The Jojo Game

You find get a verb from the first site and a noun from the second site and that's your stand ability.

Your stand <wrings> <technology>.
Furthermore, there was a site listing the top 100 80s pop/rockbands. When we played this game, we rolled a d100 to get the stand randomly, then came up with an idea based on the name. I got twisted sister (I rolled for a character name too but can't remember what it was...), who could, as you may have guessed, twist things.
Your stand <estimates> <finance>.

Your stand <supplies> <allowance>.

Your stand <bestows> <grants>.

Financial stands....

Your stand <compels> <animals>.
Best one I had:

Your stand <finishes> <school>
Ha ha ha. I win.

Your stand <irritates> <bomber>.
philosophise airline

Your stand <grates> <fluctuations>

your stand <produces> <favor>

Your stand <erases> <lots> :B

...acquiesce: to accept, comply, or submit tacitly or passively —often used with in and sometimes with to...

so I can shuffle what's real or accept ownership of things...

they are practical, but rather odd...
My stand will climb lawyers and save floods?

...It's actually kinda awesome.

EDIT: I just got <Descend> <Copper>...woot.
Alright so after some deliberation, I was wondering if an RP actually would be possible.

Basically you would be set up against opponents whose abilities were generated with this system except they wouldn't be explictly stated. So I guess moderation would be necessary. You would simply meet them and you would have to determine the effects of their stand through RP means and the resulting weird shit that happened.

I guess the main rule remains that you can't kill the people explicitly. Minor damage is acceptable as long as it isn't eventually fatal or permanent (losing a limb).

Also, Mog's stand rains pennies.
Yarp its official, I just obtained imortality

<Inhale> <Age>
Your stand <tred> <monarchy>


Well, you know who to call when your ruled by tyrants. BD
My Stand <gropes> <people>.
My stand <bosses> <pope>

Apparently, my stand is God himself. Or maybe the pope's hat.
Your stand <Flops> <Guesses>

Trip. XD

EDIT: Better yet: <Promenade> <Bacteria>

Better still: <Beam> <Luck>

THE BEST: <Revoke> <Approach>
<empower> <fruit>


I guess I solve world hunger.
Oh awesome.

My stand <creates> <win>.

: D


<Strides> <Terrorist>

<Stumbles> <Plasma>

<Saves> <Locality>

<Enfolds> <Sunshine> <---- I like this one. :'D

<Paws> <Pocket> <----- :<

EDIT EDIT: <nick> <fist> <---- Oh Meleeman~

<rationalise> <cast> <---- I make you normal?

<scoop> <contraction> <---- :/

<elect> <spirit> <----- This sounds useful