NBA Trading/Selling

I am looking for Fire chips mostly, but I'll also take Null element ranged chips. Will now also sell chips besides trading them away. Due to recent changes, I prefer zenny to chips.

1x Pulsar1
1x Thunder2
1x LeafShield

Hmm... I have a FireBurn1 I haven't had much use for lately. Would you be willing to give a Boomerang1 for it?

~Mill Alidine
Oooh, Boomerang2? I'd like to get one of those bad boys. I'm not sure what you'd like for it... I do have a Firehit1 that I don't currently use, and as for 'sharp' chips, if you mean slashing type weapons, I have a RageClaw that I get zero use out of.

Swap both for the Boomerang2?

@ Mill: Yes, me and my Navi would like that. I will attach the chip to the bottom of this post.

@ Steve: I apologize, but I also use my RageClaw barely so I'm fine with just one. As for the Firehit1, it wouldn't be enough for my Boomerang2.


[Attached: 1x Boomerang1 chip for Mill]
Great. Here's my end of the deal:

[Attached: 1 FireBurn1]
I suppose that is fair. However, I really want that chip, so I'll boost my offer a bit. How about the FireHit1 with a FireBurn1? I'd offer some Heatshots, but those things are so common they are next to worthless. I have a bit of a surplus of Fire chips, anyway.

I can agree to that. Maybe we should keep in touch for a chat. Same goes for Mill. I've got an inbox to fill.


[Attached: 1x Boomerang2 chip for Steve]
Ah, excellent. You can get in contact with me at


ATTACHMENT: FireHit1, FireBurn1
All bets are in, let's roulette!

NBS LOSE: Boomerang1, Boomerang2. GET: Fireburn1x2, Firehit1.
Mill LOSE: Fireburn1. GET: Boomerang1.
Steve LOSE: Fireburn1, Firehit1. GET: Boomerang2.

Have a nice day!

I thank you two. Meeting you is something I'll certainly do. My mail is linked with my initials. I hope you will use the chips skillfully.

Starting post has been updated. Still chips up for trade.

Oooh, alright. This thing will be deadly in my Navi's hands. Thanks a lot, NBS.

Made some changes in the first post of my topic. Please take a glance at it.

Hello there sir, my net op is currently indisposed at the moment, but I can still offer and she can finish the trade after her 'mission'. Anyways, I currently have a Spice 1 that I do not use at current and I do not have much knowledge on it's price, but, might it be enough for one of your swords? I can add about 400z to it's price, though, thats all we really have at the moment, so, what do you say?
I shall also include our E-mail if you ever wish to contact, at the moment.

*Kedamono is currently in the middle of her mission and I have NO idea what is going on.*
I understand you want this chip. I shall take yours and zenny and try to sell the chip instead of this one. This trade is fine for me. Please add the chip and zenny at your earliest convenience.


[Attached: 1x Sword]
I will offer you the difference in price for that Spice1.

Ummm...seems like my navi has been a little busy while I was doing my you go, the zenny and chip.

attached: Spice1 and 400z
(bump for trade completeion)
I wish to purchase that Spice1 from you for 1200z

I believe this price is more than fair if the previous transaction was to your liking.

WHOA! SPICE CHIP? I'm willing to go twice as much as Chad's offer! 2400z! I'll even throw in a Sword chip!

Ohhh...I'm sorry...but, I can't pass on a deal like what Des is making...It's a deal Des, I'm sorry NBS...

Deatched from trade:400z
Trade of Spice1 changes to: Des