Newbie coming 'round

Well, just heard of this place earlier, so figured I'd drop in since I've always been a fan of Battle Network. So... guess that's about it for now, other than I'm still figuring out just a few things, but otherwise will have a profile up... sometime tomorrow
Welcome! It's always nice to have some new members comin' round. :V

Drop by the chat and we'll give you a dang proper welcome.
Welcome to RE:RN.

As for your profile, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
Hi :0 We don't bite, and welcome~
Welcome! And hope you enjoy your time here!
Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your time here.

I like your avatar.
Yo. Sup.
Another Lance! Confusion ahoy. Hiii.
I've always been Lance, for... 12 years or so (yeah, I've been rping that long). Thanks for all the welcomes and such, got my profile up so I'm just determining where to go from there once it's approved
I shall call you...

Oh, it's you! Hi!
I'm the old man here, made my 1st "Lance", playing 2nd ed ADnD, some 20 years ago. Still at it
20? Alright, I suppose I'll concede that one. Regardless, doesn't seem like a bad place around here so far, now I guess I just have to find people to tag for team busting/missions/etc. since it'll get dull at times going solo.