Soryu's Custom Chip Trader

Soryu has brought in a new chip trader to sit across from the old retired model. This chip trader features a holo-display screen on the front side that shows instructions for the trader's use, and displays a little animation when used. The animations vary depending on what is put in and nobody is quite sure if they repeat.

There is a three slot slide drawer with the first slot lit up, and a picture of a key above it. Apparently what you put into this first slot determines what you get back out of it, or so the display says if you watch it long enough. This is quite a departure from the old machine.
Strolling into Soryu's shop, Harke absentmindedly looked around, wondering why he had decided to come here in the first place. He didn't really have much interest in the chips-- Wait, what's that in the corner? A brand new chip trader? With brand new features?!

Immediately, he went to check on his folder, and saw that his folder had some very chips he didn't really feel like using. As if possessed by a trance, the chips slid into the slots one by one, the operator's eyes blankly staring forward at the display...

[ZapRing3, MagnetMissile1, MudSeed.]
And the chips were inserted, and there was whirring...a samurai then appeared on the display screen, and bowed as the new chip appeared for Harke. Why did it...oh, that was why.

Harke LOSE: ZapRing3, MagnetMissile1, MudSeed
Harke GET: Katana2
Wasting little time after getting her two fodder chips she gladly threw 1000z at, Adrian took a deep breath as she placed the RedFruit3 into the most important slot, and giving no thought to the following two chips. She prayed for something useful this time.

[RedFruit3, barrier, Recov10]
Once again, after the chips were processed, a figure appeared before the operator...this time, a Native Netopian appeared, doing a dance, before vanishing, reappearing, and giving Adrian a dirty look before disappearing for good.

Adrian LOSE: RedFruit3, Barrier, Recover10
Adrian GET: Totem3
Having run all the way from Beach Street's docks to the MetroLine station, and then from ACDC's station to the store, Sabrina was understandably a little out of breath as she burst into the store, and located the new chip trader she'd heard about. So, the first chip she added altered the likelihood of getting better chips, right? In that case...she pulled out a trio of spares she didn't think she'd ever get rid of otherwise, and one by one, gently placed them in the trader.

[Chip Trader:
As the chips were processed, the image of a MuteAnt hopping across the screen chased by an angry Weather was displayed. The Weather zapped the MuteAnt with electricity once they were halfway back across the screen again, and the trader dispensed the chip.

Sabrina LOSE: Silence, AirShot1, ShockWave
Sabrina GET: ElecShock2
Blah. Blah, she said! Or thought, at least. Well, time for another round. One! Two! Three! And thus did Sabrina enter Round 2.

[Chip Trader:
Click, click, click, hisssssssssss, poof!

Sabrina LOSE: Thunder2, Pillow1, SolarSeed
Sabrina GET: IronShell2
Woo, new entry! And now, to put it back in with two other chips meaningless to her!

[Chip Trader:
As the chips were inserted into the machine, and with them, a small pop up screen appeared as a little Mr. Prog popped up. "No! Go away, we're tired of giving you stuff! Beat it already!" It was promptly tackled by six other Mr. Progs off screen, the last of which held up a small 'One moment please' sign as the screen sank back into the machine. And with that, your chip was released.

Sabrina LOSE: IronShell2, LavaSeed, MagnetSeed
Sabrina GET: ClusterShot3
"Hush, you!"

With only those words to the renegade Mr. Prog, Sabrina elected to give the chip trader another whirl. Three more chips, and...boom!

[Chip Trader:
Click, click, CLUNK, Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ding! "Hey, grats mon!"

Sabrina LOSE: Shake2, MokoRush1, IronShell1
Sabrina GET: HeatBreath3
Humming to herself walking into the shop, Stephine took an immediate look over at the new chip trader machine. With a shrug, she pulled out three chips that she never seemed to use with Freya, slotting them into the machine, and waited for the machine to spit out a new chip for her...even if this meant that Freya would drop a level. Meh, not a huge deal.

Insert: Aquaneedle1, Varitails1, Ratton1

Stephine LOSE: AquaNeedle1, Varitails1, Ratton1
Stephine GET: WhiteWeb1
Stephine hummed to herself with a smile on her face, the sister of Jack pocketing the chip soon enough and leaving the trader behind soon enough.
Andrew wandered into the shop, feeling like he hadn't been in for casual shopping in a long time. It was all work work work lately, and his navi's continued silence continued to be a barricade for him. Today, the PET had been completely unresponsive all day, but it didn't seem like anything was actually wrong so he went out by himself and went chip-shopping.

Or, that was the plan, at least, before he caught sight of the chip trader and decided to mess with that instead. He did, after all, have a lot of old chips lying around. Some of them he'd never even seen before, much less used.

Much like the chip trader's current state of disuse, really.

[Insert: 2x Heatshot, 1x Thunder1]
The whirring...always with the whirring.

WHIRR! See? Whirring! Unfortunately, that was about the extent of the noteworthiness of this roll.

Andrew LOSE: HeatShot, HeatShot, Thunder1
Andrew GET: Recover10
Well...that was underwhelming. The chip Andrew got back looked to be even more insignificant than what he'd put in. Maybe another try would produce better results.

[Insert: Recover10, Barrier, Varitails]

...This really wasn't the trader's finest hour.

Andrew LOSE: Recover10, Barrier, Varitails1
Andrew GET: Guard1