3-Chip Trader Machine

In one corner of the chip chop, Soryu has set up an old refurbished Chip Trader Machine. This model is painted blue, and features 3 slots in the tray for inserting chips. Off to one side, if has a single chip dispenser.

Usage is simple, put 3 chips in, pull the handle, wait a little bit, and collect the randomly generated chip it returns.
Chad continued his run back to his apartment but then was suddenly entranced by the small sign for a Chip Trader Machine. "What the hell, lets give it a test run then" He muttered to himself as he put 3 Recovery10s into the machine.
The machine whirls a little bit, and then a chip pops out.

Chad GET: AquaKnife
"Hah, I'll probobly get- OH dear god I have to try again" Chad fumbled through what other things he had for a moment "I never liked these chips very much anyway" He said before putting them in.

2 Cannons, 2 Rageclaws, a minibomb and a Vulcan1
The machine whirrs a little bit, and then a chip pops out.

Chad GET: LilCloud

Another bit of whirring, and it spits out a second chip.

Chad GET: FireTower1
Chad grabbed the chips and ran off before his luck decided to die out.
As soon as she obtained her ColdPunch, Sabrina whipped out her folder, and in a couple of smooth motions, swapped it for a Guard1. Man, she was getting good at this...eh? There was something over in the corner of the shop that wasn't there. Might as well check it out.

Hang on a sec, wasn't this the chip trader she had heard about? Let's see...basically, you inserted 3 chips of your choosing, and one random chip would come out. So it was kind of a risk, but you could get something really good for it. Neat. Without even hesitating, she grabbed three Cannon chips from her spare chip pocket, placed them in the chip trader, and pulled the handle. Something came out from the side, but without even checking it, she placed another Cannon, a Guard1, and a Vulcan1 into the machine, and made use of the handle once again.

And so, she reached over and grabbed the pair of chips, and checked them out.

INSERTING (1): Cannon, Cannon, Cannon
INSERTING (2): Cannon, Guard1, Vulcan1
After the first three chips were inserted, the machine whirrs a bit before a chip pops out.

GET: Elecreel2, Lose: Cannonx3.

Sabrina then inserted the next three, another whirr later, another chip pops out.

GET: Minibomb, Lose: Cannon, Guard1, Vulcan1.
...ElecReel2? That was pretty nice. MiniBomb? Not so much. After another folder swap, where Sabrina traded a Shotgun and MagBolt1 for ElecReel2 and DashAttack, she placed the Shotgun chip, another scrapped Shotgun, and the MiniBomb she had just gotten into the chip trader, and pulled the handle once more. Best 2 out of 3, perhaps?

INSERTION: Shotgun, Shotgun, MiniBomb
A click, a whirr, and suddenly out pops...
A Spreader1.

Get: Spreader1
Lose: Shotgun (x2), Minibomb
Spreader1, huh? Sabrina pocketed the chip, deciding that the battle between her and the machine ended in a draw. While she was half-tempted to try it again with her last remaining spare chips, she resisted the urge to do so, and left the shop.

But geez, that chip trader was addicting.

(to good ol' ACDC Town!)
"What's this thing?" Na'im asked the device in front of him, "Ah, I think I've read about these..." With that said, he took his chip pack and passed each with his eyes. Thinking about which he barely used, he took 3 out and placed them in the designated slots. "Let's see..." he muttered and pulled the handle.

[Chips: Heatshot; Heatshot; Varitails1]
The three chips fall into the trader and a chip pops out. On it is the name 'AirStorm2' written.

Lose: 2x Heatshot; 1 Varitails
Gain: 1x AirStorm2

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"Hey, this is kind of fun..." Na'im said and immediately started taking out 3 more chips, putting them in the machine one by one.

"You sure you're not getting addicted?" Djinni said, resting her elbows on Na'im shoulder.

Na'im laughed and shook his head. "Nonsense," he said, "I'm dirt poor! It wouldn't be wise to get addicted to something like this." And yet there was a certain shine in Na'im's eyes as he looked at the handle after pulling it down.

[Chips: Varitails1, RageClaw, CornShot1]
Another chip fell into the tray, this time with 'PanelShot' written on it.

Lose: 1x Varitails1, 1x Rageclaw, 1x Cornshot1
Gain: 1x PanelShot

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"Panel... Shot...?" he muttered to himself and thought, "I think there's a song in that name..."

"PanelShot!? A song!?" shouted Ghoul from Djinni's side, "You're an idiot!" The voice started to drown itself in laughter, while the others just turned away.

Looking through his own chips already, Djinni stared at Na'im and sighed. "You've already done it twice. Let's get some more first," she said, trying to drag him away by his ear.

"Fine," Na'im muttered and turned away. He sighed and whimpered softly as he moved away from the Chip Trader machine. "It was fun," Na'im whined to Djinni, "Maybe gambling is my true calling. A destiny where I won't be falling."

"Keep on dreaming," Djinni said, as Marid and Ghoul snickered quietly, and patted him on his shoulder while being a miniature hologram.
Steve slinked up to the machine. "Okay." he said, taking a deep breath. "This is for the best."

Deciding to make sure to keep his and Erin's winning serepate, He decided to put her's into the machine first.

((INSERT FOR ERIN: AquaBalloon, Katana2, Vulcan1, Vulcan1, Energybomb, Doublebomb))
Steve inserts the first three chips.
The trader whirs, and spits out an [ElecKnife].

Lose: 1x AquaBalloon, 1x Katana2, 1x Vulcan1
Gain: 1x ElecKnife

Steve inserts the second set of chips.
The trader whirs, and spits out a [RollArrow1].

Lose: 1x Vulcan1, 1x Energybomb, 1x Doublebomb
Gain: 1x RollArow1
"Well, these aren't bad. I think Seraphim and Erin will like them." Steve said as he pocketed the chips, and pulled out his own.

"Let's get rid of some of this junk, and these overpowered guys." he mumbled.

((INSERT: SummonBlack2, Blackbomb2, Vulcan2, Shotgun, Shotgun, Shotgun, Cannon, Cannon, Vulcan1, Vulcan1, Vulcan1, Rageclaw))
The first roll is...


The second gives...


The third reveals...


Finally, the last comes out as...


Steve LOSE: SummonBlack2, Blackbomb2, Vulcan2, Shotgun, Shotgun, Shotgun, Cannon, Cannon, Vulcan1, Vulcan1, Vulcan1, Rageclaw
GET: Zapring1, Cannon, Metagel2, Minibomb