Squirrels are such suckers.

Nitro stepped out of the portal from the Square, a little more gracefully than past times.
"Now we play the waiting game..." Nitro said, placing his hands on his particularly rounder hips, waiting for his vict- uh, partner to arrive.

Tranum walked out of the portal, and almost directly into Nitro.

"Uhhh... Hey, I'm here." Tranum blushed slightly, having realized the redundancy of his statement a moment too late.
Nitro looked at Tranum, backing up slightly as the Navi arrived, then said "Which is obvious."
"No, you're obvious!" Tranum retorted, with a glare.
"I, uh, I have no idea what you're talking about!" Nitro said, rather loudy. "But at any rate," he said, hastily changing the subject. "I should probably lead the way, seeing as I've been here so often." Nitro then turned on his heels and started walking briskly forward, not leaving Tranum an opportunity to pursue what could possibly be obvious about him in the current context.

((Ready for Battle #1))
Well, that was... odd.

...Why would you quote that? Nobody would ever get the reference!

Nobody asked you! Anyways, I'm going to go get into fights.

You go get into those fights. Good luck to you.

Tranum rolled his eyes and set off after Nitro.

((Battle #1 ncGo!))
[Friendly Conversation: +2 FXP]

After the two navis began to acquaint with one another, they headed out in to the electric Electown. It wasn't long before they encountered a group of viruses, already warmed up, pumped up, and ready for some beat up!

ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP
ChampuC: 60 HP
PowieA: 60 HP
PowieB: 60 HP
PowieC: 60 HP
PowieD: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Nitro.EXE: 140 HP
Tranum.EXE: 100 HP

"Alright, first fight!" Nitro said, rubbing his hands together. "You just watch, Tranum, and you'll see how it's done!" Nitro looked at the layout before him and started to figure out which chip would have the most punch. "Chris!" He called out. "Send me the Magbomb!"
"On its way!" Chris replied. Sure enough, the Magbomb appeared in his hand, bright yellow and green bolts jumping across its surface. He hurled it at one of the Powies, hoping that the other viruses would be caught in its blast, and his view was then obscured by a large shield, obviously Chris had sent him the Guard chip. He held the shield in a slightly raised position, incase one of the Powies decided to attack.

1: Magbomb1 centered on PowieB (30Elec + Metal Panel Bonus = 60Elec, Stun1, Blast3)(Mass Destruction activated)
2: Guard1 defending Nitro
3: Dodge left
Tranum cracked his knuckles, looking forward to the oncoming battle.
"It's showtime!" he shouted excitedly.

Hey Dave! Guess what?

Hang on, I'm already loading the rageclaw. Aaaand there you are!

Feeling the Rageclaws comforting weight, Tranum glanced down briefly. He looked up, sizing up his enemies with a malicious grin on his face.
"Time to show these guys what I'm made of!"
Lunging swiftly into the fray, Tranum ducked and weaved through the chaos that had resulted from Nitro's attack. He quickly made his way to his target, a nearby Champu. With a sudden, fluid movement, he lept upon his target, laying into it with all his strength. He hacked away at his target with the Rageclaw, doing his best to rip it apart. After several seconds of incessant slashing had gone by, he suddenly disengaged himself from his target, and quickly dove at another nearby Champu. He attacked this one with even greater force than the first, driving every slice home, the oversized claw a whirling crescent of steel.

When he was satisfied, he spun and lept over the Champu he had attacked first. Quickly, he darted back to where Nitro was standing.

Hey, Dave! Load the shield, will ya?

Expecting retribution?

Tranum quickly ducked down beneath the glowing blue shield, waiting to see what the virii would do next.

1) Rageclaw to ChampuA 40 Damage
2) Rageclaw to ChampuB 40 Damage
2b) Swordplay ability (free action dodge)
3) Shield Subchip
Zap went the Magbomb as it flew towards the Powies, which immediately got out of the way, but to no avail, as the paper dolls received the obliteration emanated from the magnetic explosion. Tranum, meanwhile, was dealing with the Champu. All three teleported up to him and swung their collective fists at him. One punch hit the squirrel's shield, and another to his shoulder, damaging him more than usual due to the fire burning his fur. (10x2Fire) He was rather quick about delivering the two slashes and dodging the remaining blows, however.

ChampuA: 20 HP
ChampuB: 20 HP
ChampuC: 60 HP
PowieA: BLAM
PowieB: BAM
PowieC: BOOM

Terrain: 100% Metal

Nitro.EXE: 140 HP [Guard1]
Tranum.EXE: 80 HP [Shield Break]
"Alright! Direct hit!" Nitro shouted, pumping his fist into the air. He quickly scanned the battlefield, and noticed that Tranum had jumped back to him, a small singe mark on his shoulder. "What's the matter, couldn't take the heat?" Nitro teased. "Alright, you've still got your Rageclaw, right?" He added, his own claw appearing on his empty hand. "On the count of three, we'll rush 'em, and slice them to hell. Be sure to follow me exactly, until I duck. When I do that, you just leap and keep going. One, two, THREE!" Nitro charged forward, his shield held in front of him, and as he approached them, he moved his claw behind him. Once within range of the strongest looking of the three, he slashed upward. Assuming Tranum followed up his attack, he kept running forward, slashing downwards at the next one in line. He then crouched low, skidding to a halt, with one leg out to the side, and waited for Tranum to carry out the rest of the plan.

1: Guard1
2: Rageclaw at ChampuC (40dmg)
3: Rageclaw at ChampuB (40dmg)
Tranum nodded as Nitro finished outlining her plan. "Rageclaw to thatun and thatun. Gotcha."

Tranum ducked behind Nitro, running towards their first target, slashing out at it fiercely as he darted past. He watched Nitro as she headed forward, lashing out at one of the Champus Tranum had attacked a half minute before, then slid to a stop, ducking down. Taking note of the signal, he took the opportunity to leap over his partner, diving towards the last Champu in line.

Partway through his mid-air trajectory, just prior to striking his target, he screamed out a warcry.

"PAAARRRTY HAAARRRD!" He punctuated the cry by striking out once with all his might. Satisfied, he quickly darted back behind Nitro, laughing maniacally all the while.

Party Hard?
Heh. I'm gonna hafta remember that one!

1)Rageclaw to ChampuC (40 Damage)
2)Rageclaw to ChampuA (40 Damage)
3)Hide behind Nitro
Placing a double teamed attack against the Champus, the viruses stood little chance as they were decimated by the flurry of slashes. Only thing that was left standing was the bits of zennies left by the deleted viruses!

PowieA: BLAM
PowieB: BAM
PowieC: BOOM

Terrain: 100% Metal

Nitro.EXE: 140 HP [Guard1]
Tranum.EXE: 80 HP

Nitro: 350z + 1 FXP + 1 Bonus FXP [Team Attack]
Tranum: 150z + 1 FXP + 1 Bonus FXP [Teak Attack]
Tranum poked his head out from behind Nitro.

"Woo! We did it!" He paused, then "PARTY HARD!"

Stop saying that!
Nitro straightened out as the battle completed, brushing his long hair out of his face. "Whew!" He said, as he walked over to the spoils and took his share. "That felt really good. You certainly can hold your own." Nitro made a big show of looking out ahead, using the time to communicate to Chris privately. "So, what now, oh fearless leader?"
"Let's just keep going, see what happens." Chris replied.
"Alright, fine." Nitro turned back to Tranum. "So, Short Stuff, you up for Round 2?"

Tranum bristled slightly at Nitro's short joke.

He grumbled slightly, "I'm not that short!"

((Please to have battle #2?))
Following their triumph over boxers and paperweights, Nitro and Tranum moved along to find new bizarre things to crush into tiny pieces. And bizarre things they found, as some flying magnet armed things and...other things with needle-like arms were busy preparing for battle. And that battle is right here, right now! Unless they ran somewhere else, in which case neither would be true.

Oh, and there's magnet panels over by the viruses. That's probably something good to know before attacking those things.

MagTectA: 90 HP
MagTectB: 90 HP
MagTectC: 90 HP
BillyA: 50 HP
BillyB: 50 HP
BillyC: 50 HP
BillyD: 50 HP
BillyE: 50 HP
BillyF: 50 HP

Nitro: 140 HP
Tranum: 80 HP

Terrain: 60% Normal, 40% Magnetic (by the viruses)

"Wow... That's alot of virii!" Tranum looked at the large group of virii that had assembled in front of him and his partner.

I think that we should use something other than the rageclaw this time. Something with a tad bit more... spread.

"What are you thinking?"

Alright. Firstoff, we'll use the Crackerbomb chip we found earlier. Lob that at that Billy. That should hopefully take care of it, and some of the Magnet terrain too. After that, I'll load in the shotgun. I think you should probably aim at the Billy's with that one as well.

I think I could do that...

Alright! I'll load in the Guard chip when you're done with that!

Tranum looked at the Crackerbomb that Dave had loaded. He took aim, then launched it. Dave was apparently on the ball today, as the Shotgun chip loaded before Tranum had a chance to survey the chaos that resulted from the lobbed bomb.

Taking careful aim, Tranum paused, then fired the shotgun at a small group of Billies that was slightly farther away from the Crackerbombs blast than the rest.

"Alright! I think that would be a job well done!" Tranum ducked down behind the glowing blue shield that had suddenly emergered, mildly taken aback by the fact that Dave was organized enough to pull off the offensive so quickly.

1) Crackerbomb to BillyB (80 damage, Panel Crack, Blast 3!)
2) Shotgun to BillyF (50 damage, Spread 1)
3) Guard1 chip (Defensive)