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A...tower? That's a new one.

Still, I think I'm more surprised by the story that NewsServ still exists.

It's true.... We haven't heard a lot from them lately... Did they shut down indefinitely so they could fix whatever lame security they had that was jacking their broadcasts?

Well... I go away for one second and something happens to the NetSquare...

...things like this do happen though.

-Fujiwara Shin
This is...interesting...hmmm...going to have to look into this at some point. If anything, this is a sign that something big is going to happen...much like seven years ago...
-Jack Magi
My navi was present when the quakes started, though we left before the tower appeared it seems. I'm curious, what event seven years ago are you talking about?

-Vincent Strife
An incident I'd be more than happy to let stay seven years ago.

If you ask me though, this is nothing like that. It's too big, too...obvious. I say, if the tower's causing problems then just blow it up and be done with it rather than letting it keep causing problems.

... Oh wow, I was just about to send my Navi into the NetSquare. Then this pops up...

.. and blowing it up will probably cause more trouble. The guys responsible should find out whatever it is first. The GNA maintains the NetSquare, right?

- Harke
Wow, NewsServ must be under new ownership or something. Weird.

At any rate, either this is some sort of publicity stunt, or someone screwed up real bad. I'm pretty sure that giant towers are supposed to be one of the things that the NetSquare is supposed to be safe from.

Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if this was just a fancy way of building a new NetSqaure headquarters or something, because if it were some sort of an attack, wouldn't someone have claimed responsibility by now? Breaking through the safeties of the NetSquare is no small feat, I'd imagine.

-Steve F
If it was some way of building shmancy headquarters, I'd think it wouldn't involve power outages, though. And it's a bit early to assume that nobody would take responsibility just yet.

One thing is for sure, though: this tower probably isn't some Net anomaly to have broken through NetSquare security.

- Harke
What an insane way to create a blockage... I guess I'll have to have my navi stay in Beach net until then... I wouldn't put it past this being some kinda net terrorist attack. I rather miss doing these discussions to events, actually. Kinda helps me socialize in a way without leaving my navi to do who knows what... You have to wonder though how it really was possible, maybe some kinda inside job perhaps?

- Polonius Carbonium

Ahahhh... well aren't these topics the sight for sore eyes!... reminds me of the Med Navis reunion of last year... ahhh stranger stuff has been seen though, yet it can be an attack, I'm pretty sure, Steve. If one just goes out and attack that'll just spend needless energy... but if you attract some wayward travelers or the police... well... makes it a bit easier don't you think?


Steve, tell me honestly, what history is it the net has with giant towers that would prompt people to specifically make sure the NetSquare was "safe" from them?

I still say to just blow it up and be done, though now that you mention it I wouldn't be surprised if a giant advertisement popped out of the top in a few hours.

Well... it would be kinda nice to have a "safe haven" sort of place... but stores are supposed to be pleasing to the eye... this... seems more like an eyesore... I guess it be better to wait? Makes no sense in blowing up that could be good...

- Polonius
Hmm, yeah, come to think of it, the tower may just be some kind of decoy. It could be a simple attention-grabbing ploy- you know, gather a few curious Navis, the NetPolice, maybe a bit of the GNA... the number quickly multiplies. Suitable for a second wave of attack?

In any case, I'm keeping my Navi away from the NetSquare for the time.

- Harke
Seeing as how the Netsquare should be very, very hard to attack from the outside. Is it possible for the tower to have originated from the Netsquare? As in someone brought the program with them and deposited it underground.
-- Destin Obscura.
Well, I have no reference, Duke, but I'm pretty sure the Netsquare is supposed to be protected from any real disruption, which is why you don't find viruses in there. Sure there was that mess when it opened, but that was a couple of Navis (which should be able to get through fine) grabbing something and then running to the net proper.

Besides, if the reports are accurate this 'tower' is an invasive program, merely taking the form of a tower in the net world. I'd think it could have been depicted in any number of ways, it just happened to be a tower. To me, the word 'invasive' implies that some sort of defense was penetrated that shouldn't have been.

Assuming that this isn't a hoax, of course.
-Steve F
I'm a bit scared to seen the implications of this myself. I mean if the netsquare's systems isn't as safe as it was, then whose to say Chauliac's Hospital Network won't be invaded by one of these towers... I feel rather paranoid for all of those patients there... I'm sure no one would be that heartless... right?

-Polonius Carbonium
Programs can be programmed to be heartless, I suppose... we cannot disregard that. However, it's still in the NetSquare, and we still don't know what the tower actually does yet, so this kind of panic is kind of baseless conjecture.

- Harke
Still...I'd say we keep an eye on this tower, since there is no telling what it might be or who created it. The net doesn't exactly have a good track record for mysterious objects appearing out of the ground.
-Jack Magi

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