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The NetPolice has stooped so low to request the help of normal NetBattlers again? Why does this look so familiar to my eyes? As if we are about to fight a criminal from the past. Last time the NetPolice hid details about a Navi, according to what I have heard of my brother, was back at the Drakkas incident. Is there a connection between this and the happenings of the past?

- A. Darkholme -
I'm not so sure about that. This sounds more like a scientific expedietion, not an offensive against anyone. From the sketchy details of that report, if a single navi was responsible, it would be immensly powerful, and I doubt that the NetPolice would throw common Navis in its path. Even so, it wouldn't be the first time in history that a government abuses it's citizens.

Regardless, my interests are piqued on this subject. Netwide anomolies? Strange viruses? Sounds like one hell of a party.

But Drakkas wasn't alone. I never said that if it would be him, he'd be alone. His Rogues were deleted in the past, but he was never deleted completely. I was there. The Rogue my team attacked was still alive as well, he got away. They could've recruited new Rogues!

And there was the other thing in the past... I don't remember the details about it, but I do remember it involved some video. Why won't the NetPolice show us the details if they may need us to fight alongside them? If we know more, we can prepare ourselves. I'm sure as hell not going to stay of the Net because of their stupid actions.

- A. Darkholme -
I could have sworn something like this happened nigh on seven years ago. Of course, I don't trust my memory for such things; a ten year old boy tends to have a rather, uh, "colorful" interpretation of events.
At any rate... This thing has piqued my curiosity. Stuff like this doesn't usually happen in the Net nowadays. The sheer number of backup lines mostly keep things going smoothly. It would take something really big to slow down portions of the Net...

my friend and mentor, jay, he told me of some of these things, he told me to look out for strange viruses and such, i always hoped he was wrong, guess the net police need us....i hope that my navi can take on these strange viruses.
I kind of agree with you swift.... but all I remember is almost nothing, as I wasn't that interseted in the dealings of the net at that time.

So, it's time for the Net to band together against another threat?

I might have to investigate this myself if it deals with rare viruses. I'll be curious to look into the situation...

But... slowing down the whole Net? There's only one thing I can think of... and it couldn't be that again.

-Hal Belfast
-Belfast Avatars, Inc.
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Yes, dear Hal, it is time to arm yourself to the teeth again... We might see each other again.

- A. Darkholme -
jay.....he said something about.....cybeasts.......but that couldn't be right, wern't they deleted or something?....i was too young to remember those events of 7 years ago.
My father told me about them. Said he had a friend with firsthand experience of what they can do. Completely tore through a small team of navis within moments.

But Timmy, are you completely sure? Was it Cybeasts you heard?

no doubt about it. jay is someone whom would never lie, he helped to create my navi, nikko.exe, i'm SURE thats what i heard, if only i could only contact him i'm SURE he would say something about this matter.
((Are you sure you're not just METAGAMING a bit, Darkstar? Watch it.))
I do remember a Jay from that time. He was a joke of a NetBattler and very bad at verbal fights. I'd hate to say it, but I doubt you should believe any of his stories. He probably told that story to come of as a good NetBattler which he wasn't. You could say he was compensating for something small...

- A. Darkholme -
how DARE you make fun of him! even if he wasn't much of a net battler he was a great teacher! he's my freind!
Did he teach you how to write too? I can tell.

- A. Darkholme -
i should just give up, this is a reason i don't usualy comunicate with the human race.
I agree, you should give up. What made you think starting a flame war would somehow defend your friend's honour? Now you look like an idiot, too.

Us Navis don't get anything of what you say either, Timmy... It ain't just humans. Or were you talking about animals and inanimate objects? My Operator may have a cute lunchbox you could communicate with. We've been wondering what kind of gender it may have...

- Divinity.EXE -
It's a Plot device to further me!

I had no idea this game was this awesome!