before! Spread cheer and joy the world over! We'd have so many viewers and participants with eyeca-" AuctionMan started to cough, and the camera briefly panned around toward where he was looking, revealing an intern holding up a sign that said 'DON'T SAY EYECANDY' in all caps. The camera was quickly wheeled back around.

"Er, with a wonderful personality like that!" AuctionMan continued to bemoan his fate, walking toward the side. "But worry not dear participants, I have thought of everything! Your wonderful, glorious host has it all prepared! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

AuctionMan walked behind a dressing screen, and through the video feed several navis arguing could be heard. 'This wasn't on the script...' 'What is he doing?' 'This can't be good.' 'It's a live broadcast, we can't just turn it off and edit it later!' 'I just asked the bosses, they say we can't cancel, we just have to go with whatever he's doing...' 'Are you serious? He's-'

"HUUAH!" Suddenly the screen fell over, revealing AuctionMan's foot. Behind the screen was AuctionMan, who was dressed in a very provocative Santa Suit. A red cloak was hung around his shoulders, barely coming low enough to cover his male-presenting nipples, but the rest of his torso was uncovered, revealing a full, beefy six-pack as well as some tight biceps. He flexed as the camera descended lower, revealing short, red shorts that did extremely little to cover his muscled legs, and finally he was wearing the typical brown Santa boots. All of it, cloak, shorts, and boots, had the fuzzy white trim one would expect of a Santa suit. The camera quickly panned back up, only to reveal that AuctionMan had somehow also donned a Santa hat in the meanwhile. "This year's eyecandy will be... MEEEEEEEE!"

The sound of several facepalms could be heard in the background, followed by a wobbly sort of noise. The 'DON'T SAY EYECANDY' sign rolled onto the stage, slowed as it did a few small circles, and then fell over text-down.

"Oh, and I guess we have LadyLuck too." AuctionMan shrugged, then pointed toward his right. The camera panned to reveal a surprised LadyLuck, who seemed to be confused about where she was.

"Eh?" LadyLuck said. She looked at AuctionMan, and a blush crossed her pale cheeks. "Eh??" She looked at the camera, which was not pointing at her face, and her blonde hair swayed as she looked down. "EHHHHHHHHHHH!?!?!?!?" Besides the Santa hat on her head, calling LadyLuck's outfit a 'Santa suit' was... generous, to say the least. It was basically a red bikini that someone (probably AuctionMan) had attached white Santa-style fuzz to, but it still did little to hide the curves of LadyLuck's body, including the entirety of her cleavage. Her arms crossed over her body, trying to hide herself from the cameras, and she only succeeded in giving the camera alluring glimpses of different parts of her instead. "AuctionMannnnnn! What did you dooooooooo!?"

The sound of a GMO change rang out along with light flashing over LadyLuck's body, but her appearance did not change. Again, again, again the GMO change failed. "WHAT DID YOU DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!?" Her voice rang out even louder as she knelt down, curling up into a little ball to better hide herself from the camera. Finally she grabbed the dressing screen, holding it up to hide herself.

"Worry not, LadyLuck! I had our operator overwrite all of your appearance files with the festive GMO! I was looking out for you, you know, it would have been embarrassing if you had walked out on stage with the wrong costume! Ha ha ha ha!" AuctionMan put his hands on his hips, beaming, and the entire privacy screen came sailing at his head from off-camera. AuctionMan went sailing off-camera with it, and the camera turned to follow him as he landed with a crash. "I'M NOT DOING THIS! I'M LEAVING! This is so embarrassing!" LadyLuck could be heard leaving the stage off-camera.

"Wait! LadyLuck! Come back!" AuctionMan scrabbled to his feet. "We need to have equal-opportunity eyecandy! Think of the viewers! Noooooooooooooooooo!" He proceeded to run off-stage after her.

For a long, long while, the video was quiet save for the whispering of the production crew, faintly audible. 'Is he... is he coming back?' 'Do we WANT him to come back?' 'This is a live feed, we can't just cut it!' 'Someone get up there!'

A female navi with dark skin and green hair was basically shoved onto the stage. Her eyes were wide like a deer in the headlights, and unlike either of the event's two actual hosts, she was dressed in an actual santa jacket and skirt. As she adjusted it, her navi bodysuit could be seen underneath. "Ehh, um... hello!" She said, lamely. "I-I'm MintT! Y-you know, Mint Tea? Minty? My, um, m-my operator said it was cute."

There was a 'PSSST' from somewhere behind the cameras.

"Eh? Oh! O-oh, right, uhm... the, the raffle will be a bit different this month!" MintT explained. A helpful billboard descended next to her, lit up in Christmas colors, and she lept away from it with a startled 'eep!' "Er, uh, this raffle will run the whole month! A-and, and, the price of entry is halved or gone, based on tier! A-a-and we also have a chip tier, that works a b-bit like the previous years where Holly did her giveaways, b-but has double prizes as a special occasion!"

MintT sounded a bit out of breath as she bowed toward the camera. "P-please consider participating!" The production crew started applauding and cheering, and after a full second the camera feed cut out, switched to a view of the prize tiers.

--Metool Tier--
Buy-in: FREE!
Possible Prrizes: D Tier, C Tier! TWO CHIPS!
Requires: Nothing! Open to all!

--Melody Tier--
Buy-in: 500z
Possible Prrizes: C Tier, B Tier! TWO CHIPS!
Requires: NetVegas Gold Card (Read: You must be level 20 to buy-in at this tier)

--Scuttle Tier--
Buy-in: 1000z
Possible Prrizes: B Tier, A Tier! TWO CHIPS!
Requires: Netvegas Platinum Card (Read: You must be level 40 to buy-in at this tier)

--AuctionMan Tier--
Buy-in: One Chip
Possible Prrizes: Two chips at or near your entry chip's tier!
Requires: Nothing! Open to all!

OOC info below this line

Here's how it works: AS MANY PAIRS AS YOU WANT PER PLAYER, INCLUDING INACTIVES, can pay to buy in to any tier they qualify for. You may buy in ONCE PER RAFFLE MONTH. No, the gold and platinum cards aren't a thing, they're just level locked.

When you buy in, you will randomly get assigned a chip tier, and then randomly receive a chip from that tier. This will then be done a SECOND TIME! Two chips! Wowie! It could be crap, it could be rare, it could even make you debonair. To buy-in/enter, make a reply in this thread.

This raffle will NOT repeat at the first of every month! This one's just for the holidays, and will last The entire month, ending on January 6!
Critias.bat and Nightshade.Rx buy in on the metool tier.
AuctionMan returned triumphantly to the stage, bearing a black eye. He posed and flexed, showing off all the angles of his skimpy male Santa suit that (probably) no one wanted to see, and then he thrust his entire body, pointing both hands toward a roulette wheel.

Merry Middling! D-tier! ElecKnife!
Middle Middle! D-tier! Pillow1!

Critical Cheer! C-tier! TripleNeedle!
Feliz Normalresult! D-tier! GodHammer1!
DragonierMan will purchase one half-off Scuttle Tier ticket for two chips please.

[Attached: 1000z.]
PurgeMan is... not a fan of the outfit. Tatianna thinks it’s hilarious, a video of her laughing at the whole gig before finally placing her entry at...

Mettool tier! Hooray for FREE STUFF!
"Wa ha ha ha ha! You cannot keep a good host down!" AuctionMan beamed. His black eye had either healed (or was makeup all along), and he thrust a finger toward the roulette wheel, which was being manned by a red-faced LadyLuck. She was still stuck in her skimpy "holiday outfit", and was muttering curses to herself. "LadyLuck! Show our wonderful viewers what they've won!"

With her arms crossed over her chest and her crotch, it was difficult for LadyLuck to spin the wheel; she tried to elbow it at first, then to kind of nudge it with her head. She glared daggers at AuctionMan, who seemed completely unfazed, and then she finally lifted her arms. Not only did grabbing one of the rungs above her free her outfit to be viewed, the camera seemed to zoom in very intently on her chest as she yanked the wheel, focusing on the way physics impacted a particular part of her... at least until LadyLuck rather quickly crossed her arms over her body again. "I'm going to get you for this!!!" She wailed, humiliated tears forming at the corners of her eyes.

"Isn't she wonderful?" AuctionMan said, grinning widely.

Winter's Winnings! A-tier! AtomicHeatBreath!
Jingle Jackpot! A-tier! GaiaBlade!

Mistletoe Madness! C-tier! Elec+30!
Ruined Reindeer! D-tier! MagBolt1!
MintT! MintT! Presenter of rules, a gal who really knows hot to get it done!
Like a refreshing stick of peppermint and a quiet chair after the whirlwind of travel during the Netidays!
I'm not just here to compliment such competence though, I am also entering in Metool Tier!
- Alex Newell

Those outfits are amazing! Joan took one look at AuctionMan and immediately turned tomato! I guess its up to me to enter for Metool tier and compliment you all on your fine, fine outfits. - Rayner.EXE
Well, if we're going to do this i guess i have to go all out hmm? Let's give that lovely auctionman tier a try, after all I do have a bit of a surplus of high level chips to offer. Let's see. Which to choose...

Well, since i'm dragon hunting anyways I can always get another one of these rare chips. Let's see what happens!

-Sylk.exe (Auctionman tier, WaterStreamDamage: 240 + Knockback
Accuracy: B
Description: Creates a torrential stream that strikes a single enemy. Rare
Duration: Once
Element: Aqua
Trader Rank: B
When the camera feed cut back in, it was AuctionMan by himself again. "Once more, LadyLuck has fled the stage! Worry not, fair viewers, for I shall find her shortly. Until then...! The show must go on!" AuctionMan made a dramatic run across the stage, then leapt through the air, landing upon one of the roulette wheel bars with a manly pelvic thrust. Cries of both shock, disgust, and interest rang out in the studio as he began to pelvic thrust quickly and furiously, the gyrations of his body moving the roulette wheel into motion. Simulated sweat had just begun to drip down the navi's manly pecs when he stopped, as the wheel was properly spinning... only for him to pale. "Wait, what is this? Why is the wheel not stopping!?"

LadyLuck appeared from behind the wheel, holding what looked like a wheel brake. She still had her Santa bikini on, but had what seemed to be MintT's coat and skirt on over it, by the look of things. She held it up with a mischievous grin. "Looking for this~?"

"Ladyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!" AuctionMan's voice rose in pitch as the wheel began to spin faster and faster, and soon the navi was a simple, red-and-skin blur rotating along with it. Finally he was launched from the wheel with enough speed and force to break through the roof of the recording studio, and someone on the sound team cued up an angelic chorus sound effect as the light shone down upon the stage. Moments later AuctionMan's short-shorts wafted down to the stage, landing softly on the textless side of the 'NO SAYING EYECANDY' sign from earlier.

Diminishing Decorations! D-tier! AirHockey1!
Perfect Presents! C-tier! CactusBall2!

Caroling Critical! C-tier! AquaWhirl2!
Foiled by Fruitcake! D-tier! MagnetZone!

Super Star! A-tier! SuperDrill!
Oh Holy Fight! A-tier! Gaia3!
Though it has been of great use to me, the potential I see in this sacrifice is far greater. I am sorry, old friend, to be tossing you aside; I hope you can one day forgive me, when you are in the hands of an owner who might better appreciate your virtue, your might, and the way you singularly cut through the dark.

[AuctionMan Tier: AirSwordDamage: 100 + Slashing + Impact + Gust + Wide Attack
Accuracy: B
Description: A glowing sword of pure wind energy, capable of slicing through barriers, auras, and even the target with ease while pushing your enemies back. Can hit up to 3 with good RP. Rare
Duration: Until Overridden/Broken. Breaks automatically after 2 swings.
Element: Null
Special: Wind Type: This chip counts as Wind Type for the purposes of Wind triggered effects, such as traps and terrain.
Trader Rank: A
: 100 + Slashing + Impact + Gust + Wide Attack (Acc: B) chip]

Grinning herself now that AuctionMan had been deposed, at least for a while, LadyLuck spun the wheel in his absence.

Terrific Tales! A-rank! Moshy!
Beautiful Bells! A-rank! CopyDamage!

((These rolls were done by Rai))
Woohoo, free presents for ScorchMan...whenever he's done burning things!

-Griffin Reim (buy-in: Metool tier)

-ScorchMan.EXE is unavailable for comment-


Well I say! This should make for a good bit of fun, once we get Dignity on the road, I say! Sign us up, my good man!

-Vincent Miles (buy-in: Metools tier)

-Phase.EXE is unavailable for comment-


This isn't a scam or anything, right? Like I'm not gonna get viruses all up in here or, or all my money's just gonna vanish, or SandMan's gonna get turned into a beautiful woman against his will?

... Actually that'd be hilarious, you should definitely do that.

-Lei Yan (buy-in: Metools tier)

-SandMan.EXE is flailing and unavailable for comment-

-̢́-̸͏-̧͘͠-̸̵-̀-͝҉-̀-̶̕͢-́͞[È̕R̢R̸OR̵̢;̵͞ ̨͝E̶̶͟RŔ̡O͜͜R̵̡͝;͏̨ ̷͡E̸͟ R̨͘ R̢͝ O̡͟ R̶͝]̡̢͏-̵̶͝-̢̕--́̕--̛-́-͜-̛-̶̕-͟

-the posting window convulses, text editor disappearing beneath a creeping layer of dingy, veined off-white. a hand stretches from the broken window, fingers shredded down to the framework, the graphic mesh rotten with static. clenched in its grip is a sparking wad of data.-

(Hexadecimal.EXE attached: Candle2HP: 100
Properties: Anchored, HeatBody
Object Damage: 100 Fire + Impact
Damage Method: Telekinesis
Healing Effect: Regen 10 + To-All-Clause (Allies)
Accuracy: S
Description: Creates a healing candle in your area.
Duration: 3 turns or until destroyed.
Element: Fire
Special: HeatBody: Immune to Fire damage.
Trader Rank: C
(buy-in: AuctionMan tier)

-Error: Operator not found-
Oh oh! Another event! That time of year again! I can give something, yeah I don't use this, so let's give it to someone else, or put it up for trade, or however this works! Roll those bones!

They don't actually role bones anymore you know...

That's beside the point! It's a fun statement!

[Attached: WindDragon1Damage: 160 + Confusion + Homing x 3 Targets
Accuracy: B
Description: Summons a Greengon from broken or missing terrain to breathe whirlwinds on up to three enemies, knocking them for a loop. Rare
Duration: Once
Element: Wood
Special: Wind Type: This chip counts as Wind Type for the purposes of Wind triggered effects, such as traps and terrain.
Trader Rank: C
Man, this year has just flown by. Here's a (hopefully) better one next year!
-- MachMan: SanctuaryEffect: Medium Holy Terrain Change
Accuracy: S
Description: Creates a medium zone of Holy Terrain, centered on you. Rare
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Trader Rank: A
(AuctionMan Tier)--

"I can't call myself a propah businessman yet ignoah such a good deal. Let's see if something can come of this... 'unsightly' chip."

-- HangMan: Pillow2Damage: 60 + Sleep
Accuracy: B
Description: A fluffy pillow that will make anyone drowsy when it hits.
Duration: Until Overridden/Broken. Breaks after 3 swings.
Element: Null
Trader Rank: C
(AuctionMan Tier)--

"Happy NetiDays everyone! Thank you for putting this event on, although I can't say I agree with your treatment of LadyLuck, regardless it's good to see people doing something nice for others."

-- RiderMan: ColorBall1Damage: 40 + Rebound(4)
Accuracy: C
Description: Throws a bouncy rubber ball that can repeatedly rebound off enemies and objects.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Special: Rebound(4): This effect allows an attack to ricochet around the field. It will attempt to bounce off of enemies or objects until it has attacked four additional times, with the damage of the chip reducing by 10 for each attempted attack. Each attack against a given target lowers the chip's accuracy by 2 ranks against that target.
Trader Rank: D
(AuctionMan Tier)--

"Hm... I don't get it, but if you're gonna cough up some stuff to help me turn more things to rubble, fine with me. It better be good though!"

-- KaijuMan: 0z (Metool Tier)--

Whew, glad my nephew didn't see that, no offense... I'm not sure if his mother would've figuratively or literally broken my land legs if she found out. Oh right, Happy Holidays!
-"Cap'n" Jack Stanton
-- ClampMan: 0z (Metool Tier)--
Sounds like an excellent chance to change up stock that isn't moving.

ATTCH: SkyShoesEffect: High-Alt Flight
Accuracy: S
Description: Grants the user the ability to freely fly at high altitude. Initial takeoff is considered a dodge. If shot down, user may take off again until effect ends.
Duration: 1 turn
Element: Null
Special: Beware of fall damage.
Trader Rank: D

((Rogan, Entering AuctionMan Tier))

I do wonder how charity is raised, when so much is given away... I think it would make it hard to cover costs, no? Ah, but I will not sniff at the offer, you know.

-Pirouette.Exe, and Mikhail.

((Pirouette, entering Metool Tier))

Hey, bring back the cute one! Okay, let's see, what have I got that I don't use... Oh, this one! Here!


ATTCH: EnergyBombDamage: 40 x 3 + Blast1
Accuracy: C
Description: A powerful bomb that hits three times.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Trader Rank: D

((Jenny and Courser, entering AuctionMan Tier))
I suppose it would be a good idea to add to our arsenal. I shall give it a try.

-Katran.exe (Auctionman tier, RemotePlug2Damage: 110 + Homing + Phasing
Accuracy: C
Description: Fires an obstacle penetrating plug that moves forward. Its path can be adjusted by the user.
Duration: Once
Element: Elec
Trader Rank: C
When next the video cut in, it seemed the wheel and roof had been repaired, and AuctionMan's short-shorts were safely back on his body, which had either grown sweatier since the last time or had been oiled while the feed was down. Judging by the glimmer of his thighs, probably the latter. AuctionMan was stood next to LadyLuck, who had been stripped of everything except her "festive outfit", and was now bound a good couple feet above the ground by shibari-style ropes. A cloth gag had been placed over her mouth, and she did not seem happy about it. "MMHG! MMPH MM- MMH!" She was glaring daggers at AuctionMan as he began his introductory spiel.

"Wonderful viewers! It is I, your host, AuctionMan!" He beamed, hands on his hips. "I know some of you wonderful fans bemoaned my absence, posting comments like 'We love you, AuctionMan!' and 'AuctionMan, your holiday outfit fills me with feelings you cannot repeat on a live program!' and 'I'll be your Support Program any day, AuctionMan', and ladies, fellows... Auditions are now open."

A sign suddenly dropped from the ceiling, bouncing around on the support cables holding it aloft. 'AUCTIONMAN SUPPORT PROGRAM APPLICATIONS NOW ACCEPTED, SEND EMAIL TO'

Rather than embarrassment, LadyLuck's face seemed to be turning red with anger this time. "Now I know what you are thinking!" AuctionMan said, waving his hands dismissively. "'AuctionMan, how can you let LadyLuck get off this easily? She hasn't shown the Netiday spirit at all!' Well friends, don't worry, it is in fact time to punish LadyLuck for her hubris!" AuctionMan turned away from the camera and stood in front of LadyLuck, a position which placed his pelvis roughly in front of her head. "MMH! MM-MMH! MMMH! NNNMMM!" LadyLuck began to cry out through her gag, squirming in the air and the confinement.

"AuctionMan. AuctionMan! You can't, you can't do this on live air!" An intern rushed in from off-stage. "Sir! We're all going to be fired! AuctionMan!"

AuctionMan seemed to only just notice the navi that had rushed in, and he turned to face him... revealing both the black marker in his hand, and the angry eyebrows and the curly moustache he had drawn on LadyLuck's face with it. Her hands were balled up into fists, and the ropes were starting to fray around her limbs as she strained them, glaring murderously at her 'partner'. "Worry not, fellow showman from the production staff! I, AuctionMan, have made certain that everything on this program is safe for even our most sensitive viewers!"

With that declaration, AuctionMan turned toward the camera to grin. "Keep those entries coming, viewers, and we can keep the giving train rolling! You're all wonderful!" Finally LadyLuck began to break free from her restraints, and she leapt toward AuctionMan from behind, screaming bloody murder through the gag-

The video feed was replaced with a NetVegas Advisory Board logo, and cheerful Netiday music played for the next minute or so before the broadcast closed out again.

Jingling Jollies! C-tier! Guard2!
Gingerbread Generic! D-tier! SkyShoes!

Timbering Trouble! D-rank! Wood+20!
Cheerful Choirs! C-rank! SonicWave!

Stocking Suffer! D-rank! Meteor9!
Holly Hallelujah! C-rank! AquaDragon2!

Eggnog Exaction! C-rank! FlashBomb2!
Tree Topper! B-rank! IceBall3!

Bountiful Bundt Cake! B-tier! RollArrow3!
Present Perfection! B-tier! ElementalRage3!

Astounding Angels! A-tier! ElecAura3!
Friendly Fireplace! A-tier! FirePlus!

Average Appetizers! C-rank! CircleGun1!
Malaise Marathons! C-rank! IronShell2!

Shockingly Similar! C-tier! ElecAura1!
Mystery Mistletoe! D-rank! SentinelGun!

I'm out of Alliterations! C-tier! AquaDragon2!
No Really! C-tier! Momogra!

I'm going to the shop to get some more! D-tier! BurnSquare1!
I'll be back in 3 hours! C-tier! MaruBlaster2!

What do you mean I have to finish this batch first? D-tier! CoalZone!
What do you mean, 'If you won't alliterate I will'? D-tier! MudFlop1!

You Can't Upstage Me! I'm The Host! D-tier! MoonBlade1!
Argghlr grrfrghelgah! C-tier! GigasArm1!

D-tier! PropellerBomb1!
D-tier! ElecShock1!

Shoddy Sponsor! C-tier! FireArm2!
Hilarious Host! B-tier! RedWave3!
Alright then...I suppose I can spare a chip for Asymptote. Lets see...hmmm...maybe this fast gauge will give something decent...merry christmas/netday to all.
-Joseph Sine, operator of Asymptote.exe

Attached: FastGaugeEffect: Haste
Accuracy: S
Description: Dodge rate up 10% for 3 turns for one ally.
Duration: 3 turns
Element: Null
Trader Rank: C
: Haste + 3-Turn (Acc: S)

Alright, I suppose if I want to get something good, I gotta give something good...*sigh* alright. Sorry swordy3, but I need to sacrifice you.
-Stephine Magi, operator of Jazz.exe

Attached: Swordy3HP: 180
Damage: 100 + Long Attack + Slashing / 75 + Wide Attack + Slashing
Accuracy: B
Description: Creates a Swordy-N3 virus to aid you. Can attack with either LongSword or WideSword, is immune to Sleep status, and can Teleport as a free action once per turn.
Element: Null
Special: Allied Virus: This virus has two actions per turn, and is fully controllable by the summoner. If no orders are given, it will perform actions at random, but will never intentionally interfere with or damage the summoner or their allies. Deleting this virus will grant no additional rewards to either side.
Trader Rank: A
: 180HP Virus: 100 + Long + Slash, 75 + Wide + Slash / 3 Action (Acc: B)
After a few minutes, the advisory screen abruptly disappeared, revealing a regular NormalNavi this time around, though with most of the Navi's body covered in a full-body Santa outfit, complete with stuffed belly and fake beard, the only indication that it was a NormalNavi was the sight of a NormalNavi's circular eyes peeking through the oversized Santa hat and massive white beard. It was apparently also very difficult to move around in, with how the Navi waddled about the stage. In the middle of the waddling, the unfortunate fellow very nearly fell over to the side, waving his arms about wildly before "MintT" from earlier ran onto the stage, helping him stabilize into at least a stable standing pose. The NormalNavi then held up something in his thickly gloved hands, and attempted to read something off of it, but the voluminous fake beard muffled his voice so much that nothing was immediately discernable. A screen then descended from the ceiling behind him, showing some results scrolling by, while the costumed Navi wobbled about, looking like he was about to pass out.

- Joseph
Hearty! C-tier! StarArrow2Damage: 100 + Carry
Accuracy: B
Description: Fires an arrow that hovers still in the air for a moment before rocketing forward. If anyone grabs the arrow at any point before it hits something, they are sent flying along with the arrow.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Special: Carry: If anyone, user, ally, or foe, grabs the arrow at any point before it hits something, they are pulled along by it until it either hits something or they let go. This does not affect the arrow in any way.
Trader Rank: C
It's not even remotely a bad deal! C-tier! RemotePlug2Damage: 110 + Homing + Phasing
Accuracy: C
Description: Fires an obstacle penetrating plug that moves forward. Its path can be adjusted by the user.
Duration: Once
Element: Elec
Trader Rank: C

- Stephine
Don't be so blue! A-tier! BlueMoonDamage: 200 + Lunar Drain + Uninstall
Accuracy: A
Description: Fires a ray of lunar energy at an enemy, which also inhibits the NaviCust. Rare
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Special: Lunar Drain: Removes the target's outermost defense layer, even if it wouldn't normally be removed by this attack. Nullifies any counterattacks from that defense. Still triggers other defenses' counterattacks, if applicable.
Trader Rank: A
It's an armful of prizes! A-tier! GigasArm3Damage: 150 + Break + Impact + Knockback + Gigas Charge 150
Accuracy: B
Description: Grants the user the strength of the Gigas to smash their foes with an iron fist. Charge up to unleash incredible power. Rare
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Special: Gigas Charge 150: Expend one action to increase this chip's damage by 120 and upgrade Knockback to Microburst. Buster Charges do not work as a substitute.
Trader Rank: A
Wow, looks like a pretty rambunctious show for this year--Hope they're both okay.
- Harke
Attached: TimeBomb3HP: 100
Properties: Anchored
Object Damage: 50 + Impact
Damage Method: Telekinesis
Attack Damage: 200 + To-All-Clause (Enemies)
Accuracy: S
Description: Places a bomb on the field that will explode after two turns, damaging all enemies.
Duration: 2 turns or until destroyed.
Element: Null
Trader Rank: B
Battlechip (AuctionMan Tier)

Right in the kisser! Pow! Hahaha!
- Scar
Attached: PileDriver3Damage: 80 x 2 Melee Attack + Impact + Break + Knockback + Piledriver
Accuracy: B
Description: The Navi summons a rapidly pumping jackhammer that occupies one of their appendages. Bearing down on an immobile target will deal greater damage.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Special: Piledriver: If the first hit connects with Knockback and the second hit also connects, the second hit deals double damage.
Trader Rank: B
Battlechip (AuctionMan Tier)

MintT was cute! Put her back in!
- Sofia
Attached: RollArrow3Damage: 120 + Chip Break
Accuracy: B
Description: Launches an arrow tipped with a pink heart. If a virus is hit, they lose the ability to attack once. If a Navi is hit, they lose their first selected chip for that turn.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Trader Rank: B
Battlechip (AuctionMan Tier)

- Charles
Attached: N/A (Metool Tier)