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Hey there folks. I'm new here, so I just thought I'd say hello.
Sup! Tales of Symphonia, heck yeah. Welcome to RERN. Stick around.
Hello, and welcome to the board. I hope you enjoy yourself. : D
Welcome and enjoy your stay.

Also, go Kratos. [/random]
Hey baby.
*insirt general new member speach here*

Also, kratos is epic, fucking, win.
welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay.
Your avatar makes me want to buy Tales of Symphonia 2 even more. You think of a NetOp/Navi pair? If you do, post your idea in the registration area so you can get started!
Thanks for the warm welcome. I have been tinkering around with a few ideas, though I don't have anything concrete. I should be able to finish my application tonight.
Don't stress too much about getting an idea down. Most of us have reregistered at least twice. XD

Aanyways, thought I'd use a bit of my internet time to say Welcome.
Well, my application is finally finished. I hope it is acceptable.
Heh, they'll tell you there, not here, but since members can't comment there, I guess I will here. XD

I like it in general, because it looks like you actually put some effort in it... unlike a good deal of people I already know... (XD)
Are you friends with anyone already on this site or did you find RERN on your own?
I was searching for a Pokemon RP, honestly. I have been having some interesting ideas for characters in such an environment; however, I was unable to find anything that caught my interest. I ended up at Megaman top sites and was reading some of the reviews. They seemed very...Dualistic? So I figured that I would check this place out for myself. Thus, here I am.
Your profile will probably be accepted soon. My theory is that the admins all think someone else will get to it and then no one does. FYI, you can bump threads once every 24 hours.
I recognize your name... Have we met on a different forum before? Maybe in a game or something? You somehow seem familiar.
Not that I am aware of, though my name is common enough I suppose considering it is from ToS.
Never played ToS, myself.
In any case, 'grats on your quick learning of our forum rules. It usually takes a bit and a half of explaining before everyone understands them. @_@