Signature Chips

There's a lotta chips out there.

I mean a lot.


You ever had that one chip that just seems to mesh with your character's theme?

This is the swordsman's best sword, this is the fire navi's flame aura, this is the ice navi's icewave.

So the question is...

What is(are) your navi's Signature Chip(s)?

Soundman's chips would be SonicBoom, Pulsar 1/2/3, and Echolocation.
Candybomb set.
DrillArm and BigHammer since those are my current signature chips~...Can't think of anything that might be spear-related.
BigWave. :V
Let's see... Recov80 for starters... ElecBlade for the obvious too... ah yes... Variable Sword simply because of it's ability to shift during different situations. Ah and Elecpulse series too. Hahah heart puns.
Eternalis gets....
AquaAura, AquaDragon, MetaGel, Recover300 HA LIKE I'LL NEED IT

DashAttack, and Condor!
The Elem chip Series, any terrain changing chip and Area Grab.
any kind of gun chips will suit Validus.

Shotguns: Close Quarters
Cannons/Markcannons: Sniping
Magnum: Badass imbued on normbust
I don't know yet. I'm still trying to figure out what SINNBAD is. I guess if I could find a rare KnightSword it would be pretty cool.
I laughed so hard I woke my roommate, Aim.

Anyways, I'd have to say my pick of the chips would be Elecknife, Elecsword, Elecblade, Trainarrow series (It makes your buster fire spears. Eh? Eh??), and of course, Areagrab and Fighter Sword.
Bombs, bombs, and more bombs. In particular I've found Magbomb to be useful, stunning a whole bunch of enemies at once is always fun.

and StepCross too if I ever get my hands on one
WideShot and WaterLine for SplashMan, TrainArrow and AquaDragon for SplashLady.

I know, WideShot one of my Navi's signature chips? I was shocked, too.

...And I would like to apologize to anyone that drowned on that sarcasm soaked comment.
Swords. Lots and lots of swords for Rhea.
Runeknight - BigHammer, FireSword and FlameLine

Wolfman - RageClaw?

Chaos - Also RageClaw?