.... That's all I can offer in an introduction... Um, hi. Apparently I'm lured here by Annoying Reaper. I look forward to having a good time here? :]

p.s. pleasedon'tkillme
Welcome to the family, Chardes.

Just head over to the Rules forum and start reading the topics to make your navi. If you run into any troubles, head over to the chat (General La-de-da > RE:RN Chat & Frappr > RE:RN Chat) and we'll be glad to help.

See ya around.
Welcome to RERN, enjoy your stay.

Hi. Have a problem? Ask anyone with a coloured name.
Hello. I'm Makaizer X in the chatroom, though most people call me Zan...And that's a long story. Anyway, hope you have fun and drop me a line if you need help with something.

In other news, hiyas Chardes. Have a good time, follow rules, obey colored-name people, follow rules, don't be obnoxious, follow rules, demand cash up-front.

No wait.
Hello newbie, enjoy your dea...I mean, your stay here...We don't bite...hard.[/foreboding voice/foreshadowing]
Hey everyone-- thanks for the welcome! I think I'll go and work on my registration now.
Hey Chardes, enjoy your stay.
You know, dark, that loses almost all value once you look at the 'I'M A RETARD" avatar you have and the "I'M A FURRY" banner you have in your sig. XDXD
Oi! Go to hell Steve! You and Druidman both! do realize Druidman is now strong enough to whack your navi all the way back to the time of Chaos Network...?
They already did, that's why they're so awesome. :|

Anyway, hope you have fun busting and stuffs, Chardes.
Oy! Voltman's powerful enough to do that too!

Anyways, hello Charde. My name is P.A. and I'm one of the older members of the site, relatively speaking. I don't have a colored name anymore, due to the inactivity that I'm trying to get myself out of, but feel free to PM me if you need any help.

In other news, Dark is better, but still needs to learn caps, Steve and Druidman headed to hell and left because it was too easy, RS is a great moderator, and Zan is an oldie, even if his member stats say otherwise.
I'd like to mention once more that I am Zan/Makaizer X/Gah, different people refer to me by different things. I think Syriene usually calls me Cypher after my Navi.

Anyway, congratz on your approved characters. We should team up sometime.
I recently started becoming a ghost rather than a member, but still welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy your stay.
Welcome, newbie! Everyone seems to have given you all the advice you'll need at the moment, so I'll just say hello, enjoy the RP, etc, etc.
Hello there! I am typing this on my girlfriends iPhone so i will not type much. I am Syriene, a local artist here and the operator of a musical navi. And yes I do call zan cypher xD enjoy your stay here and I hope to see you in the chat room, once u actually get back in there myself.
I'm glad my registration got approved. Thanks for the welcome, guys! And hopefully when everything settled down I can bust with some of you guys, too.