Tarot Cards and Active Navis

The Major Arcana (Trumps Major, Major Trumps) of occult or divinatory tarot consists of twenty two cards. I think there are enough active navis to fill the roster.

0 The Fool - Seraphim.EXE
1 The Magician - Summonerman.EXE
2 The High Priestess - Druidman.EXE
3 The Empress - Majesty.EXE
4 The Emperor - Soulman Junior.EXE
5 The Hierophant - Voulge.EXE
6 The Lovers - Machman.EXE
7 The Chariot - Koumori.EXE
8 Strength - Voltman.EXE
9 The Hermit - Tennisman.EXE
10 The Wheel of Fortune - Soundman.EXE
11 Justice - Broadside.EXE
12 The Hanged Man - Magna.EXE
13 Death - DNR.EXE
14 Temperance - Splashman.EXE
15 The Devil - Enigma.EXE
16 The Tower - Meleeman.EXE
17 The Star - Djinni.EXE
18 The Moon - Pianissimo.EXE
19 The Sun - Red Riding Hood.EXE
20 Judgment - Binary.EXE
21 The World - Capuchin.EXE

Note: I'm checking the desciptions (bullet points) of each card on here:

Also: http://www.learntarot.com/cards.htm
I say...
Broadside.EXE for The Chariot.
DNR.EXE for The Fool.
TeethMan.EXE for The Hanged Man.
MeleeMan.EXE for The Strength.
Djinni.EXE for The Wheel of Fortune.
Big for strength. Please? *tear*
The Star- Watt.exe
I can't really say where Binary would fit in. If any, probably either The World or Judgement; take your pick.
Enigma.EXE as The Devil?
Majesty's a dead giveaway for Empress. MeleeMan... probably actually makes the best Chariot, given his brash attitude. Seraphim is the self-proclaimed Emperor, although he could do very well as Moon too. I'm not too sure where to place Magna, other than maybe a loose interpretation of Hierophant.
For Capuchin, I think The World fits her well.

I'll have to second Meleeman for Strength, Big and Magna are a level or two below his might.

Binary goes with The Judgment theme well. He defines an essence of creation, beginning, rebirth, and so forth.

Magna is tough, really...

Uh, yeah, Majesty completely fits The Empress, truth to say.

And didn't you decide Pianissimo for the Moon already? Edit that in. D:<
Maybe make Voulge into "Judgement". He follows all judgement passed by his navigator and etc~
Am I the only one who actually clicked the link? DX

If you look, Strength is actually more careful and logical power. Chariot is what MeleeMan is: bullheaded and reckless charges. In any case... We have more than enough active Navis, but I can't say that they won't overlap to the point that some arcanas will be empty. <__<
No Devil? Then I want Death for Enigma. D:<
Lets see... Machman... Maybe the the Strength. "Composure, self-control, patience, discipline, inner-strength, kindness, ..." Seems like it fits, but "slowness" is almost completely opposite of his persona.

The Lovers: Really doesn't fit
The High Priestess: Maybe, but Machman isn't completely stoic
The Hanged Man: Not really that self-sacrificial
Death: Doesn't fit
The Star: too happy-go-lucky
Hiko, you do know that Death isn't even a negative card, right? <__<

Anyway... Maybe put Magna as the Hanged Man? I probably didn't think him like that originally, but after jumping into that pit in my mission for a virus, I think I should pin him as self-sacrificial. XD

As for MachMan... Hmm... Well, there really isn't a card that just straight-up says SPEED.

*scratches head*

I guess Chariot might actually be best for him, although MeleeMan definitely conforms to it better. Maybe... Lovers might work? Rather than love for a person, it could mean his love for speed? The wiki page does reference personal beliefs and individual values, so maybe.
Yeah, i looked back on Strength again and it doesn't seem to fit anymore... I guess he's just a wild card. Heh. whatever.
Hmmm...I'm not really sure where Koumori would fit in...maybe Strength
Props to Bomber for his input.
*stares into his crystal ball*

Hmm... Yes, quite.
The High Priestess?

DruidMan's just packed full of that there druidic wisdom.

Quote (Wikipedia)

In most iconographic depictions, the Hierophant is seen seated on a throne between two pillars symbolizing Law and Liberty or obedience and disobedience, according to different interpretations. He wears a triple crown, and the keys to Heaven are at his feet.

*Content with Voulge's place*