The Last Poster Wins

So yeah, I decided I wanted one of these here. So I posted it here for kicks. One rule: the last poster wins, but others may remove that win by posting. (also normal forum rules, yadda yadda yadda you know)




Quote (RevivedSin)

I'm going to add a new rule, after 20 pages, if someone doesn't post in 24 hours of the last poster, that person will be deemed the official winner and this topic will be locked, and the winner can carry the last post in his/her signature as bragging rights.

I just lost the game.
You did win just now. Just... I win now. The last poster, no matter what, always wins.

Or was that sarcasm. < Omission of question mark.
FALCON...PAUNCH! *explodes the topic*
No, the game. You just lost it. Not this one.
I are confused. WIN!
I don't think he knows about the game! Le gasp!

Which you just made me LOSE BTW, I was doing so good too!


Blurrrrrrrrrr. Thou shalt lose.
(it is bad, I know)

WIN >:)
I hate that game. The girl whose locker is beside mine at school told me about it and now I lose whenever I see her.

In other news, I win.

I lost. Stupid game.
Ah, that game. Damn, why?! I was, so, innocent... T_T WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Also, WIN.
I win.
Lux, you sneaky fucker.
>: D
Yeah, whatever.
No u.
You all know that Goroke is your true ruler.
Like hell you are.
That's right, we all know it's actually me.