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Thank You for you business.

- Ariel Fuujimoto
It's a done deal. Thank you for your business!

- Rei Tylien, OBS Owner

*attached: Airshot1*
Neat operation you got here. I'll be watching.

Ariel GET : AirShot1 : Rei LOSE
Rei GET : 1000z : Ariel LOSE

- LinkMan.EXE
Hope you enjoy your chip, Ariel. Take care, and thank you for choosing OBS.

If all goes well, we'll be seeing each other often, LinkMan
Hey, if Ariel's getting a chip, I want one too! Wrecker for me! That's 1300 zenny, right?


*1300z attached*
I have a Machinegun chip and I could probably use another one. I think 2000z is a bargain though I haven't seen it for sale anywhere else. I hope this isn't some sort of scam...


[attached: 2000z]
Wow, business is already starting... I'm surprised.

We'll, here you are! Thank you both for your patronage. If there's anything else your looking for, please feel free to mention it on our store page, and we will try to stock more to your liking.

*attached: Wrecker, Machinegun1*
Looks like this little business is already having a great start.

Teruko GET: [Wrecker] Battlechip LOSE: 1,300z

Roger GET: [Machinegun1] Battlechip LOSE: 2,000z

Rei GET: 3,300z LOSE: [Wrecker] Battlechip, [Machinegun1] Battlechip

Hello, I would like to purchase your PhoenixShot2 for 5,500z please.

-- Destin.

[Attached: 5,500z.]
Oh, business is picking up again! i was getting worried for a while there. Sure thing, here you are!

- Rei Tylien

[[Attached: Pheonixshot 2]]
Pretty nice transaction there.

Destin GET : PhoenixShot2 : Rei LOSE
Rei GET : 5500z : Destin LOSE


- LinkMan.EXE
Thank you. I may be back for a few other chips later.

-- Destin.
Hey, Mazer. I would like to buy that Energybomb you have there. It is still 400 right?


*400 Zenny attached*
Yep, the chip is still 400z. Thanks a lot for being my first customer!


Attached: EnergyBomb1
"Greetings, I noticed you have your own chip shop and I was wondering if besides the possibility of purchasing chips, you might be interested in buying or even trading chips to add to your inventory.

I happen to have a GolemHit1, Snowfort1 and an Attack+10 chip that I'd be interested in selling, or possibly trading. I'm looking for about 2,400, 1,500, and 1,000 Zenny respectively.

I personally am currently searching for an Elecknife if you have one in stocks or happen to know of someone who may be willing to trade it. Looking at your current stock I see a few I'd have my eye on, but will have to return for them later.

Please let me know your thoughts on if you accept trades, or even buy chips yourselves.

Greetings! Well, we do certainly buy and trade as well. Let's just see here...

Well, so far I can say i am definitely interested in the golem hit. In fact, i even have an ElecKnife in my private stock i can exchange it with, if you'd like. The Snow Fort is interesting, I could see us wanting that... Let me discuss it with my fellow employees and we will let you know.

As for the Attack+10, I'm sorry to say 1000 may be a bit high. Do keep in mind we would have to be able to sell it at a reasonable price, while still making even a small amount of profit. I'm not sure we could with 1000z. Would you be willing to negotiate that price?

If you're willing to accept the trade for the golemhit1, then I am more then happy to get that done now, of course.

- Rei Tylien

*attached ElecKnife*

Mazer here, thanks for your interest in our OBS! We can definitely use your SnowFort1 chip, and I could either set you up with a chip trade and/or zenny purchase. Feel free to let me know!

-Mazer Patrovski
I'll get one transaction out of the way first.

Vik LOSE: 400z : Mazer GET
Mazer LOSE : EnergyBomb : Vik GET

Have a nice day.

That sounds just perfect, thank you. Regarding the Attack+10 chip, I'd prefer not to drop the price too far, as its useful to me at least at present, so I'll withdrawal the offer for now. Still, thank you for the trade, it sounds excellent.

If you're willing, I would be able to part with the chip for 1,200 Zenny, if that is agreeable then we have a deal.


[Attached: GolemHit1, SnowFort1]