This e-mail is for the Charity Event. Please send your e-mails to the co-hosts here.
To: Waltz (
From: Katherine Stevenson (KatStevenson@KaenBooks.Com)


Hello all! I would just like to say thank you for creating such a lovely charity opportunity. Abandoned Navi need our help, especially with the dangers represented by criminals and rogue viruses. We have to do what we can to aid those in need. My Navi, Durandal, is a swordsman at heart, though I don't have any actual sword chips at the moment. As such, I doubt he would miss a ranged battlechip. I do hope it will be of use for whomever it goes to.

Attached: Cannon.dat
To: Holly (
From: Sabrina Jetto and SplashLady (


Hi, just thought I'd do my part to help out. My Navi, SplashLady, is a cute mermaid Navi, who obviously specializes in Aqua element attacks. Still, I figure just about anything would be neat, and this isn't exactly a chip we've been using, so...hope one of those Navis likes it.

ATTACHMENT: Vulcan1 BattleChip data
To: Holly (
From: SharpMan and Dawn Guerrero (


Yo, this is SharpMan, one of the sharpest blades in Cyberworld...or was, until I ended up with my previous operator's sister, who's being a pain and won't restock me with everything I need, even though she's rolling in dough. But I'm not writing this for pity, I'm writing because I'm interested in that little gift you've promised people that send you something. Well, here's something. As a Navi that's taken up the way of blades, I'm not interested in chips like it that can't tear whatever it hits into pieces, so go on, take it. Give it to a poor Navi, eat it, I really couldn't care less.

ATTACHMENT: Cannon BattleChip data
To: Waltz (
From: Voulge and Marius Eirenikos (

Hello Waltz, and to Holly and Boss Oni.

My name is Voulge.EXE and I would like to donate this chip into the charity event. Even though I may be a NetPolice Navi, I still hope for the success of this charity in both ends. As for the introduction, I am a spearman who also utilize many different weapons in order to adapt to battle. However, I can say that my main specialty is that there is no defense that I cannot pierce with my spear, and that is no exaggeration.

Please make good use of this chip and make sure it's put to good use. Thank you.

Attached: [ZapRing] Battlechip
To: Holly (
From: Rei Tylien and Sylk (Arachnids_Lair@Yumland.Org)


This is Sylk here~ You definitely have my vote 100% Holly, you seem truly... Delicious~ heehee. I'm just a lil' Spider-Girl who loves Causing a bit of mischief, making new friends, and i always enjoy a good meal; Be it a snack, or the helpless prey which I've bound into my web of destruction. Nothing ever escapes this arachnids grip, heehee~

Fun aside, I'm giving you a chip that has helped me and my comrades more times than i can count in some of my travels, and it's time it does the same for someone less fortunate. You can never be too prepared, it's a lesson some of us learn the hard way.

Well, take care now~ Maybe I'll see you around sometime... I'd love to see how you taste~

Attached: [Guard1] Battlechip
To: Holly (
From: Lucia and Vincent (


Hi hi! I'm Lucia, a bubbly, fire archer bow and arrow type girl, or so I'm told. I heard about this and asked my Master if I could give one of my chips away for it. So here you go, I hope it will help someone in need! Oh right about what I like. Uhm, well I like fire, and arrows, and uh.. fire and sharp pointy things, and uhm... Oh and fluffy things yeah! Ah, right well anyway, I hope this helps someone who could use it more than me!

Attached: [Thunder1] Battlechip
To: Holly @
From: Teruko Hotta @

Hey guys! The way you guys are doing the show is so cool and you're so super cute that you ought to win the contest! I'm sending you guys a chip and I hope I'll get really lucky with my reward! Oh right, my navi... she's like an ultra powerful ancient net-knight that fights with a weird transforming staff doohickie? That ought to be enough to work off of, right? Thanks!

*Cannon battle chip attached*
Subject: Holly-day Charity Event


Dear Holly,

I think this event you're hosting is really great! I really like the thought and enthusiasm you put into it.

I don't have many chips right now. I actually recently donated all my chips to a good cause, but you can never have too much donation! It always feels nice knowing you're helping others and spreading seasonal holiday cheer (I'm sure you know how that is!).

So you can have one of my new chips. It's not the greatest chip out there, but it's the thought that counts.

Oh, right, about me. My name is Gale. I am a fun loving, entertaining, friendly, and energetic young woman. What else? My favorite color is yellow. I don't think I've ever really had to do this before. It feels like I'm writing a personal ad.

You're doing great! Keep it up!,

[Attached: Guard1 Battlechip]
To: Holly (
From: Ellen and Rachna (

Hello hello, this is Rachna speaking. I don't quite understand how this event will help out, but I'm all for it anyway. As for me, I'm just a conjurer navi who enjoys creating random objects and playing around with magic. I use whatever weapons and abilities I can get my hands on, and could probably take anything and use it well.

Hope to see you two around sometime. Could be fun.

*Guard1 Battlechip attached*
TO: Waltz (
FROM: Jared & Co. (
SUBJECT: Explosive Holiday Charity

A charity event that accepts dangerous drive damaging explosives with a smile? I'd think this was a little shady if the NP wasn't involved. Anyway, Broadside wished for me to send a chip to help out, so I'm sending a Ratton1. I can vouch for the... effectiveness of this chip in getting into small places and utterly wrecking things. I really suggest using it in that way... just on something you don't own. I hope you guys get a lot of use out of it. Seasons greetings and best wishes to the force. -- J.T.

Oh come on. You didn't need that folder anyway. Besides, we all know Broadside approves of the liberal application of high explosives to any problem. I bet he and Waltz would get along famously. Same hobbies even. -- [NAME DELETED]

Yo. Nadia here. We need to get together someday, Waltz, and discuss spotting techniques for callin' in the big guns. Strats and tactics are also my thing. Anyways, speaking of big guns, the Chief is a walking arsenal. If you wanna pick a chip for 'em, high caliber long range stuff, maybe with a little lot of kaboom is what the man--mech?--needs. (PS: That Ratton creeps me out a bit... yech) -- Nadia

Yeah... We can do without the creepy little squeak-n-boom. That thing crawled out of the temp control circuit and wasted the code lab. Hope you guys get some use out of it. We're glad to be rid of it. -- Ro

Aww... The Ratton was cute. Give it a good home for us. --Rosa

PS: Please, don't do send us anything explosive. There are enough random holes in the net already without Broadside adding more. -- J.T.

EDIT: I'd love to know how you guys edited this mail. I also find it somewhat amusing that you had the guts to tamper with mail being sent to a government agent. That's just... I don't even know what to say to that, guys. -- J.T.


<<Attached: Ratton1>>
To: Waltz (
From: Duke Rigel and Pianissimo.EXE (

I'll be perfectly honest here. This event is utterly ridiculous. You're talking about donating chips to navis that more than likely have no way to use them, and turning it into some bizarre competition. And you've got this Boss Oni guy as one of the hosts. That's reason enough to be suspicious.

Still, I suppose I'll do my part as well. Season of giving and all that. I'm sure you'll find some use for this. You seem the most sensible, so this one's for you.

As for me, I'm an assassin navi. I use swords mostly, but I've got plenty of those at the moment so something a little different that I can still use for my work would be nice. That should be good enough to go on.

*Shotgun battlechip attached*
To: Oni (
From: Virgil (

Dear Oni

My vote is out to you for the "Miss Santa contest", since you clearly have the 'Santa' part down. From your large girth to the way you dress, you are much more suited to the role then the other two. Infact, I bet that you have a laugh that is identical to the jolly man himself. I would go into detail about my navi, but I am afraid that you might turn out to be a pedophile, like most of the Santa impersonates out there, so all I will say is that she is an aqua navi and leave it at that.

Please accept this donation of a Vulcan1 for the navis who probably can't use it in the first place.


*Attach Vulcan1*
To: Waltz @
From: Rania Firebrand @

It's pretty great to help out underprivileged navis like this, I think. I know my navi loves battling, so I feel like everyone ought to get the same opportunity. I mean, if he couldn't battle, I don't know what he'd do! It's uh... it's seriously important to him.

Anyways, he's really sick of this chip, no matter how much I tell him it's good for him. He just refuses to use it. He's seriously stubborn. A navi like him really doesn't deserve anything, but could you try to pick out something he might like? Thanks.

*Heatshot battle chip attached*
To: Holly @
From: Burt J. Blanchard @

I had a tough time deciding between you and your friend, but in the end I was won over by your beautiful smile. It's almost as cute as my own navi's, and that's saying a lot! You're so cute that I just can't resist sending you this chip. I hope you'll give me something good to help fight for Counterinfectualism, Holly! We need all the help we can get in protecting the net from evil. If you're interested in learning more about Counterinfectualism, please check my homepage. You won't be sorry!

As for my navi, she's so multitalented that she can use almost anything. She's so perfect~

<3 Burt J. Blanchard

*MaruBlaster1 battle chip attached*
TO: Holly (
FROM: Victor Ulrich(Victor.Ulric@Dentech.Net)
SUBJECT: Charity Event

Greetings and salutations,

It has come to my attention that you are holding a charity event to benefit needy Navi. A most noble goal. I am surprised that someone of your profession is so concerned with the plight of the poor. I must say that it causes me to review my notions of what the NetMafia stands for. My own Navi, Garou, is currently experiencing hard times and I have been forced to halt his excursions into the network until these issues have been taken care of. It is a shame as he truly does enjoy taking an up close and personal approach to virus deletion. Well, I shouldn't carry on so. I do believe that since Garou's busting is on a temporary hiatus, he will have no problem parting with a battlechip for the sake of a good cause. Please accept this cannon. It isn't much, but I it is reliable in a pinch and I am sure it will be of some use.

Victor Ulrich

[Attached: Cannon.dat]
TO: [Holly]
FROM: [Scarlet Krysarch]
Well, isn't this a nice thing to be doing. I'll be sending in this chip. Might be a bit fun for someone for a friendly bear fight. If that isn't enough, it'll slice through viruses like a hot knife through butter, too! Good luck with your endeavors. I like the cheerful outfit, by the way, Holly, I'd like to know who designed that!

-- Scarlet

[Attached: RageClaw1]
TO: [Holly]
FROM: [Harke Ezarith]
Hey, guys! I'd just like to say what a great idea this is, and a good collaboration between the two factions! Hopefully you guys would give this chip to someone who can make better use of it. Can't wait to see what you've got in store for later, hoping you guys would do this collaborative stuff more often.

-- Harke

[Attached: Shotgun]

P.S: Nice outfit, Holly.
To: Waltz (
From: Rhea and Camillia Ranbard (


As response to your highly-promoted corporate social responsibility programme, I, and my Navigator, Rhea.EXE, hereby pledge ourselves to the cause to aid the unfortunate, in view of the festive seasons.

Attached to this email is our meagre, yet sincere contribution to the cause.

I thank you for making the initiative and effort to organise such activity that provides to the general, social welfare.

I'll let my Navigator do her own description.

Camillia Ranbard

I am writing this e-mail segment upon the request of my Operator. I am a swords-based fighter, and thus, the chip offered is not a frequently used chip.

... If there is any swords-based chip that is available, then Rhea would gladly take it.

Much gratitude in advance.

[Attached: MagBomb1 battlechip]
To: Holly (
From: Mini Rini! (

Writing this in place of Rini, my Operator, I would like to extend our appreciation for such a meaningful event being organised by your good selves. And now for a message from my Operator.

uh, um, thanks for making this up! rini is sooooooooooooo ekshaited and wanna haaalp out in tis! sooooooo rini, rini, rini will offer!!!


The Caaannoooooon!

... Such is her message. And despite us being already low in firepower, we have come to an agreement that we should do our part in contributing to the society's needs.

We sincerely hope that the battlechip will go into the hands of the needy.

Rini and Shisho.EXE

[Attached: Cannon battlechip]