Well, I've seen the button for this site long enough, and heard about things that happen here, so what the heck, time to get up close and personal.

Name's Sj, but for some stupid reason, registration requires at least three characters. <__< I moderate on Team of Navis Elite, and have done so for a year now. I've been on and off recently due to problems I get at home, but otherwise, I do what I can.

I'm 18, male, and unless I know you from ToNE, that's all the personal information you're gonna get from me (so don't bother asking ^_^.) I love the MMBN universe, but have yet to finish the proper conclusion of 1, 2, 3, and 6, and I've never played 4. ;_; However, I'm almost an expert on 5, especially on the Colonel side.

Umm, I'm not a sicko or anything, so don't expect me to jump out and offer ecchi or hide it in links. I can be random at times, but you get that in everybody who's a gamer I guess.

I should know a few of you already, but otherwise, hi.

Oh, and yes, I'm Australian. *can't be bothered moving that to the relevant section of my intro* *wonders why I just typed that...*

So yeah, hi.
zomg! *Glomps*

A really good friend of mine, and full of great RP ideas to help out ToNE~. Good to see you here, Sj~
Hey Goroke!

Gee, ain't this a role reversal.
Good to see ya decided to check this place out finally, SJ.

I think you might like it here. Very different from ToNE. More RP freedom and no dice whatsoever for starters. I know you're a decent writer, so you'll do fine in the game, should ya decide to give it a shot, stick around, and play it.

Creating a character is also painless by comparison.

Oh, and the randomness, insanity, and such is the norm here too.

You'd fit right in within a week. (if not sooner, knowing you. =P )

PS: SJ is good at working with game systems and mechanics, among other things. Eon, if you're not careful, he'll find a way to make an even more insanely constructed character than Seraphim given time. =P

(Cool in my book.)

Well, it looks as if I'll be putting Trigger through a basic edit to make him more RMRN friendly. Looking at the rules though, I'm having a bit of trouble on where to start...
Well howdy there Sj. Wanna take a guess who I am? Yes, you do know me from ToN.

Anywho, You're about 6 posts away from tieing me for activity. : /
Not a problem. I'll help you with that. It's not as tough as it looks, and absurdly easy to pick-up, then learn to improve upon.

We can discuss it over MSN, PM's, or even RE:RN's built-in java chatroom (yep, not kidding, they got one).

Chat Link

Whichever you prefer. =)
MFingSnake, I do not have the faintest as to who you are. ?:(

Quote (Esjay)

MFingSnake, I do not have the faintest as to who you are. ?:(

I'm in your avatar. >_>
Chat sounds good. Others can get involved then.

EDIT: Link. <_<
Sweet, welcome.

And, someone else who will follow suit of 404, Seraphim, Eon, and Tetra? Someone give me my headache medicine. Oy vey.
Welcome to RERN. My name is RevivedSin.
Enjoy your stay. We welcome you with open arms.
At least... I hope we do.
Hello new member. I am the Planeswalking Fieldmedic, and I do hope you enjoy your stay here.

Quote ()

Eon, if you're not careful, he'll find a way to make an even more insanely constructed character than Seraphim given time. =P

...Paladin, I am going to laugh if he finds a uber high damage combo that uses one action..... You know why.
The idea is not as farfetched as one would think...

...I think. XD
Woot, another ToNE member.

One at a time, we shall consume you ALL!
Is that so?

We shall see. From what I've seen so far, this site is promising.
*squints his eyes*
Wurkle ba snaz. Snub.
*attacks a rabbit*
Gee whiz, can you say "random"?
here, it's some shur repelant, he's the main perv on the site, and i am the biggest n00b on the site, helo, and welcome, i am also a lover of all that has fur and scales.