Front Counter

The Chip Shop has been completely redecorated from the days in the past. It is now adorned with a large counter as you enter, that Soryu can often be found working behind. The counter has nearly everything anyone could want, housing all of the chips available in the shop behind the reinforced flexiglass front.

The prices are clearly marked, and Soryu isn't known for being lowering his prices. He finishes putting up a new poster, advertising the new NetSquare, and heads back to the stock room to make sure everything is in order.

The doors are unlocked, and upon them opening a nice chime alerts the people inside the shop of a new entrant, allowing Soryu to work anywhere in the shop and always know when a customer arrives.
Entering the store for the first time, Anthony took a short while browsing the selection and considering what he could buy. He didn't have a lot of Zenny but it was enough for some of the weaker chips in stock. Still, the weakest chips they had were still just as strong as what he had.

Anthony walked up to the cashier and spoke timidly, "Uhh.. Hey... Can I uhhh... Get some chips? Two minibombs and an energybomb. Please. Thanks."

He kept his head facing down but his eyes peered up occasionally.
Kai pushed the store's door, entering the only chip store in ACDC town. As he walked in, there was pleasing sound of chime, alerting the person inside the store.

"Uhh, no one's buying chips today?" Carrying two bags full of snacks and drinks, he walked to the front counter, feeling a little bit odd as the shop was less crowded. "Did all of the residents went to the new opening of NetSquare?" Arriving at the front counter, Kai gazed at the variety of chips, unsure of what he would buy. "Hmm, this is good, that's good, too.....what to buy, what to buy....."

"Gimme some powerful chip, which I can blast all virii in one shot!"

"There's no such chip existed......oh I think I'll take a Heatshot, please..." Requesting a chip from the shop owner, Kai swiped his PET as the screen showed the amount of 1400 Zenny being delivered to the shop's account.

"Heatshot! Heatshot? We just obtained this in the last battle!"

...wait, is Soryu male or female?
<(Male. Don't worry, I was confused the first time I saw the name too.)>
Kawazoe walks up to Soryu and lays 500z on the counter.

Kawazoe: I'd like a MiniBomb chip, please.

*looks around*

Kawazoe: Not much buisness today, huh?
((Can't log into the NPC account with the password given, it seems. Anyway, pretend I'm that guy. You know, that guy. Have no clue how to RP him, so gonna make this simple.))

Soryu looks at the money, counting up each stack. He then shuffles through some chips on a shelf, "Let's see.... two minis, one energy. Thank you." He takes the money and pushes the chips forward, then walks over to the next, "One Heat... thank you." He repeats the pattern, then moves on to the last person, "And one mini... thank you. Come again." Finishing all three transactions, he then goes back behind the counter, to whatever business he was working on earlier.
Anthony took the chips and gave a quiet "Thanks" before heading out the door. Talking to strangers in person made him uneasy and he couldn't wait until he got back home to try out his new chips.
"Hmm...thanks Soryu...." Picking his purchase, Kai slowly walked to the front door, focusing his attention towards the new chip.
" let's see....what should I get with 750 zenny.... " said Arch as soon as he entered the chip shop, he looked at the chip list....

" I suggest you pick the chip that have the minigun image.... " Arbalest tries to help....

" This one.... "

" yeah, err, the other one....that's look expensive. "

" ermm, it's a vulcan chip....let's see what does it say about this chip....Minigun that fires three shots. Looks good but the damage is pretty weak.... "

" you forget something Arch....'adds 10 damage to gun-type'.... "

" thanks for remind me about that, let me do some calculation....each shots does 10 damage and three times don't forget that....add 10 damage to each shot so ten plus ten is twenty, twenty damage each shot....times three....two, three, six, sixty....SIXTY DAMAGE! hey you're right Arbalest.... "

quickly he goes to the counter and request for a vulcan chip....

" Mr.Shopkeeper....can I have that vulcan1 chip, here's 600 zenny.... "
Arch looked around as he awaits for the person who is in charge of this place to give him vulcan1 battlechip

Shigeru walked in slowly, before shaking his head and turning his attention to the chips.
Uh... a wideshot and a boomerang, please.
He transferred the 6000z to the cash register, and waited.
Keito walks into the store and walks to the counter. He looks on the shelf and browses through the merchandise. His PET starts to ring in an annoying ringtone, he reaches into his pocket and pulls it out onto the counter.

"Can't you pick a less annoying ringtone?"

A virtual image of Kenji appears on the screen.

"Hey, don't you be dissing saria's song!"

"Oh come on, ocarina of time was made yeeeaaaaars ago. Get over it."

"Oh yeah? C'mon get me a boomerang chip and i'll show you how much link kicks ass!"

"Fine... limey fruitcake. Excuse me, could I get one boomerang chip, and a heatshot?"
Alexander walks trough the door, to the counter and puts 4000 zenny on the counter and goes "An area grab please".
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Soryu walks out, slightly panicked. "Sorry, I couldn't find the key to the back door." he explained, and he gathered up the accumulating pile of zenny, and ran about the back looking for each chip. After what seemed like an eterity, he came back, a small stack of chips in hand. After handing out the chips, he collapsed into his chair behind the counter.
" huh, you waste my time a lot....thank you anyway.... " said Arch who is a little upset....

" hey cheer up Arch....don't be mad at him.... " Arbalest tries to comfort his operator...

" ermm....maybe I should just keep quiet and took the vulcan chip, get out of here as well.... "

Arch move towards he front door, leaving the store and went to his house....
Steve finnally stumbled into the Chip Shop, looking worn out.

"Shouldn't have taken that left at the intersection." he panted.

He looked out at the busy shop. Flipping through the cataloges and looking at the shelves, he finnally came to a decision.

Walking up to the counter, he took a deep breath and said. "Okay. I need two MiniBombs, two Energybombs, two Vulcan1's, and a Vulcan2." he said. He wasn't about to mess around with getting Druidman powered up, and he needed to get some non-elemental staples bought anyway.

Counting out the 5400 zenny, he placed it on the counter.
A small imported car hummed to a halt in front of the store, and from it came first Kazu, who quickly walked around with the intent of opening the door for his passenger, and then Sarah, as she nearly hit him with the door before he could do his gentlemanly thing. They both entered with an air of curiosity, talking quietly to each other and pointing out the changes that had been made since they'd last been inside the Chip Store.

"I'd like a Sword, an Energybomb, three Minibombs, and a Vulcan-1, please," said Sarah as she approached, placing a small electronic device on the counter. "There should be exactly enough money there."

Kazu waited for her to finish before stepping forward and giving a nod to Soryu. "I don't know if you remember me," said Kazu, "But in your line of work, you must watch the news, right? I was just wondering if you recognized..." Kazu reached into his messenger bag and placed his PET on the table, then immediately realized his potential mistake. His PET was very distinctive, but then, perhaps it would be better if Soryu recognized it.

"...him." He was talking about both his PET, and the picture on its screen: A still frame from the feed Pianissimo had shown him. It displayed the Sexy Trio in battle.
Examining the picture Zeen had posted on the BBS, Rigel barely noticed that he had already crossed the length of ACDC park, and was now right in front of the chip shop. Taking one more glance at the picture before walking in, Rigel noticed the three navis that didn't appear to be getting their asses kicked. Probably these..."Sexy Ninjas" he thought, before one of them caught his eye. A swordfighter navi with green robes and a crimson blade. Swing? So...that's what he's been up to. Odd one, that guy.

Pushing the door open, Rigel took in the rather thorough remodeling job the new owner had done, before walking up to the counter, where two others were standing.

"A sword and a thunder, if you would," he said, counting out 3600z.
Suien walked into the ACDC Chip Store and promptly found himself amid several netbattlers placing orders. "Oh uh... wow," he said awkwardly as he removed the PET from his pocket and opened communications with Rass, "It's pretty crowded here, so it's probably best if I have a definite grasp on what we need to buy. Any requests?"

"Well Suien, I..." Rass' voice was quickly cut off by each of his subsystems. While Suien couldn't actually hear their voices, the lines of text that had suddenly and rapidly appeared on his PET's second screen revealed the chaos that had likely erupted within his Navi's skull. "I... guess I'll just choose a bit of each," he said finally, shutting his PET and moving up to the counter.

"Excuse me, Mr. Gosthe?" he said, sliding his subPet to the counter, "I've prepared my account for transfer. Can I get three minibombs, a shotgun, a rockcube, and an airshot?"