Font Colors: Y/N?

I was curious.
A good majority of people use them, as do I, but I wanted
(yet another)
public opinion.
I personally don't like it. I used to do it myself back at RERN with Persephone, because she had so many goddamn voices with the Immortals. If you look at some trading posts, you'll see Persephone writing in green and Soryu in gray. Those are reminders of RECN in a way. Anyway, I decided that entirely black is fine. Just give each voice a different paragraph so people won't get confused.
I put a line break in whenever a speaker changes. It makes it look more professional-ish to me. Having different colors to adjust to makes my eyes hurt.
Makes it a little clearer.
I don't use them because it's a hassle to put the tags in repeatedly.

But I don't say know to others using them.
I only use one color, red, when void is seeing thing that arn't there...

mostly imp...

aside from that, I don't really use it...
I personally like them because some people are a little lax on the speaker tags, and it makes things much clearer to tell here. The font is killer on the eyes after a while, and different colors are HEAVENLY.

My current colors...
Gold or Crimson: Dorian
White: Elias
Olive: Zephyr
Sea Green: Kure
Slate-Blue: Enigma
Fire Brick: Ceres
Some Powdery Blue Thing: Soul of Makai Elias' Body
Me: Dark Magenta
I say it's a good thing. I'm going to try and get into the habit of it, and pick out a decent color...
Lazy way. Bold for speaking and italics for thoughts. Win.

I like it. It organizes the speech. I use orange for thoughts, red for Logan speaking, blue for Arma speaking, and of course black for everything else. I don't like to get too complicated with the colors...
Machman.EXE Reporting

[Machman, activate XIIICross]

XIIICross activated, Mazer. Sending a written message to you now.

Inbound Message: Testing test messaging program.

That is all I currently use right now.
Proper writing technique generally dictates that for dialogue, you separate the voices into two different paragraphs, as a side note.

I don't use colors. I tried it once and didn't like it. Sky does though, so it must be cool. :'D
When you write a book, there are no text colours to distinguish the speaker.

Therefore, I write with no text colours.

: D
I sometimes take text colors as a sign that people are too lazy to find a way to make their speakers dialogue without being stale and saying "he said, she said, he said, she said." I understand that's not always the case. Personally, while it may help with clarity, I think that a writer should be able to make dialogue clear enough without using colors.

That and it doesn't look professional at all. I always find a character 50% more typed if they talk in a color. That said, I will admit that I've used bold and italics to help distinguish accents or volume before.

Just don't make yourself talk in red when you're angry and you're fine in my book. :'D
I've been maiing the voices in Runenight's head a different color...'Cause it's evil. I usually don't though.
I don't use different colors for different characters, but I've been using colors in other ways. I've recently started inserting little blocks of red text describing what's to come. That way mods don't necessarily have to sift through my WoTs, or at least it's easier to do so. These days, I just can't help but see this kind of scene play out in my head when I think of the moderators reviewing my posts.

"Oh, great. Another wall of text. Alright, alright, let's see here. A paragraph of Charles yelling, another paragraph of Charles scheming, another paragraph of Crush being confused, HALF A PAGE of angst... God, and he hasn't even done an action yet..."

So now, it might be closer to this.

Previous Turn

"Are you kidding me? I just described what happened last turn, there's really no need to go back and... whatever. Skipping, skipping..."

This Turn

"Uh huh, that's nice. More angst. More confusion. Oh, look! CrushMan is following Charles' orders again, there's a shot outta nowhere! Skipping!"

First Action

"Finally. Only took you two pages to get there. Alright, so, let's see... You're kidding. A page. A whole damn page for one action. Damn it Tom! Move and shoot or move and hit, it's not that difficult!"

Alright, so maybe it's not too much better. But it is better? Eheh... Gosh, even my spam posts last way too damn long.

In short, yes, I use color.
Lawrdy, Tom, you're a moderator's dream.
I enjoy colors, only to specify which of my two navis are talking tho. It's just a for fun thing that makes it look rather neat ^^
Colors...I guess they are okay...

The color that would describe Empress's personality however

How unfortunate.

I just don't use it, but I guess it's okay.
Makes it a little clearer to see who's speaking at a glance, but again, line breaks do the same thing.