The Monthly Netvegas Raffle, 4!

Vintage creepy organ music began to play once the video was opened, and a man's dramatic cackling could be heard in the background. A thunderbolt crashed through the video, leaving the Netvegas Raffle's logo in its wake, and then a second thunderclap dispersed it, revealing AuctionMan.

"Good evening!" He said, bowing dramatically. "I wanted to do something halloweeny this year, but I was told no, so I did the intro anyway!" The roulette-wielding navi began to laugh, holding the backside of his hand near his mouth. "But you're not here for my antics, my chicanery, or my blatant disregard for my bosses' wishes! You're here to win, right!?"

AuctionMan leaned over, pushing a button marked 'Applause', and an applause sound effect played.


--Metool Tier--
Buy-in: 500z
Possible Prrizes: Junk Tier, D Tier, C Tier!
Requires: Nothing! Open to all!

--Melody Tier--
Buy-in: 1000z
Possible Prrizes: D Tier, C Tier, B Tier!
Requires: NetVegas Gold Card (Read: You must be level 20 to buy-in at this tier)

--Scuttle Tier--
Buy-in: 2000z
Possible Prrizes: C Tier, B Tier, A Tier!
Requires: Netvegas Platinum Card (Read: You must be level 40 to buy-in at this tier)

OOC info below this line

Here's how it works: One pair PER PLAYER can pay to buy in to any tier they qualify for. You may buy in ONCE PER RAFFLE MONTH. No, the gold and platinum cards aren't a thing, they're just level locked.

When you buy in, you will randomly get assigned a chip tier, and then randomly receive a chip from that tier. It could be crap, it could be rare, it could even make you debonair. To buy-in/enter, make a reply in this thread.

This raffle will repeat at the first of every month! This month's raffle ends November 9.
Antics and chicanery are always welcomed by playful sorts, but here's to winning!


[CourserMan, Metool Tier: 500z]
Push the button again!

- Harke

[Eternalis, Melody Tier: 1000z]
Gimme something good!


[Sylk, Melody tier: 1000z]
Third time's a charm?

-M. Patrovski

[MachMan, Scuttle tier: 2000z]
Third time's the charm!


[Astraea, Metool Tier: 500z]
DragonierMan will purchase one Scuttle Tier ticket.

[Attached: 2000z.]
Obligingly, AuctionMan smacked the applause button again. Rather lackluster-sounding applause poured out, and so he hit it again- but rather than layer the sound effect, more enthusiastic applause began. A third press included cheering, a fourth included hooting, hollering, and a fifth raised the volume, the cheering, and included sparse cries of 'GO AUCTIONMAN!' 'AUCTIONMAN, WE LOVE YOU!' 'THIS IS CHIP-TASTIC!' 'AUCTIONMAN!'

A sixth press, and the unseen crowd began to chant. 'AUC-TION-MAN! AUC-TION-MAN! AUC-TION-MAN!'

He seemed pretty smug about the result.

Courser: Jackpot! Needler2 chip!
Harke: Middling! Solarshield2 chip!
Sylk.exe: Jackpot! Boybomb3 chip!
M. Patrovski: JACKPOOOT! Sanctuary chip!
Alex: It's whatever! Aquadragon1 chip!
DragonierMan: CAN IT BE? IS IT? YES! THE FABLED DOUBLE JACKPOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Well, it's just a jackpot but now there's two: Swordy3 chip!
Mettaur tier chip me! Gotta get something awesome sooner or later, right?

Anathema EXE: Mini-jackpot! GodHammer2 chip!